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Comet - 10 yrs.

$250  - Comet is a 10 year old mini stallion. He is as cute as they come and stands at 34 inches tall. Comet came to us with no shots or Coggins and needing a good hoof trim. We assume he will need his teeth floated and a few de-wormers as well. His mane and tail were one massive clump of burrs. We got the burrs out right away and he will get his first de-wormer and vaccinations this week, along with his Coggins. 

Comet is the naughtiest stallion, or horse for that matter, we have ever met, so we have been calling him Satan. He knows nothing, has no training and is all stallion with a scream straight from hell. He nips, and loves to rear and strike out, then blast that hair raising scream in your ear. He has zero fear and cannot and will not be intimidated, by anyone or anything. As much as these qualities are not so desirable, they are also the qualities that make him so cute and endearing. He is stunning to look at and he knows it. He has the confidence the rest of us only dream of.

The answer to Comet's problem is obvious and this week he will go from wild killer stallion to wild gelding. While he is here with us at MHWF we will work with him and he will be an upstanding citizen soon. If you are looking for that impressive looking little guy to play with or train, take a look at Comet. By the time you read this, he will probably already be a gelding.

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Sue J
He looks like a little stinker!
Wendy W - WI
He certainly does look full of himself and naughty as hell, but holy crap is he a stunning boy!

Jenni O.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Satan! Look at that cute little face! He's just misunderstood. Wish i could have met him, before and after the brain surgery.
Your description gave me a much needed chuckle today.  I will enjoy watching his progress.  Welcome Satan - I mean Comet.
I kinda would have liked to hear that scream[wink]
haha that was a great intro for this cute little stinker.  I love the sass. I bet once he has his brain on straight he will be a cuddler. 
This should be interesting...LOL...I too enjoyed the chuckle and will look forward to hearing all about his transformation!
Thank you to everyone who donated to help the recent horses we took in, including Comet.  We now introduce you to Comet the gelding!  (we could still use more donations to help out... what we took in so far didn't cover all of the costs today)

The procedure went very well and he handled it like a champ and is doing well.  More updates to come over the following weeks on his new attitude.  πŸ˜‰  

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It's a whole new life now Comet πŸ˜‰ And I must add, this guy is absolutely stunning in person!
A mini with attitude? Who would have guessed [wink]
Does anyone remember Joker, the mini adopted back in 2016?  Comet looks a lot like him, though with a different personality for sure.
Maybe you misunderstood when they told you his name. You thought you heard. "Comet" when it was really "Comment" since he has an opinion about everything .
The devil himself came out to get his first trim since coming to MHWF today. He was not good for his hoof trimming, but we tied him short and trimmed him anyway. His feet now look good.

I will say, while he was still a little stinker, he was much, much better behaved than the last few times we pulled him out. He must be learning, slowly but surely.
He is such a gorgeous little stinker tho! 
Comet is going to make the most awesome driving pony!  

He is really coming around.  He hollers to me when he sees me and seeks attention, rather than just being worried about other horses all the time.  
Comet is really doing fantastic!!!  That testosterone leaving his body is such a blessing not only to him but all humans and other equines involved in his life.  He is a fun little guy to be around.  He still has a little demon-scream in him once in a while when other horses come up to the paddock, but that has calmed down tremendously.  Comet has a new buddy now....please watch the video to see.  

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What a cute pair!
Carina p
If only I had enough time and money, I would adopt him in a heartbeat. I currently have a chestnut pinto mini mare he could be friends with but I barely have time for her right now the way my health has been. (I'm currently pregnant and recently got over walking pneumonia.)

Comet is doing fantastic.  He has become a very good equine citizen and easy to deal with.  He will be seeing the farrier again today.  He is still living with Ernie the mule, but he is going to get a test time today in with the donks and mini's to see how he does.  

Here are a couple of pics and then the Vet Day video since Comet makes a special appearance in the video.  

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Super exciting news about Comet!  Today was a farrier day and not only did Comet do pretty darn good with the farrier (much better than last time), we also decided to do a trial of turning him out with the other "littles".  We expected that we'd probably have to pull him out and do this in increments, but he was great!!  He acted like he's been in there for a long time.  It helps that they've been sharing a fence line, but being a stallion not all that long ago you sometimes expect a little longer adjustment period.  So exciting, and he's so happy!  This also means an update on Ernie the mule's thread - Ernie is able to live out in the pasture now.  

Comet is definitely ready for his new home!  

A couple of pics of a very uneventful introduction.  

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Wendy W - WI
This little boy is so stunning.  I would think he would do great in a show ring and pulling a cart.  I know Karen said he has no fear and would be a good candidate for being a cart pony.  Just a stunning well put together mini.  
Wendy nailed it!  This boy would be great in the show ring, will make an excellent driving pony, you name it, he can do it and he can be fancy while doing it.  He is such a quick learner, smart as a whip, and he actually now aims to please now that he doesn't have that testosterone pulsing through his veins any more.  He is doing so great with the "littles" gang.  This boy is just stunning to boot.  
Jodi N.
I really love this guy!! If I had room I would bring him home and shop for a cart and harness. I had a hackney that I drove and loved driving as much as riding! As my bones age, driving sounds better all the time!. Please, someone get this guy quick!!

Comet wants to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and also share some exciting news with you.  While we all know just how special Comet is, he decided to take it to another level.  Comet got Chloe D. and Deb and Gary W. on board with him and he is going to go and live at Deb's place the rest of the winter and Chloe is going to be working with him.  Then... and this is really big and exciting... Comet and Chloe are going to compete in the Mountain Trail Challenge at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI on Sunday, April 19th, 2020!!!  Whaaatt??!!  Yes, you read that right - these two are going to knock the socks off of thousands of people at the Midwest Horse Fair in April, with Chloe bringing out the very best in Comet, and Comet showing everyone what a special boy he is and what a great pony he is going to make someone!  

Here is a link to learn more about the Mountain Trail Challenge:  

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Go #TeamComet and Chloe!!!

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