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Apache has the right person out there, hopefully they will discover him soon.  

Out of the 5 adoptions that took place, only 1 of those horses actually left the farm yesterday, so it will be a bit before any new faces can arrive here.  I am sure there will be new faces as soon as there is room for them.
Jenni O.
Ugh, hope the week gets better for you guys. Tonight I had it with the rain. Enough!!! Hopefully all the details go smoothly, the adoptions get finalized, the weather cooperates, and you can catch ten minutes of rest.
This thread is here so that people can comment to the updates if they would like to [smile]
Jenni O.

Lol, just kidding. Made our hotel reservation for Horse Fair. What room are you in? "Housekeeping, me fluff pillow?" That's as far as I'll go with that quote.

Kara B.
I can't wait for the horse fair [smile] I pre ordered our 3 day passes this week [smile]
Christine A.
You two are absolutely amazing! Thanks for all you do! Happy to help in any way we can, and sorry you've gone through some seriously low points. Here's hoping for the upswing and some much needed high points!!
Not sure how you are able to deal with all that comes your way sometimes. Hoping more positive things come soon.

PS Mandy is mad you didn't come see her. I told her not to kick you when you're down but she said it was aimed at Scott, so yeah......
Thanks so much for what you do!!!! You are appreciated more than you know!!!
Do you have all the help you need for Vet day? Since it's a Saturday, I could make the trip if you need more hands.
Thanks BetC!  We do have all of the help in place, but appreciate your offer.  It is a delicate balance of having enough people and not too many.  [smile]  
New update on the day to Day thread 8-7-2017!
Nice new horses just posted!  I can't take Thursday off to help with farrier day, darnit, but if the arena cover goes up on a weekend and I have enough notice I will try to be there.

I am always amazed at how much you guys can accomplish.  It's like you have a Time-Turner or something.
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