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Holly C.

We are checking back often.. waiting for the new arrivals!

kathy atkins
I am sorry to hear that Mary passed away. I'm sad but happy that it was peaceful for her. I know she'd had a hard life but thanks to Scott and Karen, was saved and lived many good years at MHWF. I look at her every day this month on my calendar and think of the marks on her face from that tight halter. No more halters for sweet Mary.


Tammy Mn

Congratulations to Tami and Amigo, that is such cool news that the two of you will be back together again...look forward to the updates!!

Denise S - WW
Just saw Amigo & Apache on the adoption page. As happy as I am that Tami is going to be reunited with Amigo & that Apache will find a new home my heart goes out to their previous adopters. I don't know how I would ever handle it if situations in my life changed to the point where I had to return any of the horses I adopted. I get a sick stomach just thinking about it. I hope they are doing ok.
mel d

Oh Denise, totally agree with your comments. I hope the previous adopters can feel how lucky those two horses are to have this "safety" net and that knowledge will help them through this difficult time.


I'm so sorry to hear about Rocky. I sure hope you get good news. I get so mad at people who drive in a drive way like it's the highway with no thought that a pet or child could just dart out. My house is off the road a bit an mail lady an others just whip down my drive way like crazy. I have a toy poodle that runs to meet cars an won't move so I'm always on the look out for these idiots. Good luck an my prayers go out to the both of you an Rocky for a good recovery.

Thank you. 

There was no one ripping fast through the driveway, we do not allow that.  Rocky and Marley were lying down next to each other in their usual spot under the tree back here, and the driver apparently just did not see them there and took a wide turn a bit onto the grass from the gravel and clipped her.  Very unfortunate and tragic. 

We still haven't gotten a call, but we will update as soon as we know more. 

tragic, darn gas fueled vehicles, a horses would have know! my prayers are with you.

Tricia - No. WI

I simply don't know how to express my sorrow.  All of our thoughts and prayers with you.  Godspeed, Rocky.

Michelle S.
Im so sorry to hear about Rocky.  She lived a very good life with you guys as a spoiled dog. 

Like Terry said a horse would have known, maybe we should all start riding horses every where, it would save on gas.

Wendy W - WI

I am so sorry.  I just don't know what to say.  How heartbreaking.  My most sincere condolences and love. 

Cindy S.

I'm so so sorry about Rocky.  That is heartbreaking.

Denise S - WW

Omy Gosh. How much more can you guys take????? I am so very very sorry. I'm in tears over here. I don't even know what to say anymore. This is so terrible. Big hugs to you both.


I am so sorry about Rocky.

Jenna S.
I am so very sorry for your loss...

Rest in peace velcro dog :(
laura z

Thoughts and prayers are with both of you...I am so sorry.  It's hard enough losing a family member, but when it happens so unexpectedly.  Hugs and prayers and thanks for all you do.


I am so sorry about Rocky! As the mom to 3 Irish Setters I know that they can capture your heart like no other. My thoughts ar with you. 

Emily Jane
..in tears here (thank goodness I am on lunch and have no students nearby) and praying for strength for you both as you say goodbye.  I am so, so sorry for this tragedy.  I will add prayers for the driver too as it will be tough on them as well.

I ran over one of our cats as we were leaving for Church on Mother's Day a few years back.  He was sleeping behind the tire and I think that when we got in the car, the tire trapped some of his fur (he was a gorgeous long-haired kitty).  It was an accident but it was still horrific.  Cher's song...."If I could turn back time..." always plays in my head when I think of that day.

I pray that you will quickly be able to move to the great memories that you have of Rocky and that Marley will not struggle too much, wondering where his buddy disappeared to.  Big hugs from Michigan.

My thoughts and prayers are with Karen, Scott, and Rocky. Words can not express my feelings....you have had too much sadness this year....

Jenni O.
Oh, so so sorry Scott and Karen.  It makes me sick to think about, I know how it is to lose a dog.  My nightmare is having one of mine get hit by a car.  Sending sympathy and hugs your way.

Rest in Peace, Rocky. Poor Marley.
Denise from MN
I feel very bad for you guys right now.  So, so sorry for everyone involved.  
Carol in OC

Scott and Karen, I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl.  My thoughts and prayers are with you both, and of course, Marley and Bella too.  I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet Rocky when I was back there.  Gentle, beautiful and kind.  God speed, you are missed.

Lori W

Going out to the farm will never be the same. Even with a tiny little pat on the head, she would follow you around like she was your best friend. Such a sweetheart. I am just so sorry Karen and Scott. I just don't even know what to say. I am just so sad right now. Love and hugs to both of you.

Tammy Mn

I'm so sorry to hear Rocky was run over and I do hope you've gotten good news by now.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all in hopes she can be saved.

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