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Jamie M
Congratulations Angie and Deeter!
the name change is good as long as you asked Dakota first!  LOL
I renamed all myadoptees too. I just call them by their original names when I post about them so everyone knows who I'm talking about. They all answer to their new names tho...Best of wishes to you!

Thanks for posting Angie!  Yes, please go ahead and share the pics.  I love the new name too.  :) 


Congratulations to Deeter and Angie!

Jenni O.

Great photos!  Congratulations and good luck, and we love updates.  It's always great to see the ones who need some work and that have been at MHWF for awhile go to their new homes.  Enjoy your beautiful horse. 

Denise From MN
SO MUCH good news here today, I'm glad I looked in! Best of luck to you guys!
Scott: MHWF

In the end we opted not to charge an adoption fee for Dakota. It was far more important to find him a good home with people who could spend more time with him and train him than it was about an adoption fee. Dakota had been with us for many many months still looking for his new home with someone who could finish his training. It looks as though he finally found that home and we look forward to hearing and seeing his progress over the next weeks and months.


This program is and always will be about the horses, not money.


 Congrats to the new adopters and have fun finishing his training!

How sweet of MHWF, Scott, to do that. I think that it is wonderful that he found a home, and you guys take such good care of the horses that it doesn't matter about money, more so about the horses. Again, Congrats to the wonderful Horse!! :)
Angie P (Holmen)
So, we took Deeter (Dakota) with us to my sisters drill team practice tonight. And he did lovely :) Loaded like a gem into the slant load, tied fine and stood out fine too! I took him over to the other arena and lunged him a bit and he did great! 

Way to go Deeter and Angie!!!!!!  It's great to hear that things are moving along so quickly and you guys are doing so well already!  Thanks a bunch for the update, you made my day! 

Jenni O.

Great update!  Sounds like another good match.  It's amazing what the right person can do for the right horse.


wow, that really made me smile! I think he is so pretty! I can't wait to see his updates!  oxox

mel d
Wonderful update! Dakota has his match :)
Gloria H

Congrats!!!!  Angie, I hope to see updates & pics of your journey with Dakota :) :)   He is a pretty pretty boy :) :) :)

Donna R

Congratulations Angie and Dakota (Deeter)!  You sure have a pretty boy there!

Angie P Holmen
Here is a pic I took of the guys playing at the fairgrounds :) and a snack break! 

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Wendy W - WI
West Salem fairgrounds?  Great pictures!  I am so excited for you and Deeter.
Angie P Holmen
Yes the West Salem fairgrounds! My sister has drill team every monday night, so I hauled him out with us. 
Wendy W - WI

I drive through West Salem going to and from work.  I live in Mindoro and work in La Crosse.  If you go again let me know and I'll stop in and say hi! 

Angie P Holmen
Well, it has been a while since I have updated, so thought I should pop by! I have not been able to do a lot of round pen work lately because we are building stalls in the barn, so tooo busy! However, I did take "Deeter" with me to drill team again. Each step getting there was a process, and a surprise! First of all, it was picture night. So I had to bathe my other horse and my sisters horse that morning, and stall them until practice. I decided I should see how Deeter would do with a full out bath, his tail is all clean btw :). (I hauled my sisters horse and Deeter over to the barn that I manage to give the baths and stall them) So he was in another all new environment with all new horses, and getting a bath. He did better than my "lesson/done it all" gelding! Yay! Then I tossed him in a stall, and he did so nice for not being able to see the other horses!! No pounding, weaving, pawing! Success! A couple hours later I trailered him out to drill team. He loads and unloads better than my other horses combined! SOO I am holding him while the girls are getting pics with the other horses, when a friend of mine said I will hold him... ok deal! So I went to help the girls with their horses. Pretty soon I look over and he is sitting ON Deeter!!! OMG :) Bareback in a halter he rode Deeter down to the outdoor arena and rode him around. No problems. At. ALL! I still plan on doing all of the necessary ground work that Deeter needs, and do work daily on all that, but WOW what an exciting thing that was. Cant WAIT to get back to the round pen work! 
Little Dakota/Deeters is growing up! It is so great that he has this chance to get out in the world and away from his mother and become an adult horse. I'm so happy to hear how magnificent you are doing with him Angie!!! Thank you SO much!!!!
Angie H -Holmen
Well its been a long time since an update. So, I figured I better stop by and actually write one instead of reading all the other threads! Deeter (Dakota) is still doing good with us. A little slow in progress but we are getting further along each time. We had some nice warm days in Jan so we hauled him over to ride in the indoor arena. I have been "out of commission" so to speak for the last 6 months, 3 months to go ;) so my sister has been working with him a lot. She rode him and he is learning on taking a bit (which is VERY rough, hints/tricks welcome. Ive tried it all) and leg pressure. We are big fans of more leg and less bit while riding. They worked on loping when she asked, without the aid of a leader horse. He is catching on nicely! Rumor has it he may be used in some drill team this year! (Back up horse for now I think) :) Well thats all for now! 
Scott: MHWF
Love the update...thank you!!

Pictures...pictures...pictures!!!! LOL
Thanks for the update Angie, we really appreciate hearing how things are going!  Congratulations too, and hope the next 3 months go very well for you!  :) 

Dakota - 8 yrs.

$300 - Dakota is an 8 year old Appendix/QH gelding. He is sound, healthy and current on all of his shots, wormers and trims. Dakota stands at 14.3 hands tall and is a beautiful palomino. Many of you will remember Dakota from when he first came into MHWF. He is the son of Elsie and came to us young, full of himself and really knew nothing, including leading, having his feet trimmed and staying out of your space. Dakota is a very different horse now. He has had some training and is now easy to catch and handle, he leads, loads, ties, stands for the vet and farrier and has even been broke to ride. His adoption fee is still very low, only because he is still green under saddle and will need someone who can finish his traning. He is a very sweet, mellow horse with good looks and an open book for someone who can put a few more hours on him and take him the rest of the way.

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