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An update and new photo in from Tanya and Wyatt and Reho (Chip)!  Thanks so much for the update and gorgeous picture!!! 

From Tanya: 

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to tell all of you that "Reho" (Chip) is doing great!  The weather as you know has been just downright horrible, so Wyatt hasn't been able to ride as much as she would have hoped to.  Reho sure is a character!  He does this funny thing with his head and neck when he wants attention- He swings it in circles!  He's such a goof ball! 
    Wyatt has learned that he is a very sensitive soul.  She had to verbally scold him once for being "naughty" and she said he just sat their shaking.  She also said that he is VERY smart, and is a super quick learner. 
    I am starting to see a change in him.  He is really starting to bond with Wyatt.  He will rest his head against her, and I even noticed yesterday that he held his head lower to Wyatt's height when Wyatt and him were walking down to the field to ride.  I was surprised because his head carriage is normally rather high!
    Other than that, I'm still working on his weight.  I am going to get him fitted and order him a nice turnout blanket.  Even though he is never outside in inclement weather- Yup, he's spoiled :) I just don't want to have all of his calorie intake going to just keeping warm.  I will never get weight on him then! :)
    He has been enjoying his days eating and soaking up the sunshine (when we have it!).  He hasn't been turned out with the rest of herd.  I have tried different combinations one on one with him and so far the other horses haven't taken a real liking to him.  So, for his safety, he has his own personal turnout area.  He has been able to just nose them over the fence.  He doesn't mind at all and never complains! 
Well, that's it for now!
Wishing all of you a blessed Holiday season with your family and furry friends!
Jenni O.

He sounds like a real sweetie!  Another lucky horse and girl.

I love this photo... and *Chip* looks great. Two good friends taking a ride in the snow... nice!
Gorgeous picture. Sure looks like those two are having fun. Makes me want to go out and ride. :) So nice to see Chip doing well and being spoiled, he deserves it!
Tanya R.
A new pic of Chip in his brand new blanket!

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He looks dazzling!

Wendy W - WI

OMG that is the cutest horse.  He looks quite comfortable in pink too!  hehe  Seriously, he looks great and I love the picture.

*Chip* looks gorgeous in that nice new blankie!! He will be easy to spot in pasture, and my favorite CHEERIE color... it is NEAT.. You look very happy standing there with your buddy..Nice photo!!
Denise S - WW
I agree he is so cute! Love the blanket. He looks beautiful in the snow!
Tanya R.
I agree!  His blanket is VERY bright! I won't lose him in the pasture that's for sure!  Wyatt saved her money to buy her horse that blanket (that's her in the picture with him).  I helped her pick it out- It's tough to find a quality blanket that won't milk you hundreds of dollars to buy!  Not to mention it is end of season, and it's hard to find the size you need *in stock*.  This one came from Sneider's, it's from their line.  I was actually quite impressed with the quality.  He hasn't ripped it yet- so I guess that means life is good :)  I'm just glad that it came in time for the subzero weather!  

Chip - 20 yrs.

$300 - Chip is a 20 year old QH gelding. He is well broke, super easy going and is sound, healthy and a really sweet guy. He stands at 15 hands tall. Chip has never really had any true formal training, but has had people hop on him and ride him his entire life. He loves people and has very good manners. He can even be ridden bareback with just a halter and lead. Chip is current on his shots and wormers and is ready to go for the rest of the summer. Don't let his age scare you away. Chip does not have a lot of wear and tear and has a lot of good years left in him, no health or soundness problems at all. Chip is easy going and gets along with everyone, the kind of horse we all wish we had one more of.


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Wendy W - WI
I love this horse......I also love 20 year olds.  Such a wonderful boy.  

Such a handsome boy!  
I just read his entire post and while I was enamored before, I am officially in love now!  I know many of us on the forum wish for many of the horses that are available for adoption, but I will tell you this guy feels very special.  I hate to say it, but here it goes....If I could, I would be first in line for him.  I have a real weakness for an animal with a story, especially a story like his.  I am sure he will find his forever home very quickly!  If money grew on trees, I would learn to have a green thumb, and have a pasture full of horses, donks, mules, and mini's!
Wendy W - WI
Christine, if I had room I'd truly fight you for this one.  Now if either of my boys die (KIDDING!) he'd be here in a heartbeat. 

oh boy, what a dolly bear! he's a great age and sounds perfect, if I could adopt him I would in a heartbeat! another great horse and someone is going to be soooo lucky to add him to their family.
Chip is settling in very nicely and doing great with the herd.  He really is a very sweet boy and loves attention. 

Here are just a couple of extra pics of Chip from today. 

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Wendy, he is worth fighting for!  It would be game on :D  I love the additional pictures, thanks Karen.  The more I will see and hear about this guy is going to make it all the harder NOT to adopt him!  Oh Nick......
Jenni O.
He really is a nice looking horse, and sounds like a great ride too. I will let Wendy and Christine fight over him since I seem to be an Arab girl, but if I were looking I would have to race to get my chance to meet him, I bet. I know several people who would love him if they had room.
Christine- Tell Nick that by getting Chip you can try out the new shipping boots he said you will never use :P
Thanks for the tip Alyssa!!  I told Nick all about Chip, showed him the pictures, and told him how I have a soft spot for his story and he told me my soft spots are all filled :(  That doesn't mean I will stop trying!  

Off to tell him about the shipping boots....
mel d
Wow, Nick is pretty quick with a reply...I am NOT sharing that one with my husband, because we both know it is true for now...
If money were not an issue, I would be in the tussle for this boy also...I may be older, but can be sneaky...hee hee
I am bumping myself up! Hey folks, I am the perfect horse for one of you out there!
Oh Chip, I hear you.  It's Nick that has a hearing problem!!!!
Bumping this handsome guy up! For some reason I had a dream about Chip and Layla out in this huge flowered pasture together.... I woke up a little sad, but the picture of them together has stayed in my head all day and its such a happy image, it's making me smile :)
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