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Tammy Mn

Awesome story Scott, thanks for sharing it!

mel d
Ah, Scott, smiled all the way through your Hercules story today :-)

As for the other part, already posted on Tana's thread, but need to say this also...Concerning the insult... 

We, greener than grass, trusted you and Karen implicitedly to help us find our horses. Scott was cold-stone truthful about the horse I first looked at, and never made claims about Stoney or Ruby. I spent almost an entire day in the roundpen with Stoney, not training but getting to know him. Scott and Karen told us everything they knew about the horses, and in Ruby's case, put us in contact with her first owner. Can't imagine what could have happened if Jeff and I had opted to buy a horse and had gone on the open market...
Wendy W - WI

They insulted you?  Interesting.  People who throw out insults are small little people.  As far as having and knowing horses for 40 years..... and apparently know it all..........well then all the best trainers all over the country shall bow down to you.  They ALL say it's always a learning deal with horses, you NEVER know it all.  Scott and Karen, I don't know how you can do it.  Sorry just needed to vent and show my support for the two of you.

Denise S - WW
OMG!! First, I need to say I LOVE that picture of you & Karen!! I wasn't expecting it when I scrolled down & it brought tears to my eyes. It say's it all. You guys are perfect together! It is a beautiful picture!
Loved the story of Hercules too & how you guys came to meet. It is a very special story for sure.
Where Tana is concerned, all I can say is I'm glad she's back!

I loved reading your story Scott; it's really a good one. I've always said that my life will be a success if in the end, it's a good story (a happy one though). Your certainly sounds like it is.

The arogance of some people is amazing. It doesn't take an experienced horse person to know that Tana's behavior was well within the realm of normal. In fact, I think any horse who doesn't need a few days would be abnormal. I'm sorry you had to deal with the hassle, especially given the other events of that day.
Gerda (GMZ)
Excellent story Scott.  I really enjoyed reading it.  Thanks for sharing! 

I've had horses for a long time, maybe not a lot of horses but every single one changed after settling in.  Even Malacy, who was so gentle to begin with, is quite a bit different than the day I brought her home.  Even people need time to adjust to a new environment.  Why should horses be any different?
kathy atkins
That's a great love story. Thanks for taking the time to tell it.
Lori W
Yes, thanks for taking the time to share it...great story!
What a great story, turned love story!  I cant believe I've been following this website for so long! It wasnt too long after you had started that someone had forwarded your website to me. 

I personally have 1 horse that takes everything in stride & the other horse that needs that time (at least a week or longer) to settle down in a new home. We've moved him 5 times & it doesnt get any better. It has nothing to do with his training, just his personality coming thru.

As for insults, I agree w/Wen - insecure people feel they need to make stupid comments.
I enjoy your Day to Day posts, that was a wonderful story, thank you for sharing with us!

Also have to add, I love the photos of Alice..... I am huge Alice Cooper fan.  I saw Alice back in 1972....  boy, if that doesn't age me a bit....LOL!   

Wendy W - WI

OMG look at the babies!!!!  OH so cute!!!! 

Lori W

The babies are adorable!!!!!!!! Hehe...little pea-tots.

Emily Jane
I can't see the babies....  Stupid *(&#$& school computer.  Wait, I have internet for free....um, never mind!

Our peahen laid one egg while on the perch that we have in their pen so it broke.  I took a whole bail of hay in to put under the perch and we now have two more eggs.  Since they are in a dog kennel with a lot of activity in the yard, I don't know if she'll incubate them or not, but I couldn't bring myself to eat the eggs...even though a friend assures me they are tasty!  I say...eww! 

They were meant to be, as Lori says...pea-tots!
(I'm glad that is not a female from us!) 
They will lay "dummie" eggs like that around, so I wouldn't worry about incubating them, they are probably not fertilized from the sounds of it. 
Denise S - WW
Congrats to mama pea & her little peas! They are adorable!
mel d
Ah, pea-babies. We have some at the barn also, they were hatched on a platform up in the rafters. When it was time to leave, there was a chute made from an old sheet down into a big pile of straw. They all survived the ride!

Glad to hear you sold the U2 tickets. Zion is one of our favorite places.

Here's a little chuckle for ya. I took that picture of Karen and Scott hugging when I met them for the afternoon where their friend, Chris was racing his Standardbred. I had been out late the night before with The Cowboy from Hell ( as Scott named him) and I fell asleep on the grass. Scott tied my shoelaces together, then woke me up and said it was time to leave. They both laughed as I woke up and couldn't quite figure out why I was struggling so to get to my feet and get moving. Certainly not one of my most graceful moves. We all had a good laugh out of it though.


Funny you mention that Sandy...we just told that story to someone who had commented on that picture of Scott and I.  :)    Actually I think we just told that story to Vicki too, as Scott was tying her shoelaces together at the races last Friday night when she wasn't looking.  ;) 

Darn it Casper, please tell us what is wrong with that eye!! :(

Good to hear Sailor has a responsible owner.

Do you know if the horse in Susan's care is healthy-not rail thin, wormy, untrimmed,... you know. I cant believe this will have to sit now til Oct 13th....patience, patience.... that boy grabbed my heart right along w/Mista & if my circumstances were different, I'd be on the top of the list to sign on the dotted line for him. So until Destiny allows me to finally be an adopter, I will enjoy & hang on the updates as I did in the past.

We have no way of knowing anything about Mac without our vet check forms and photos (or any kind of updates from her over the last year), so we really have no idea at this point Pegs....sorry to say.  Hopefully very soon. 


People's stupidity never ceases to amaze me.  Why would someone choose to adopt a horse, fail to abide by the terms of contract and then choose to fight it court?  Dumb, dumb, dumb. 

Gayle G

I sure wish that I had Scott's computer knowledge. I have tds also and they started gmail and it's stupid. I tried to get back to outlook express and now I can't get any e-mail from anyone on either sites. This makes me so mad when they change things without asking us who pay if we want a change. I wish you luck in your change over.

mel d

Casper, honey, please don't bump your eye again. Does it start to itch as it heals?


Not Mac's momma!  What is she thinking?!  I would never even take a chance on losing that amazing boy for something as simple as a routine vet check.  Oh man.  She got the adoption lotto and is playing with fire.  Best of luck guys!

laura z
Scott and Karen,

As long as Casper knows his surroundings and mates, how about half-blinders?  Not a regular blinder hood where the horse sees out the slot, but the half version where his eye is totally able to see, but he can't rub because of the half-cup?
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