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Dahlia - 16 yrs.

$300 - Dahlia is a 16 year old OTTB mare. She is 16 hands tall, well broke and is sound and healthy. She could use a few extra pounds, but that will come soon. Dahlia had a short racing career then was passed around a bit as a brood mare. While we do not have a ton of info on her distant past, the past year and 1/2 or so, she has been used exclusively as a trail horse. She is a reliable horse out on the trails and has never bucked, bolted, kicked or reared. She is current on all her shots, trims, de-worming and had her teeth floated in the fall. This mare will be the perfect horse for someone with a little experience who wants to get out on the trails ASAP on a safe, sane horse. Dahlia direct reins only, so if you want to neck rein, you will have to teach her that.

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Love her already!
Pretty girl!
Barb S
Omg! She is quite the package!
Jaime E.
She's a beauty! Looking forward to seeing Dahlia this weekend😍
Roxanne M.
I saw this beautiful girl today ...and all I could think of was...wow I wish I had the room...
Oh no. Status change on the lovely miss Dahlia??? I hope everything is okay.
Scott: MHWF
Dahlia is not sound and we will need more time and investigation into the cause, possible treatment and if she can be a riding horse or not.
Such a beautiful black mare. I hope she can become sound again. Sending positive thoughts her way.

Update: 5-7-2017

While Dahlia still has a little weight to put on, she has gained quite a bit and is looking better and better every day. She has all her shot and a fresh Coggins. We can now make her available for adoption. We want to see Dahlia go to a home where they will use her for light trail riding, which is what she is beat suited to. It appears that she has very light arthritis in her hip, so we do not want to see her as a lesson horse, barrels or jumping, but moves very well and will make someone a fine trail horse.

I wish her home was with us.  She has a sweet face.
Dahlia continues to do well and is consistently slowly gaining weight.  When she came in she had a very long and thick winter coat, and she is shedding out very nicely but still has a little hair to get rid of yet.  She is shining up nicely!  Dahlia has settled in really well and is a pleasure to be around.  Here are a couple of updated pictures of Dahlia from yesterday, 5/14/2017.  

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My dream horse....
Dreams do come true Tricia K ☺️
Ann G.
Wow!I wish I could get her
Such a pretty soulful face....
Bump! I can't believe this sweet baby hasn't been adopted yet!
Barb S
Great mare here people. Thought she would have been adopted already. Better hurry before someone beats you to it.
Dahlia is doing very well!!  She is really ready for someone to come and meet her.  Dahlia is such a sweetheart!!  She has settled in so nicely and Faith is her best friend, but Sheba is never far behind either.  

I snapped a few pics quick before the sun went all the way down this evening, so here are  few current snapshots.  7/11/2017

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Thank you for these updated pictures.  Lovely lovely mare with sweet eyes. 
So who looks fantastic under saddle?  That'd be Dahlia!  Boy, we have a horse named Dahlia and one named Dalila here right now, but make no mistake about this beauty, she has it going on!  Dahlia has gained weight like she needed (could use a bit more top line, and exercise helps with that too) and she is looking and feeling great.  The very talented and kind-hearted Chloe spent some time with Dahlia yesterday and they did great together.  Dahlia does very well under saddle.  She has energy, but a very nice ride and very well behaved with a wonderful trot!  Dahlia is a great age and is going to make someone a wonderful horse!  No jumping or high level stuff for her, but she has been out on the trails and has done great with that.  

Here are some pictures from yesterday, 8/13/2017.  Thank you Chloe!  (take notice of what a beautiful face Dahlia has!)

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Scott: MHWF
Yes, all the adoption horses are kept at the MHWF facility.
Awww. I just noticed the sad 10-30 update on lovely Dahlia. Be well pretty girl.
Hoping that some answers can be found for Miss Dahalia.
I was wondering if the vets had anything to say about Dahlia and her issues when they were out.  
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