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So sorry to hear about her eye.   "Munch a bunch"  that is so funny...and my horse knows "cookie" too!  It is hard not to spoil, but important to keep them from learning too many bad habits.  Sometimes I think the husbands are much harder to train than the horses...LOL...
Barb S.
Sorry to hear about her eye. Happy to hear your not a fair weather horse person. Injury and illness separates really dedicated horse people from novices.
So sorry to hear about her eye, but she sure is in very good hands with you [smile]
Chloe is doing well.We have a consult with a trainer today.Her insecurities with the blindness are becoming a issue. We all know it takes time to build confidence and it is our hope we can all learn together.She is still very much loved and Bob and I are devoted to giving her what ever she needs.I realize all my life ive had horses that were "Easy" and laid back.Well Chloe is our "special needs "child and I know in my heart she  was meant to teach us all something .I'm learning to be more patient,,more quiet,,more understanding,,,and even though we have our little set backs we have our moments of great joy,,,Last weekend My Grandchildren met her and rode her for the first time.Chloe did not disappoint me and she loved the attention .With children she is kind,,,gentle ,,patient. She is with us as well..But then again,,Children don't ask for much.Mom and Dad,,,,now she realizes she has to work a little And can become a little sassy and strong willed.So for all of to learn more together I decided to bring in a trainer..I will up date later and let you know how it went,,,HUGS AND HOOF BEATS,,
Trainer worked with Chloe for a hour and a half..The good news,,she is kind..gentle..smart..on the ground she is wonderful....But,,,,In the saddle she lacks confidence,,is afraid of everything.spooks at nothing...So we will be working with a trainer on a weekly basis to get her to be confident,,to trust ,,to have faith in herself and to have faith in us...I know with love,,she will achieve all her goals and our bond with her will be that much stronger,,,,Hugs and Hoof beats,,Lorie & Bob
Lorie B,,
Chloe has had 4 lessons so far with our trainer.She is doing great..A lot of progress on our part as well.We are learning too.. Saturday Bob was riding her and OMG she broke into a canter,,,I thought Bob was going to fall off.He laughed and said,,Damn that was fun...and he and Chloe happily cantered around the Arena a few times..Our bond with Chloe deepens every day and our love for her grows.She is our "spoiled child",",our princess",,"our munch a bunch"...She now is learning not to be so scared of everything,,,that Mom and Dad will protect her from the boogie man.That shoulders are ment for laying her head on,,,,that her nose is ment for kisses..more training updates to come,,,Hugs and hoof beats,,Lorie & Bob
What a great update on Chloe Lori and Bob.  It is so great to see people enjoy their adopted partners.
I love your updates! You guys sound like a blast to be around, and I am sure that Chloe feels the same way! Sounds like you're doing everything right. I'm always glad to hear when owners take the time to make sure their horses are 100% comfortable!
What a great update!
That is just as sweet as can be!  [smile]
*Chloe* sounds like she has ENJOYING being a family member and a horse, as she should be.. Your update is supberb.. Weather is really nice for this weekend, too.
Lorie B,,
O.k,,I have a confession to make,,,I was almost ready to quit on Chloe..I thought my Great Trainer was doing what was in Chloe's best interest..NO,,she drained my check book and almost ruined my horse.I cried,,,Found a REAL trainer who knew after one session with Chloe what her issues were.She ,,after only 2 lessons had my baby calm,,,happy,,secure,,,Had me and Bob  shaking our heads in disbelief,,..yesterday we rode her on a loose rein,,,,no freaking out,,no bolting,,,happy horse,,happy mom and dad..Today I rode her alone,,,loose rein,,,,calm,,,wonderful,,happy happy horse,,,.I cried again,,,and told my baby I was sorry for not believing in her,,,having a lesson again tomorrow..
Again,,My sincere apologies to my Chloe..Baby girl,,you are teaching your Mom and Dad the value of Love and trust,,and to never loose faith...You are our Angel with 4 legs..and you are loved so much,,,
Sorry to hear the first trainer wasn't the right fit.  It can be very tough sometimes because each situation is different.  Good for you for paying attention and making a change.  Bottom line- if it works for you and your horse, go with it.
Jenni O.
Good luck with the new one! Good for you for finding someone that worked better.
Heike B
Lorie,  you deserve kudos for consulting a trainer when you needed one, for looking deeper and switching trainers, and for coming on the forum and telling us your story, which it sounds like you feel very badly about.  Don't be hard on yourself, you did everything right.  Every day our horses can teach us something new, good for you, for listening.
I second everything Heike B said.  Spot on.  Sometimes we do everything right, and it still comes out wrong.  Sometimes we just have to try again (and sometimes again and again) to find the right answer for that particular horse.  Give yourself big kudos for sticking with it.  Your reward is your horse telling you by her behavior that life is good.
Lorie B,,
Wonderful lesson today..Today I,,,Yes I,,cantered,,wooo hoooooo.Chloe and i worked as a team,,,, It was wonderful,,,,,,
Becky works not only with the horse but with the owner too..She teaches US...I am so proud of Chloe and the great trainer she has..and I thank all of YOU for your support and love,,, Hugs and Hoof beats,,Lorie
Lorie - Bob,  A horse trainer I am not but I will say this, take your time.  That is the fun part, it is not how fast you get to your destination but more about the trip getting there.  
Good on you realizing there was not a good fit with trainer -1.

