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Chloe - 10 yrs.

$300 - Chloe  is a 10 year old Paint Stock mare. She stands at 14.2 hands tall. Chloe is sound, healthy, current on all her shots, wormers and trims and is also well broke. She has been ridden by both kids and adults in the arena as well as out and about. She is a nice looking mare, put together nice, good manners and friendly. Chloe has had some issues in her right eye which have not gone away with extensive treatment. It appears she has lost the rest of the sight in that eye. No big deal, horses have a very wide field of vision and one eyed horses do just as well as two eyed horses, once they have adjusted. Chloe is a nice mare, the perfect size and has no special needs. She will make someone a great trail partner. 

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Jenni O.
Nice-looking horse, and apparently she doesn't mind mud!
It was an unfortunate mud incident.  We put them in the paddock before we took their pictures and turned them out and they stomped around right in the area where we run the stock tank over and there is mud in the one spot.  Go figure!  At least they didn't roll in it.  [smile]  
Jenni O.
That would have been really funny. For us, maybe not so much for you.
Very pretty girl. How will I ever choose when the time is right?

UPDATE: 9-29-2014

We finally had a little time to get Chloe out of the pasture for her test ride, as well as Karin H's first ride here since her accident early this spring. Both horse and rider did very well. Chloe is a safe, reliable and very well trained horse. She is really nice looking and put together very nicely as well. She did not question a single cue, walk, trot, canter, stop, back, turn and side pass. Yes, she has lost sight in her right eye, but there are a lot of horses out there with sight in one eye and do great. Chloe will be one of those horses. We are pleased to see what a wonderful riding horse she is, pretty, very well trained and a very sweet gal.

See update above.  Here are a few pics from Chloe being ridden on Sunday, walk-trot-canter.  [smile]

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Horray!  Karen is back!  Chloe looks like a lovely lovely ride.  Heck they all do.
Love that grin on Karin's face!!! Chloe looks like she did a very nice job for Karin.
She's baaaaaack!!  Hey, hey Karris!  Nice job with a wonderful girl!  Chloe is a dream [smile]

UPDATE: 10-28-2014

It turns out that Chloe's original owner is a friend of ours and Chloe was born right here in Marshfield, WI at her farm. Chloe was used for several years as a lesson horse as well as a show horse for the 4H kids, showing both English and Western many, many times. She has also been ridden out on the trails, by kids as well as adults. She has never kicked, bucked, bolted, reared or bitten and is a stellar kids horse, for the kid that has some riding experience. While she is still struggling with the bad eye and looks to have lost all of the eyesight in that eye (there might be a little limited vision there now, but doubtful), she will adjust and will make someone a wonderful trail or show horse.  

Ohh I want this horse!
Lindsey K
Wish I could get her for the kiddo so bad! But...I cannot. Is it uveitis that she has?
Chloe was thoroughly vetted with her eye before coming here (they had been battling the issue for, I believe, over 4 months), and the diagnosis of uveitis was not made.  Some type of possible injury was the thinking.  
*Chloe* is a beautiful mare, and I sure HOPE/PRAY that she finds a good family that will CHERISH her and LOVE her and just take great care of her. Actually, all of these horses NEED the same thing. And I like to think that THEY all will know when that SPECIAL individual comes for their visit...
Do not let the fact that she will have sight in only one eye keep you from this girl.  We have a horse with one eye, our One-eyed Frankie, and he does just fine.  You just have to let them turn their head to see when necessary.  Frankie is very comfortable with us coming up on his blind side and handling him from that side.  Never an issue.  I just talk to him a little more than with my other horses.
I wish I could take her home,but unfortunately I don't have enough room for a horse [frown]
Chris K
Congrats to Chloe on her new home[smile]
Lorie B,,
Scott and Karen,,thank you for the great visit today,Bob is so happy about Chloe,,,she was a angel and we cant wait to get her home,,,THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO!!!!!!
Yay, Chloe, Lorie and Bob!

Lorie B,,
She will be coming home tomorrow,,,So excited to get our new girl...happy,,,happy,,happy,,,
Jenni O.
So exciting!  Congratulations!
Lorie B,,
Hi everyone, Chloe is happy at her new home. We are already in love with her...she is our angel. Scott and Karen...thank you!

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Jenni O.
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