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Dakota (Draco) and Sophie

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Heike B
Great selfie!
Dakota (Draco) all groomed up.....

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Sharp looking dude!
Jenni O.
What the heck?! Is this recent? Mine look like muddy shedding yaks.
Dakota (Draco) posing for his Health Report photo.....

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Jenni O.
I love his color. (Romeo looks great too, BTW.)
He looks awesome!  I bought some fly leggings for Woody this year at horse fair.  How do they work? Pretty good?  I have never used them before. 

The boys made it to our new farm without any hiccups (well, except for that the hauler got extremely stuck in our driveway!).

They seem to enjoy their new space, and are getting along well. Although they were boarded at the same place, they were part of different herds, so their only contact with each other was when we were working with them. So, they have know each other, but not super well.

Thanks for all you guys do. We sure love these boys, and are ecstatic to live with them for the first time.  

-Sophie and Adam

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Jenni O.
How nice to have them home with you! Especially now, as many can't get to their boarding barns. Congratulations! It will be fun for you to see them together.
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