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Just being nosey... how did Sailor's owner prove ownership?  You said there were several people trying to claim him. 


Oh Scott and Karen I have so had those days also.  And you just have to laugh!  It's not really that funny, but then it is.  I get those giggle attacks and it's like "well I could either laugh or cry!"  I hope things get better for you!!  Love ya

Aly, it really was eventually comical. 

woodeehoo!  I think our email is back up and in regular working order!  :)  :)  Now it may take me a week or 2 to completely catch up with everyone, but thank goodness it's working again!!! 

WOHOO!!!  Welcome back to the email world!  I totally feel your pain with the loss of emails & files. I've had that happen & its not fun. It'll keep haunting you for some time - when you go to get that email or file for reference & find it was one of the lost, very frustrating!  Hang in there & Keep laughing! ;)

Karen, that is an awesome photo!  I just love it.

Casper deaf.  Huh...and seasonal allergies...well no wonder the meds wouldnt work!!  I bet you will have the eye issue resolved in no time now.  He must be able to read lips...smile..if no one knew he was deaf!  Good adjusting!

Denise S - WW
Karen, were you lying on the stage when you got that awesome shot!?!?!?!? Very very cool!!! Good luck Scott on your pics too!!!

Isn't that something about Casper being deaf. The more you know about an animal the more it can only help them in the long run so why hide it? Hope he does well after the antihistamines. .I know when my allergies kick in my eyes itch like crazy! Poor boy!

Really looking forward to seeing some of the new faces on the adoption page!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

congratulations Scott, AWESOME shot! wow, alot of entries!
our lil fair has probably  under 30 entries. I was so happy when I placed last year but you should be VERY proud!
Jenny is in 4H and they had way over 600 entries in the photography, they are doing an official count as it doubled! she did very well.
was that from the hot air balloon thing they have near the Dells?

SORRY-congratulations to you too Karen!!!! is your fair a big fair? I cant get over 2000 entries!

Scott Bayerl: MHWF,

Yes, our fair is a pretty large fair....it's the Central Wisconsin State Fair here in Marshfield.

The balloon photo was taken last Friday night at the Children's Miracle Network Balloon Rally in Wisconsin Rapids.

To answer the question about the photo from the Saliva show that Karen posted, no, we weren't on the stage. We were in the 3rd row and the rhythm guitar player had dropped to the stage and was playing on his back.


Congrats guys on the photos..great job.  Our tiny little fair had over 2000 entries also this year, I don't know what it was last year but 2000 just seemed like a lot to me for our county.

Scott Bayerl: MHWF, Inc.

First place nets a whopping $4.80.....for my third place I think it is around $2.00 and the 4th place is around $1.50.....so we are now rich!!! At least is almost covers parking for the 3 nights we are going to the fair...hehehe.


Congrats to our fav photog couple!  Scott your photo was great & I wish you hadnt lost your others to see them place as well. 


Great photo Scott--giving Karen a run for her money, huh--not that she got much from this though! No surprise both of your photos did so well.

 Scott & Karen,
 How did you guys like Saliva? Last year my 15 year old son set up their stage and equipment then ran spotlight for them for one of their outdoor concerts. He met all the band members and had his picture taken with them. He put the pictures on the computer and then lost them all. Can you relate?

ps love your photos.
Jurita, we really like those guys and really enjoy seeing them in concert.  This was about the 4th time we've seen them.  Couldn't resist going when it's in our own backyard and we have fair tickets.  :) 
Oh yes, Scott can sure relate to losing pics!  Scott was lucky though, the only ones he lost were the one batch that he had just taken, all of his other stuff was backed up. 
 It's neat to finally find horse people that also like my kind of music.
When I walk into the barn where I board my horses they always have on country. They tell me I can change it when I'm out there. Sorry all you country fans. It's just not my favorite.
Next weekend I am off to see U2.
Yes, it is!  :)  We like all kinds of music, but tend to gravitate towards our favorite for sure.  By the way, absolutely LOVED Tesla last night and got some really great shots.  A couple of them are real animal lovers and I especially loved the lead singer's shirt that said "hoof power" with a cool pic of a horse hoof.  I'll share later. 
We were going to go to that U2 concert as well, but ran into some issues with being able to go.  That's right...you already knew that.  ;)   We have since had some great things happen and are going to see them in October instead.  :)  It is going to be a great show!  We have both always wanted to see U2, kind of the "bucket list" sort of thing.  Another one of those dreams realized.  ;) 

Karen, I'm so glad that you get to go see U2.  Where will you see them?


At UNLV, Sam Boyd Stadium.  It will be a combination with our trip to Zion. 


Oh hey, by the way we went to the fair again yesterday and in looking at the photos in the contest we saw that Scott actually took another 3rd place in the "Clouds" category, so that is two 3rd places for him!  Pretty cool!  (there are so many photo entries we didn't see it somehow) 

mel d

Wow, more congratulations!

Wendy W - WI

Another ribbon!?!?!  How excellent is that???  Way to go Scott!! 

my nephew was just talking about your fair-he is from Vesper area. He & his family were there this past weekend. He came help Mark go get & unload hay tonight so Dylan & Ebony will have full bellies this winter!
His lil girls were the 2 we talked about riding Dylan.

Very cool Scott - congrats on your ribbons!!


Woo hoo I was out of checks but they came in the mail today so I'll email you a couple of Jenny's photos & the check will be in the mail right behind!!

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