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holly s.
Karen and Scott,

It's good that you have each other with shared memories to rely on. You've both had a summer with much loss.
I'm so sorry.
Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Holly & Cloud 
Karen & Scott:

So sorry for your loss.  Rocky was a sweetie.  Hope your memories will heal the hurt soon.
Tammy Mn

My thoughts and prayers are with you both at this difficult time.  What a beautiful girl.

Tanya R.
Karen & Scott,
I'm am very sorry to read about your loss.  Our prayers are with you.
Tricia W
Scott & Karen - You are in my thoughts and prayers.  I am so sorry for your loss.  Rocky sounds like he was such a wonderful special dog.  I am shedding tears for all of you. 
Sherry R

So very sorry to hear  about your loss.  You and Rocky are in my thoughts and prayers.


SO very happy for you .Glad to hear the dog is working out for dogs and people and, I hope, the horses and birds also.Wishing you the best.

mel d

What a wonderful thing! Those folks in Racine rock! I bet Sandy and her son gave a wonderful presentation, too. October is looking like a great month...and it will stop raining, we get at least one more chance at good weather!

Tricia - No. WI

Don't even get me started on that Packer game, Scott.  8 sacks?  8????   I just hope Aaron doesn't get injured.  Did you see the pocket that Favre had?  Heck, I could have thrown for 200+ yards from behind that offensive line.  Argggghhhh. 

Scott isn't here right now, but I know it wasn't an easy game for him to watch...being that he wanted the Packers to win, but yet wanted to see Brett do well also.  Scott and I are big Brett fans as well as Packer fans, and I have to admit it was fun seeing Thompson's face on a couple of the shots they showed of him.  I was really glad to see Brett do so well, he threw some amazing passes!  And I will always admire the Super Bowl trophy that he beyond a doubt helped the Packers win (I think I stole that line from someone I was talking to this morning about the very same thing).  ;) 

You are right Mel, those Racine people rock!!!  We are very thankful to this group for doing such a kind and generous thing for the horses.  Sandy and Bob (Rob) did a very good job of representing MHWF, and I am very proud of them both.  My nephew Bob even got up and gave his own little speech as well, and I sure wish I could have been there to see and hear it. 

Sunshine please?  :)  I miss it!! 
Tricia - No. WI

I hear ya, Karen.  It was hard to know who to root for as I have loved Brett for many years.   But, when it came right down to it, I really wanted the "W" for the Pack.  There were times when Brett looked like the good ole days, didn't it?  Although, frankly, he hasn't lost much power over the years...and, dang, he looks good for pushing 40!!

Lori W
Karen...if you had to steal on of my lines, I'm glad you stole one of my lines that was printable.   

Yay for the Racine people...that's awesome!!!!!
Denise S - WW
WOOHOOO for Sandy & Bob & for all the wonderful people who raised/donated that money!!! That is so awesome!!! Didn't watch the game so I can't say much about that but I do have a question about the next auction....I can't remember all the Italian charms you had available from past auctions but is there any chance that there might be a Zema head left in the bunch? I can't recall if there even was one of her but if there was & it's still available I'd be really reall really interested. Right now my braclet is missing something. If not, don't worry about it but thought I'd ask.      
Glad to hear the pups are doing well--too bad the Packers weren't!! I will agree that it was really fun watching Brett play in pretty top-notch form again, even if it wasn't for us.

The donations from the folks in Racine is amazing. What a gift!
Scott Bayerl: MHWF, Inc.

Sorry, all the Italian charms were sold in previous auctions and we do not have any more to offer.

Denise S- WW
Thanks for letting me know Scott! I'm still looking forward to seeing all the other great items that will be available!!
Gayle G

I have beautiful hand painted things by one artist that I have collected from Warrens over the years. She since, has retired and no longer painting. I would like to put them in the Fun Auction. Can you tell when the Auction will start so I can get them to you.   Thanks


Thank you Gayle, that is very sweet and generous of you.  I think we will have the auction start towards the end of this month.  We do not have an exact date yet, but hoping to be able to get it up and running by the end of October.  Thanks again! 

Tami - CO

Ohhhh I'm looking forward to the auction. Now that I got a job...I got some extra money to spend.

Cindy S.

Wonderful news about Baby Cakes...just wonderful.

Karen & Scott, so sorry about the loss in your family.  It is always a mixed blessing..funerals are often a goodbye mixed with long overdue hellos to people we dont have the opportunity to see as frequently as we wish. 

Hope all is well, maybe we will have some sun to brighten your day!


Did the new horses make it into the program over the weekend?  Been looking for them on the website.


They did make it here safe and sound, but we are taking a little bit of time off that was already scheduled long before these horse's arrivals were planned, so we have decided not to list them until we are up and running again and will be able to attend to phone calls and appointments for them.  :)  We will list them on the site next week Wednesday. 

Kelly S
I hope you guys have a GREAT vacation, very well deserved with everything that has happened in the last months.

BUT.....you are killing me with waiting for fun auctions and new horses!!!!!

Have fun and be safe!!
Wendy W - WI

Ooooo Melissa!!  Are you looking to adopt again??  I don't want to look myself.  Too many good horses there now....  Anyway....I sure hope you have a fun time and hope you have a chance to get a hold of Bill.  I think you have his cell # but if not email me or him for it.  I know he'd love to see you again.  Oh and bring sunshine back with you......doesn't look like we have much for it in the near forecast.

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