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That is sooo awesome!! Thank you Deb, Gary and Chloe for a great Christmas present to Comet!! Can't wait to see how it all ends
Wow that is so awesome!  Can't wait to see how it goes!
And the adventure begins!  Happy New Year everyone!  
While we all know just how special Comet is, he decided to take it to another level.  Comet got Chloe D. and Deb and Gary W. on board with him and he is going to go and live at Deb's place the rest of the winter and Chloe is going to be working with him.  Then... and this is really big and exciting... Comet and Chloe are going to compete in the Mountain Trail Challenge (in-hand division) at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI on Sunday, April 19th, 2020!!!  Whaaatt??!!  Yes, you read that right - these two are going to knock the socks off of thousands of people at the Midwest Horse Fair in April, with Chloe bringing out the very best in Comet, and Comet showing everyone what a special boy he is and what a great pony he is going to make someone!  

Here is a link to learn more about the Mountain Trail Challenge:  

or click here


A cute video put together for Comet&Chloe summarizing the beginning of Comet's journey to the New Year. 

or click here

and here is the Event Page where Chloe will be posting updates as well:  


or click here for Event Page

This is so great!  Is Comet learning to walk/trot in hand as a start?
They're going to make a great team!
Check out Chloe&Comet's most recent post in the event page with video!  


Last night Chloe got Comet on the balance beam.  He's going to take further coaching to learn to walk on it, but he got up there with very little issue.

He is game for anything and in charge of everything!  

Nothing seems to phase him.   If only we could keep him to strut the way he does when he is protecting his mares from the other boys across the fence line.   Talk about cute.  We'll work on it.  Ideally we'd get him to smile and strut like the Shetland in the video:

I hope that works.. if not, I'm sure Karen knows how to do it.  [biggrin]

Go Comet! You can do it!
Deb, it is so funny that you posted that video because from day one that is who The Comet reminded me of!  I know he could learn to strut like that on command (and then do it on his own)!  😉

and this...  I'm still looking for another one that reminds me of him that I saw a long time ago.  

We're all getting really excited for the Mountain Trail Challenge with Comet&Chloe next month!  I hope you've been following some of their fun little videos on the Event Page.  

We've also started a campaign for support....not only will this help show your support for them at the Fair, but support for MHWF and all adoption and rescue horses.  

Alright #TeamMHWF Comet&Chloe, it's go time! Let's get our support going and get one of these sure-to-be collector item awesome T-shirts and show our love! Click link to see: 

or click here

Please purchase a shirt to support MHWF with Comet & Chloe at the Mountain Trail Horse Challenge in Madison, WI, and to give adoption horses a voice and help people see that adoption is truly a viable option. Changing the world, one adoption at a time. You NEED one of these shirts, they will be a collector item for sure! Changing the world, one adoption at a time and giving horses a voice. Your purchase supports MHWF Comet & Chloe at the Mountain Trail Horse Challenge in Madison, WI, and also helps to give adoption horses a voice and help people see that adoption is truly a viable option. Adopting a horse saves a lot more than that one horse, it keeps the cycle of love going and helps the rescue bring in more horses who need help. You are the key in making all of this work and it truly works with your support.
You can watch updates from Comet & Chloe on their adventure on their Facebook Event page at this link: https://https://www.facebook.com/events/437274410488542/?active_tab=discussion

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We had not updated here yet, but in case everyone didn't already know, the Midwest Horse Fair has been canceled due to COVID-19.  This was pretty devastating news for a lot of reasons, but especially because of all the work Chloe has been doing with Comet all winter to prep for competition at the Fair in April.  

Due to not being able to compete, we put our heads together and have decided that Scott and I are going to go to Deb and Chloe's place on April 18th (rain date of April 19th).  

Comet&Chloe we will be doing their own little show at home. They will put the course together and to go on Facebook live with it on April 18th with a rain date of April 19th.  

Please stay tuned!!!

Check out their latest video!!!!!!!!!  


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Such a brave little guy!!  I noticed that his hooves seemed to slip on the smooth wood, though, which concerns me a little. 
Barb S
Wonderful job Chloe and Comet. You’ve worked so hard
That was awesome!  He did such a good job, such a willing little man!  
This is so cool.  I'm sad more people won't get to see him in person.  Dude needs some fancy Build-a-Bear kicks!
medusa3 -- The slipping did not go unnoticed by us. We'll paint it with sand and grit to make it safer.   

This little guy needs a home that can give him a lot of attention. 
I can't say enough good about him.  He could be in your house as a service animal. 

He loves people!

Hey Chloe!  You brought Comet so far!  He was such a little pistol when he joined the program!  Maybe housebreaking him would make him even more adoptable as a service animal!  Wonder how people do housebreak horses anyway?  Are they as dependably housebroken as dogs??
Heidi V

Certainly so disappointing for you, Chloe. I’m so sorry. But WOW the C&C got spirit!  You two have already won. 


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