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So glad for MHWF and their 5 year contract to keep horses whose adopters circumstances change safe in the program. It saves so many horses from being passed around.
Donna M
Welcome back Ducky. I’ve been wondering how you are doing.
I know Ducky well and can testify that someone is going to get a wonderful trail partner. I’ve been on many trail rides with him and his donor. He is respectful of other horses, takes direction from his rider, and has incredible endurance. One day we rode 22 miles and he put his whole heart into that ride. He has been ridden in almost every situation you can think of - roads, woods, water, bridges, even in a ditch along highway 51 in the north woods with seasonal traffic.
I look forward to following your next journey my friend.
MHWF, Inc.
Dakota (Ducky) in his new home with his new pasture mates, fitting right in 😉

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Donna M
Awesome news! Can’t wait to hear all the details.

We have internet back (for now)!  

It's so exciting to see Ducky in his new home with his special pasture mates already!  I'm a little slow with the adoption announcement, but not having internet puts a damper on so many things and being able to post.  

Ducky is one lucky boy (and that kind of rhymes).  Grace had been looking for the right horse to add to her little herd that consists of the two you see above, older horses and I know one is very elderly so we knew Ducky had to be a good boy and fit in well.  Sam will be loved by all, but Grace's friend Sam is the one who is really going to call Ducky his own.  Ducky did so great with his whole riding evaluation by Grace, especially since being so new to coming back and just making new friends in this herd.  Such a good boy.  We are so happy that Ducky got such a great home!  

Here are a couple of pictures from official adoption day on 8/30/2020.  
Thank you for choosing adoption, and a big congratulations to Ducky, Katie and Sam!  

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Donna M
What a great match. Congratulations to all!
Grace W
We could not be happier! We love Ducky so much already! 😊
Awesome! Congratulations!
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