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Kara B.
With both of my horses the bit was not the answer. I have actually gone as light as I can with both of them and they are responding better. It was all about what the rest of my body was telling them. Squeezing with my thighs would make them go forward,but relaxing my legs and sitting deep in the saddle tells them to stop.
I second a lot of what Jenni O.   I would ride with just a halter and lead, in a small confined area, and work on starting stopping and turning with as light of an aid as possible.  I slowly worked into using only seat and legs.  The deep exhale of breath combined with the deep seat into the saddle can really make them halt nicely.  I would actually close my eyes, exhale and loosen my whole body down into the horse.  Don't forget...praise praise praise the slightest effort to let them know they are doing the right thing.
Anna WI
One thing I notice in the first picture and mind you the picture quality isn't the greatest, but from what I can see your saddle looks to be tilting down onto his wither and shoulder. This could be why he doesn't want to stop too. Ill fitting tack is some of the most common causes to bad behavior in horses.
Any updates?
Draco is doing great. He is learning to neck rein, and his breaks have improved a whole bunch. He is extremely smart, and fun to work with. Now... if Spring would come...
Jenni O.
Keep up the good work! It's good to hear you are making progress.
Emily H.
Sounds wonderful!
Dakota (Draco) and Sophie

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Jenni O.
Nice pictures. I'm glad to see you're working with him. This guy needed a home where he could learn some stuff. I'm sure you're having a lot of fun with him!
Dakota (Draco)

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Sue J
Such a handsome boy he is! Looking good!
Jenni O.
He looks great!
Looks good!

I think Draco knows we got him a buddy.  I rode him in his bareback pad tonight, and he was 100% angel.  He is really catching on to neck reigning, too.

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Jenni O.
He's such a cool color. I can't wait to see what he thinks of Romeo.
Dakota (Draco) and Romeo

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Dakota (Draco) and Romeo being goofballs.

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Bottom line: Draco (Dakota) is simply fabulous. He is as smart, beautiful, fun, and YES... challenging, as the horses of my wildest dreams. He makes every other horse seem boring!
We've been through a lot in our short time together, and we have gained an amazing bond of trust. Simply put, I love him, and he loves me. He is my heart.
Beautifully put Sophie.  So lovely to hear.
Dakota says Season's Greetings!

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Dakota (Draco), bareback with a halter and lead rope. He has really come a long way.

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Heike B
I love seeing update for Draco!  He is obviously in the perfect place and with the perfect person.
Sophie R.
Here are some of the millions of photos I've taken of Draco (Dakota). He is my love. He's still a sassy little thing, but so am I, sooooo....

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Dakota (renamed Drako) and Romeo.

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Draco saying hi to some of his buddies. We took him and Romeo for a walk in the fresh snow today.

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