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MHWF, Inc.
Something we probably should have added right away. This is a place where people can comment, joke, or add to what we had to say on the Day to Day thread.

We wanted to keep the day to Day post clean and kind of like an online journal so that people could look back and see what the day to day life with this program is like. The problem is that with it being a locked thread, the info is there, but it takes a lot of the fun out of it if people cannot post replies to it.

So here it is.... a place to comment on the Day to Day thread....joke around, add comments, make fun of us and our riduculous self-indulgent posts or whatever.

Post away my friends....

I read this today first thing, and tried to comment. Twice I tried, and then I thought, well, NOTTA, and well, they are just following JEST and don't want any comments, just their movement during the day, like an UPDATE. Now, I saw this, and it will be a BLAST to read all of the UNIQUE, should I say, comments made by all of those that want to ADD their THOUGHTS, if you will..

laura z

I am so glad you added this, because I wanted to tell Karen thanks for the big crying spell yesterday.  Her story of Gracie, Cakes and DJ had me in tears for a good 10 minutes!  Thanks Karen
Wendy W - WI

Totally 2nd that laura z.  Love the DJ, Gracie, and Cakes story.  Tears and a big smile.  And probably a few of those awes and happy sighs........

Denise S - WW

Just read your definition of horseman/horsewoman on the day to day thread Scott. Applause!! Applause!! Applause!!!  


Scott, loved your post!! So many people let things get way out of hand with their horses and then blame the horse, or someone else, just as you said. Now, a true horseman will understand a poor match, because not every horse and human match well, but they won't dump that horse without some serious effort at resolving the problem. I can't say things with Vinny have always been easy or perfect, but I can definitely tell you exactly where the problem stems from and we've worked to resolve that as quickly and accurately as possible. The reward for my family is an awesome horse who we've bonded with more strongly for every problem we've worked through. Candy's just a typical pony at times--there's no fixing that ;)!

Emily Jane
Oh!  Poor baby peacock!  I know that these things happen, but how sad!

I am going to start a new search for females and will try my Scott in awhile to see if he made it home safely.  I am also sending in some money for the hay drive as a thank you for the work you did getting the peacock ready to travel.

I don't know if I would ever feel comfortable calling myself a horsewoman.  I would need years and years further of study and training and, even then....
The situation of returning horses because they "didn't work out" reminded me of the dog whisperer.  Isn't his tag line that he rehabilitates dogs and "trains" people?  I would probably put my money on a people problem 19 out of 20 times, at least!

Congrats on one month!!!  I am so happy for you both that you've been able to stick with it. 
Tammy Mn

Loved your post Scott, spoken like a "true horsemen"!

Mary Kay Harris
Congratulations on over a month now without a cigarette,  be proud of yourselves!!
   I like and agree with your statement about horsemanship, and like you mentioned - when you can't solve the communication problem you and your horse are having it is a good thing to ask for help from someone with more experience.
  One of the reason's I wanted to respond to this Day to Day was: the baby peacock story, I am so sorry!!    I had an incident in my barn last night that I still can't get over. At my place I have a big tub outside and a 10 gallon bucket inside the walk through,  well when I went to the barn last night to check on our two horses I noticed the bucket looked so dirty, then as I got closer to dump it out I saw a little kitty floating in it!! Poor little thing was probably so thirsty.  It was such a shock to see that, and a reminder ...  that during this dry summer to be sure and have shallow buckets for the smaller critters!
Scott and Karen, you guys have made massive improvements to the program and it shows!   Oh, and when your done with the bulldozer to bury the house, please, send it down this way!! ; )
Sherri N.
I liked the post, Scott.  Well said!  I have kind of the same philosophy of horse handling as parenting, which to 'help them be their best selves'.  In doing this, it keeps a lot of the ego, or 'I' out of it, and focuses on the individual horse, or personhood.  The people that push their horses too hard in a competition for ego's sake, also do so to their kids.  How many parents have I seen screaming, red faced at a soccer game when it's obvious the kid doesn't like it, and has no interest in competitive sport. 
   I do think that horses and families can be mismatched, that it is possible.  Our first horse had a very competitive spirit, and really wanted to do more than we were capable of doing.  We did the best we could, but it became obvious that he could be a better horse with someone with like talents.  It took me almost 2 years to find him the right kind of person.  But, the mismatch was completely our error, not at all his.  I am thrilled with how this horse has grown and matured with his new owner. 
Suz Deschane
the photo of "the heard" was just gorgeous. Cake & Gracie & friends looking on & posing for the camera.
Congratulations on the 1 month of not smoking too.
we are getting very excited here, ready to make a long ride out to meet Karen, Scott & "the herd".
Ah crap....I am guilty guilty of identifying horse parts in human terms.  I should know better than to do it on a horse site....grrrrr  In my defense, it just got to be a habit when talking to non horse friends...I know...I should take the moment to educate...but...easier not to.

