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Coming soon to MHWF!  

This will be Copper's thread and we will update soon when Copper arrives.  Copper just had his last race on 8/31/2019, and will be retiring now, coming to MHWF and looking for his new home.  

Here are a couple of pictures of Copper, one from his last race yesterday, and a couple of pictures from his debut at MHWF's Fun Show when he got to come out into the arena and be seen.  😉  

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Wow!  What a nice boy!
Wow! He is beautiful! Where are there harness races in Wisconsin? I have been wanting to see one but don't know where they are held.
I believe Copper's last race was in Elkhorn, WI.  I'm not sure of where his whole racing career took him, but I do believe MN is another state he raced in.  
Jane Liess
I know that the Iowa County Fair in Mineral Point used to have harness racing, and I think several other county fairs probably still do.
Barb S
Holy Handsome! Wow! My barn is full, my barn is full. Going to have to keep telling myself that. Always wanted a harness horse. My barn is full.
You can always make room Barb! You will not regret getting an Standardbred! You absolutely will not regret it!!
Be still my heart.  Look at that redhead.  WOW!  I am completely in love with this breed.  Already calculating how much hay I have in my barn.  "sigh"
Donna R
The Walworth County Fair had harness racing this last weekend.  That county fair is always over Labor Day Weekend.
Donna R
I saw Copper at the Fun Show.  What a dream!  Love those redheads!
Barb S
Lol Christine! Dave would have serious issues. Had a Standardbred years ago. Julie drove like a dream. My son use to drive her in a doctor buggy in parades. If it were possible I would put my name in for this gorgeous red head. He won’t be at MHWF long.

Copper (I want Revenge) - 10 yrs. - 9/11/2019

$500 - Copper is a 10 year old Standardbred gelding. He stands at 16 hands tall and is sound, healthy and broke to drive. He comes to MHWF from long time friends who we know and trust. He has been a harness racing horse since he was 3 years old and actually raced as early as a week before coming here to MHWF. He is now being retired from racing and can be adopted to be a trail horse or pleasure driving horse. He has hundreds of hours in harness, so all that training is a in place. For those who would rather turn him into a trail horse, the transition from a driving horse to riding horse is so easy it can be done over a weekend. Ground manners are there already, they are used to tack and a bit, they tie and stand for the vet and farrier....all they need to learn is balance with a rider on their back, very easy and quick. Copper has his Coggins, shots teeth done, feet trimmed and is ready to go.

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Jenni O.
I saw him at the Fun Show and he is gorgeous! And he moves like he knows it.

There are two nights of harness racing at the Barron County Fair in Rice Lake every year, in July.
Well hello handsome 😍 Someone's going to get a phenomenal horse! You can't go wrong with an STB!!
Oh....seeing his face close up, that sweet soft kind eye.  I wish I had space in my barn.  I love him.
Copper is incredibly sweet and such a good boy!  I'm excited for whoever gets to adopt this guy too.  He had his racing shoes pulled yesterday and he's now introduced to full retirement from racing.  
Barb S
Got to say this. Copper is lucky that his owners wanted what’s best for him and got him to MHWF. Most horses aren’t that lucky. Would like to say good job to his donors. You are truly a blessing to Copper.
Faye - WI
I can attest to how easy the transition from harness to saddle is. I had Timely Gal for a while, and am not a trainer by a long shot. My daughter and I just put a saddle and bridle on and got her used to it, sat on her in the round pen, and slowly taught her the riding cues. She was a little confused, but if we can do it, boy....most anyone should be able to. Used to working under tack with no funny business. Not sure this guy will be the same, but it's likely.

Copper hit the jackpot!  Someone who knows how great Standardbreds are and has experienced their awesomeness first-hand through her sister's STB came to meet Copper yesterday and her heart was a goner, Copper stole it immediately.  That's okay though, we know Copper is going to keep her heart safe and fill it with love.  

A huge thank you and congratulations combined to Beth S.!  A lot of you who have worked Packer games with us will know Beth and her sister Diane.  We are so thrilled for Beth and Copper both!!  

Copper is being picked up today and heading on home.  We did do an official adoption day picture yesterday, and look how adorable this is.  

Thank you Beth, and a big congratulations from all of us.  

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Barb S
Congratulations Beth and Cooper! Hope to see you and Diane at the Packer games!
YAY!! Congratulations Beth! Lots of beautiful things happening lately and now Copper is one of those to add to the list ❤️

See you in November and December?
Copper is at his new home with the adopted Curly, Gringo Joe.

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Great news, great pic!
Jenni O.
Missed the update. Congratulations!
Beth and Copper

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