You will all do great I suspect with Chloe - we see it in your smiles [smile]
DITTO to what Heike B said. Sounds like you and *Chloe* /Bob will be just fine. You are blessed to have found a trainer that is helping in every way. GOOD LUCK and am anxious for all your updates. Hope you find the time for some photos too. Thanks for sharing.[smile][thumb]
Lorie B,,
Today,,Chloe reached a Milestone,,WE WENT ON A TRAIL RIDE!!!! AND SHE DID GREAT..Today was the day I dreamed would happen 8 months ago.Yesterday she went over a tarp..had the tarp on her,,went over a bridge...had a umbrella all over her,jumped a barrel,AND she didn't even flinch.Bob and I are so happy with our girl and very proud.She is now realizes she can trust us and she can love us.Mom and Dad are here to stay.We love her more and more every day. She is my comfort in my dark days..My smile ..one of my reasons to get up in the morning and love life...Baby girl...you have given us so much and we Love you....Thank you to everyone for your support and friendship,,,
Jenni O.
Congratulations on your accomplishments! It's always fun when they "get it" and things fall into place.
Scott Bayerl
Way to go! [smile][thumb]
I just went to the very beginning on *Chloe's* page.  When they say *IF it is meant to be, it will be*. For me, this hoofer has finally found her family. It is one of those adoptions that gets better each and EVERY day. Keep bringing all of your days of LOVING/ATTENTION. And the deal with the trainer, you were quick to realize the fit was not there, and went ONTO a trainer that matched.. KUDOS to you, because you didn't give up.. GOOD LUCK!![angel][love][thumb]
great update. glad to see your dreams come to reality
Lorie B.
Update 9/16/2015:  Hi everyone,..Chloe up date,,,She is coming along really well.Bob and I have taken her out on a few small trail rides.She is learning Mom and Dad are not push overs and will not stand for sassy behavior.She has learned to Slow down,,be patient and calm..and running back to the barn will just get you back on the trail or in the arena.She is so smart and thinks she can pull a fast on on us,...OH Princess,,we got your number!!!!! We laugh at her silliness....
Our trainer has taught us all many things and we are so happy to have her..If you go to facebook and look up Rolling W Training Services you will see videos of Chloe and her training process....She is still our spoiled child and is so Loved...Hugs and hoof beats to all of you,,With Love,.,,Lorie & Bob

Update 9/28/2015:  
I'm asking for prayers.

Chloe has not been her self,,,Calling vet tomorrow.We think her eyes are taking a turn for the worse.She is afraid of even shadows now.Her fear and insecurities have escalated and we will not ride her or work with her till we get a diagnosis.Just hugs and kisses and carrots for now.Will keep everyone updated..Hugs and hoof beats,,Lorie&Bob
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