An example, I told a friend that my horsey had a scratch in her pastern area and she said "what's wrong with horsey's pasture."  lol  See what I mean....

Anyways, nice post!  Here's hoping ya get the rain ya need
John B

I wish I could say I check into this site more often then I do...  I try to keep as many people as informed about MHFH and all the great things they do.

There is a great trail riding site (is mostly IL but many WI people too) that some of you southern WI folks may enjoy:  http://horsebackillinois.ning.com/
You need to sign-up but you will quickly be approved and there is no cost to this just people sharing horse info and trail ride experiences from around the Midwest.

Cindy and I adopted Jett just over a year ago from MHWF and I can surly say we (Jett and I) learned together and still do.  He loves to camp/trail ride which we do in WI and IL often.  His ground work has become amazing and we smile how far he has come in 12 months (considering the nasty winter) Still more for Jett and I to learn but when both are willing to be teacher and student it is only fun

Jett in the middle off to camp


Denise S - WW
Gloria, your post made me smile! I'm sure there are a lot of wonderful horse owners out there that identify horse parts in human terms from time to time .

Now when it comes to talking to the vet...I am one of those people that listens to everything the vet says & then when all is said & done I'm like "so what's wrong?" I work for a vet(small animal) so you would think I would know better but when it comes to my own animals something in my brain stops functioning. When the vet was out to treat Zar's knee injury last fall & Senora's allergies a few weeks ago I had to ask him a ton of questions to make sure I understood the diagnosis & treatment. Then when all was said & done I finished up with..."Ok, now I will be reporting back to the adoption foundation. This is what I'm going to tell them and I want to make sure I'm understanding you correctly?" Then I will reiterate what he  said & if I've missed something he will correct me.  Thank goodness he is so understanding & patient! In the back of his mind he's probably wondering how I tie my own shoes.    

John B...thanks for the update on Jett! I'm glad things are going so well for you both. I've always thought Jett was just beautiful!!
I'm in trouble. 1st I argue with Scott about Favre, then we take the favorite purple lead rope home with Dylan  & now he's going to find out the horses here get a pedicure and last night Dylan followed the maid service around the pasture checking out the maids cart must have been looking for extra shampoo or lotion but then again However illiterate the mom is, Jenny was on a 4 H Horse Bowl Jr team that took 1st place at State competition a few years ago. #1 thing to learn is parts!  Although I think some of the helping studing may have rubbed off maybe a little bit. Knowing your horses habits & traits is very important too.
Scott, I'm looking for the new tshirt they have out, it says "we'll never forget you Brent"  :) yup  it was me that sent you the text saying he retired!
Ack, I'm in bigger trouble, I call it a manicure (I don't even have it straight between feet and hands!) 

Thanks for posting John, it's great hearing from you and love the pic of Jett! 
very good photo! by the way, what were all THREE looking at?All THREE look so nice standing there so attentively. Thanx for sharing!
Wow...sounds over the top crazy there at MHWF...well, hope yall get back to normal crazy soon

I do have a time saver to offer....Scott...don't go looking for sanity....I'm guessing it left aaa loong time ago and is beyond reach
Scott : MHWF

Yeah, anyone who would offer themselves up for a 50 hour per week job with no pay and the chance to be a public kickball would have to be nutz.....hehehe.


I do not suffer from insanity....I totally enjoy it!!

Excellent idea, starting this place to comment.

Agree with all that your comments relating to horsemanship and/or being a horseman, Scott, were well thought.  I think, too, that it is an ongoing process; the more I work with and am around horses, the more I learn, the better horseman I become...be it it the area of handling, caretaking, or riding...it is a process that never ends.

Wow...alot has happened here while I was on vacation, and you do have some very appealing and interesting horses up for adoption, and some good horses have found homes, too!  Way to go!

I can not imagine the demands placed upon you by all you do to keep this program operating, both of you, Scott and Karen.  Hoping that all those potential adopters take a deep breath, and make their calls at the appropriate times.

So, was Monday a Chinese food night, or Mexican?????
(I thought maybe you could use a little levity based on all the sadness lately)

:)  Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle.  :) 
(actually it was buffet...Scott, Karin H. and I checked out the Golden Corral...yikes, we all ate like pigs)
Haha!!!! Love the AC pictures! We had complimentary passes that night and laughed at all the people our age walking around in AC tee shirts. Didn't stay for the concert. I'd much rather golf with Alice Cooper then listen to that. It's all too loud for me. Besides I hear he's quite the golf fanatic.
mel d
Oh HOLY COW, Jeff and I would have jumped on that ONCE in a Lifetime to see U2 also! (Can't buy the tickets unfortunately we have a out-of-town wedding that weekend, close friend, cannot miss it, even for U2)

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