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Lorie, I'm so sorry to hear you are having problems with Chloe.  Chloe had lost her sight in that "bad eye" by the time she arrived to us we found after evaluation...is she having problems with the other eye now?  
Lorie B,,
Karen,,we don't know. In May when she was seen  our vet said the bad eye was shrinking..
A few weeks ago she started to be really fearful of the trail..acting up..bolting,,,Our trainer gave her some time off.We started to work with her again and she again was scared to the point of shaking and shying at everything.Yesterday everything came to a head.She was scared of even the wind blowing,,noises,,,touch,,,we tried to ride her and she became unglued.Our trainer has suspected her eyes for awhile now because she has been regressing with everything.So the vet will be seeing her on Monday for a through exam,,blood work,,what ever,,,and I stressed to him about her eyes...
Bo when we had him went blind too..so Im recognizing in her what happened to him..will keep everyone updated,,,
Jenni O.
Fingers crossed, good luck.
Sue J
So sorry to hear this and what you are going through. I will keep her in my prayers.
So sorry to hear what you are going through. Fingers crossed that she's not losing sight in her good eye. Is Chloe turned out with other horses or at least one other horse? I've had several blind horses in my lifetime and they always had a seeing eye horse that they stayed close to which made them feel safe. My best trail horse was a little blind Arab mare. Once she knew me and trusted me, we rode everywhere. Good luck!
Hi,,Chloe here.Mom and Dad had the vet out,,,he was nice and gave me a check up.I was a good girl.My bad eye is ok and Dr.Kevin said I can see shadows but my eye is a little infected.My back legs have some edema in them but my trainer is going to wrap them in soft fuzzy things for me.Thank you Becky..
I feel so spoiled..I'm healthy. I have a small soar in my mouth so Mom tried me in a hack-more,,I liked it and I was really good.Mom and Dad even got me to neck rein.Dr Kevin will be back in 2 weeks to check my eye and see how the antibiotics are working.
Scott and Karen,,Mom and Dad love me very much and haven't quit on me even when I was naughty .I love them  and we are learning together..Yesterday I even saw a pig and I got a little scared but Mom and Dad hugged me and kept me safe,,,,and gave me carrots and cookies..yummy.Mom and Dad kiss me and hug me a lot too.They spoil me,,but that's ok,,,I like it,,,Hugs and hoof beats,,,
Jane Liess
Thanks for writing, Chloe.  I really hope that things improve with your eyes.  Your mom and dad are very special, and we all want the best for you.  Godspeed.
Bob E.
Hi everyone, I just now had a little time to read the latest updates, ( thanks to all of you for your loving support ) Lorie tells me about the updates but with work getting busier all the time and trying to put a new roof on my house with the help of one good friend, Matt, my time is very tight. The sore Lorie mentioned is more of a small bump in Chloe's mouth where the bit rides and may be a wolf tooth, we just can't tell yet, it may be causing some pain, only time will tell what it really is.The eye will be checked again in a week or so, if there's any chance at all for Chloe to regain the sight in that eye, I am determined to make it happen. My other big goal is to get my house ready to sell so maybe I can get a place where I can keep a horse or 2 or 3 or ?. I have to say those are the biggest things on my bucket list LOL. Hugs and hoof beats to all ( I have a lot of nails to sink ) but we will keep you updated about our 1100 pound sweetheart, one more thing, I can't describe the feeling I got when I went to get Chloe from the pasture, I called her and she actually walked towards me, that was a very big day for me!!!!! Till next time, Bob & Lorie.
Lorie B.
I know it's been awhile...But,,we have had some set backs.About a month ago Chloe stared to show symptoms of Uvitus,,So we got on top of it...it cleared up,,but last week it came on with a vengeance.
Chloe got very depressed,,In a lot of pain,,eye was really bad.Vet came out,,gave her sedation and pain med's,,drops for her eye.Vet was out again yesterday.She isnt where he wants her to be.So more pain med's and more drops.She was better today.Crazy...I got fired the night before this all happened!!!!!.So i've spent every day with her.Maybe God had a plan....The vet thinks this has been brewing for awhile.If  this continues to be a issue we have discussed what is best for her.The eye may have to come out.
We have been going through Fly masks like crazy,,She wears one all the time except at night,,,LOL...If anyone can send us a few used ones that would be helpful,,,,She is STILL A SASSY PANTS AND THE PRINCESS AND WE LOVE HER...,,Hugs and Hoof Beats Lorie
Jenni O.
Crossing my fingers that things get better.
Hoping for all the best!
Sue J
I am so sorry to hear of your job loss and the health challanges with her eye. She is in good hands with you though and I totally agree that sometimes things happen for a reason, she needs you right now.
Praying for good news soon....
Heike B
Hope it all turns out well for Chloe and she can be happy and healthy.  Sorry to hear about your job, I hope that works out too; but in the meantime I bet Chloe was happy for your company!
You make the world a better place.  Thoughts are with you all
Lori B., how scary for you, both with Chloe and your job! Know we are all behind you and hoping/praying for the best.
Lorie B,,
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.She is taking this like a trouper.Every day for over a week she has put up with me and the barn owner doing her eye and making her take her medicine.Mean Mommy.BUT..'""I have cookies Chloe".."""Ok Mom".as long as you give me LOTS of cookies...I have the feed mill on speed dial..Lol.Bob and I love this PRINCESS so much.She has challenged us as horse-people ,,tested our patience..made us say naughty words,,we have cried,,laughed,,and most of ALL..WE LOVE,,,AND SHE LOVES US BACK..
Chloe had a good weekend [smile]

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Lorie B.
Hi Everyone..Its been awhile..Chloe the PRINCESS is going great.Bob and I love her so much and she has become a loyal and loving part of our family.Her bad eye has had no flair ups in over 6 months.The vets at Bristol Vet have done a wonderful job keeping the eye from being removed.Hard to believe we have had her over 2 years now.We have taught her to push a ball and to bow.Silly horse will do anything for her carrots..We cant wait to see you all for the raffle,Hugs and Hoof beats..Lorie & Bob  
Chloe says HI!!!!

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