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mel d
Congratulations! You two do look very good together, I see a wonderful future ahead...happy day!
Congratulations to Dalila and Anne!
Donna M
Congratulations Anne and Dalila! Enjoy your time together!
New photo of CV Dalila!

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Heike B
She looks great!  I love how her ears are poking through her mane [smile]
She looks fantastic!
Dalila is back at MHWF and looking for a new person or family.  Dalila returned at no fault of her own, but financial reasons for her adopter.  We are happy to see Dalila is in good condition and is up to date on everything she needs.  


CV Dalilah - 23 yrs.$400 - CV Dalilah is a registered Arabian mare. Although she is 23 years old, you would never know it. She is in excellent shape and condition and does not look or act like a 23 year old, but we all know, Arabs live forever, right? Dalilah is a sound, healthy and very well broke mare that stands at 15.1 hands tall. She has done a little over everything, from endurance to dressage to trail riding. The past 4 years, she has been used as a trail horse exclusively. She is a veteran trail horse, sane, reliable and very willing. Dalilah is an easy keeper, loves people and is excellent for the vet, farrier and whoever is handling her, excellent manners, good looking, no special needs and fun to ride and handle.

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Here she is!  This is the horse a lot of people are looking for, wonderful trail horse that just about anyone can ride!  You know Arabs live a very long life!  Dalila has a lot of great trail riding years in her, and actually that trail riding exercise will help her live a very long life.  
I'm in love!!
Arabians are my favorite horse breed.
Gosh she is perfect.  For anyone thinking 23 is old, my Arab is 30 and has the health, strength, stamina and teeth of a horse half his age.  23 is not old at all for an Arab and look at what excellent shape she is in.  Someone is going to get very lucky.
Dalila came out this weekend for a test ride with the very talented Chloe who spent the day helping out with the horses, along with Terri, Deb and Laura.  You guys rock, we appreciate your help so much!!  

Like we've mentioned before, Dalila is an absolutely wonderful all-around horse and she has proven that once again in her test ride.  She did walk-trot-canter just great and even a little bit of side-passing.  Dalila has done a little bit of everything in her life, and she is one of those horses who has seen a lot and a very safe horse.  She will make someone a wonderful trail horse, and she could really be a great 4-H horse for a kid too!  

Here are a few pictures of Dalila and Chloe, walk, trot and canter.  What a beautiful horse Dalila is on top of her wonderful mind!  

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