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Thank you so much for the update and pic, Lorie, that is great!!!!  You beat me to posting even.  [smile]  I love it.  

A huge thank-you to you and Bob both for choosing adoption again, and for choosing Chloe (or she chose you guys maybe?).  We are so thrilled that Chloe found such a great forever home!  

Here are a couple of cute pics from adoption day today of Chloe with Lorie and Bob, her new family.  

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Great photos.. looks like *Chloe* already liks Bob, doing a little smooch right away. Great day for the family photo.
Jane Liess
Congratulations!  Love that last pic!
Congratulations!!  I love the pictures and update [smile]  Very happy for all of you!
Jenni O.
Everyone looks so happy!
Chloe is going to be spoiled rotten, in the very best way.  [smile]  Lorie isn't new to MHWF, she adopted Little Jeff D (Bo) from MHWF many years ago (2001 or 2002) and had him his whole life.  Unfortunately, Bo has crossed the rainbow bridge, but lived a very happy and long life.  We are thrilled that Lorie and Bob have opened their hearts and homes to Chloe, even with being blind in one eye.  She is a lucky girl!
Lorie B,,
Hi everyone..Chloe is so happy in her new home. Bob and I go see her almost every day.She has adjusted well and we are so in love with our Princess. Words cannot describe how we feel about her.
She was meant for us and us for her. I'm 54 and Bob is 64. The kids are all grown up and gone and Chloe fills a void in our lives. Soon she will have the grandkids playing on her and loving her as much as we do.

I admit, we spoil her just a LITTLE....but she is deserving of the love. She loves people and loves hugs and scratches. We have addressed the eye issue and have a new custom mask on its way. Scott and Karen, what can we say but THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL MARE. SHE IS SO LOVED!
Jenni O.
Well, you two don't look a day over 40. Chloe hit the jackpot, apparently. Can't wait to see photos of her with the grandkids.
Lorie B,,
We are so in love with Chloe. She is awesome. We rode outside today and had a blast. She is so responsive,smart and easy going. We have her in a hackamore and she loves it. She is so spoiled and loving every minute of it. Again, thank you so much, she is so loved.

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Lorie B... it sure sounds like the LOVE that you and Bob have for *Chloe* is OFF the charts. Seems NICE to hear someone soooooo happy with their new addition to family. Hope for more updates/photos. Thanx for sharing.

Jane Liess
Looking good up there, Bob!  But I don't see a hackamore?
Lorie B,,
We took the bit off before we went outside,,,,This pic was taken in the arena,I cried yesterday happy tears because I'm so in love with this horse,When my Bo died in 2008 at the age of 30((( look in past adoption 2001 Little Jeff D)),,,I swore i'd never love another horse.But here I am 6 years later falling in love with Chloe as I did with Bo,,,Maybe he decided I needed her and she needed me,,,,Again,,So many thanks go to Scott and Karen for what they do,,LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!
Good to see Chloe is so loved and appreciated.
Jenni O.
What a great update! Bob looks pretty happy up there, so that says it all. I think Chloe got very lucky.
Jane Liess
Thanks for the explanation, Lorie.  I figured as much, but I had to be a smart-ass and comment.
Lorie B,,
LOL...it's ok Jane,,we are all family here..Bob just emailed Scott more pics,,Hope to see them up soon,,,Hugs to all and of course,,Hoof Beats,,[biggrin]

Leave it to Jane Liess,,, she admits to being a smart ass, and we have to love her  honesty, right!!!!  A  little humor is always GOOD for the SOUL Jane. Thanx  for the great comment.

Donna M
There are few treasures in life that can give us as much joy as our bond with a horse. Love your update and pics. 
Bob E.
I took a few pics of Lori with Chloe this past weekend. We had a great time and Chloe is doing great! She gets more attention than a California wildfire! Chloe has adjusted very well in these few short weeks ,gets along great with her new pasture pals and with short refresher sessions, she remembers the things she was taught in the past. I think she may be showing off just a bit. Chloe is so gentle, loving and anxious to please, an absolute diamond in the rough, an all around terrific fur person.

Thanks again Bob E.

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Lorie B,,
Bob and I have been going out by Chloe every other day. We get compliments on how pretty she is. Yes, we know she is pretty and she does too. Again, she is so loved and she is our princess. Hugs and love to all..

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Jenni O.
Bob's laying down on the job! Love the photos.Chloe looks like she's getting plenty of attention.
Great great updates, and these photos are wonderful... Glad that you are sooooo happy.*Chloe* looks so relaxed, and the photo with Bob lying on grass, while she cuts the lawn, is impressive....CUTE.
Hi Everyone,,Chloe had a extensive Vet visit on Tuesday,,She is very healthy,,But it is with sad news that she is indeed blind in the right eye,and the eye itself is shrinking.Our vet will recheck in 6 months and we will decide if the eye has to come out.What ever the outcome Bob and I will be by her side.We love her so much and she is starting to trust us.Bob calls her "Munch a bunch"  .I have come to realize that I can't.. as a owner and trainer, baby her any more.My mind set was "poor Chloe",,I was spoiling her and letting her get away with being a sassy pants,Well now the work really begins.I have to get out of Mom mode and teach her to be respectful and a good girl. I have to "train " Bob too.Bob stop giving her treats all the time and stop saying "cookies"..oh she knows the word cookies..I want a cookie..
Love all of you,,will keep you updated on her progress,,.
I'm sorry to hear about Chloe's eye. But she is in marvelous hands and I'm sure she will adjust. As a new adopter, I understand the struggle between wanting to baby the heck out of these wonderful horses and also be a decent owner/leader. We all want what is best for our horses.
Jenni O.
Bummer about the eye. Hopefully she adjusts just fine, no matter what happens with the eye.

It is tough not to spoil them. You just have to spoil with grooming sessions and with small rewards when she's being good.
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