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Yay Beth!  Both of you look incredibly happy with life!
Copper and Beth had their first ride yesterday. 

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Look at that! STB of the racetrack and has a rider on him already! Great job Beth and Copper ❤️
Copper and Beth

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He really is a sharp horse!
Looking gorgeous!
Beth Krueger
Wonderful day!!! I got to meet Amy Wenzel and she got to see copper in his new home!!! Love adoption!!!! What a happy day!!!

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Thank you to Scott and Karen for all you do! And thank you to Beth for letting me visit Copper! It makes my heart so happy that Copper did hit the jackpot!
Copper 😉

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Sandy K.
He is such a gorgeous boy !
Beth K.
Hes such a smart boy. Love him so much. We rode a handful of times so far. He really learns quickly and tries hard to figure out what I want. And hes so freaking handsome to boot.
What a handsome boy!!
Gorgeous!  so happy you love your boy!!
Amanda M
He’s so handsome!
Beth K.
Got to ride this boy today.

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