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mel d
Congratulations! You two do look very good together, I see a wonderful future ahead...happy day!
Congratulations to Dalila and Anne!
Donna M
Congratulations Anne and Dalila! Enjoy your time together!
New photo of CV Dalila!

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Heike B
She looks great!  I love how her ears are poking through her mane [smile]
She looks fantastic!
Dalila is back at MHWF and looking for a new person or family.  Dalila returned at no fault of her own, but financial reasons for her adopter.  We are happy to see Dalila is in good condition and is up to date on everything she needs.  


CV Dalilah - 23 yrs.$400 - CV Dalilah is a registered Arabian mare. Although she is 23 years old, you would never know it. She is in excellent shape and condition and does not look or act like a 23 year old, but we all know, Arabs live forever, right? Dalilah is a sound, healthy and very well broke mare that stands at 15.1 hands tall. She has done a little over everything, from endurance to dressage to trail riding. The past 4 years, she has been used as a trail horse exclusively. She is a veteran trail horse, sane, reliable and very willing. Dalilah is an easy keeper, loves people and is excellent for the vet, farrier and whoever is handling her, excellent manners, good looking, no special needs and fun to ride and handle.

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Here she is!  This is the horse a lot of people are looking for, wonderful trail horse that just about anyone can ride!  You know Arabs live a very long life!  Dalila has a lot of great trail riding years in her, and actually that trail riding exercise will help her live a very long life.  
I'm in love!!
Arabians are my favorite horse breed.
Gosh she is perfect.  For anyone thinking 23 is old, my Arab is 30 and has the health, strength, stamina and teeth of a horse half his age.  23 is not old at all for an Arab and look at what excellent shape she is in.  Someone is going to get very lucky.
Dalila came out this weekend for a test ride with the very talented Chloe who spent the day helping out with the horses, along with Terri, Deb and Laura.  You guys rock, we appreciate your help so much!!  

Like we've mentioned before, Dalila is an absolutely wonderful all-around horse and she has proven that once again in her test ride.  She did walk-trot-canter just great and even a little bit of side-passing.  Dalila has done a little bit of everything in her life, and she is one of those horses who has seen a lot and a very safe horse.  She will make someone a wonderful trail horse, and she could really be a great 4-H horse for a kid too!  

Here are a few pictures of Dalila and Chloe, walk, trot and canter.  What a beautiful horse Dalila is on top of her wonderful mind!  

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Sarah L.
Do you think she'd be a decent lesson horse? 1-2 lessons per week or maybe for horse camps?
Hi Sarah, yes, I think Dalila could work for you in that capacity.  Dalila is a really sweet mare and just about anyone can ride her.  She has some good energy to her also, so not for complete beginners.  

Dalila is doing very well and is feeling very at home here.  We had someone come to meet her a bit over a week ago, just a couple of days after the new guy, Ty the Percheron came in (he came in on 9/4/2017).  Dalila took a shine to Ty and vice versa, and since she had been here under a month, when we brought her out of the pasture that day she was antsy about her brand new friend and wasn't her typical self, unfortunately.  She didn't do anything bad, but was just antsy.  That has already gone away now and Dalila is her usual, normal self again.  As a matter of fact, we pulled her out and rode her just a day or 2 after that appointment and she was a gem.  I forgot to post those pictures, but here they are now.  

Dalila is going to be going to our MHWF Horse Camping weekend this coming weekend at Ukarydee with us (September 23&24).  We'll get some pictures of her out on the trails with us to share.  [smile]  

Here are some pics of Dalila being ridden by Holly with a bareback pad.  Thanks Holly!  

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Scott: MHWF
Karen's horse, Josh, is having some health problems lately and taking him on the MHWF Annual Trail Ride this past weekend was not really going to be an option. So, Karen opted to take Dalila on the ride. Of course, she was wonderful and although we know there are a lot of people overlooking her because of her age, she is sound, healthy, strong and is not an old plug. She not only can go, she prefers to go and was a rock star on the trails this past weekend, even in the nasty heat and humidity. Here are a couple of photos of Karen and Dalila to share.

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These links may work for you to see video of Dalila out trail riding if you have Facebook.  

click here

click here for #2
We are so happy to announce that Dalila found her person!  Ellen came and met Dalila on Thursday evening, then back today for a second appointment and made the decision to call Dalila her own.  We are really excited for Ellen and Dalila both!  Dalila really hit the jackpot, and now Ellen's daughter, Eden, will have her mom to ride with too.  A big thank-you to Cailyn for the referral to adoption and MHWF, and another big thank-you to Ellen for choosing adoption!!  

Dalila will be heading to her new home soon, and we look forward to how things go and how she settles in once she makes that trip.  

Here is an adoption day picture, and a fun candid mother and daughter moment from today, 9/30/2017.  

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Congrats. Cute photos too.
Congratulations!!  Sounds like a great match!  I love the pictures too, especially the mother daughter shot [smile]
Jenni O.
Congratulations! I think you're going to have a lot of fun with this mare. And the photos are great!
We brought Dalila home last night and brought her into the indoor arena to stretch her legs and take a look around. She did her cute Arabian snorting and a little exploring, but was very calm and liked to stay close. I am so in love!

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Scott and Karen: MHWF
Thank you for posting and letting us know that so far all is well. Looking forward to more updates and photos over the next days and weeks [smile]
CV Dalila loves the chiropractor, but I do not think she was a fan of the magnawave last week! Her spring vet appointment is next Monday, so I will be sending in her health report.

- Ellen M.

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Sandy K
I love that photo where her head is turned like she's saying , " Here's my best photo face ". She's so pretty .

CV Dalila - 24 years

$400 - CV Dalila is a 24 year old Arabian mare. She is sound, healthy, in great shape, is current on all that she should be. She stands at 15.1 hands tall. Dalila is a superb trail horse that we know very well. Karen even used her on the Annual MHWF Trail Ride and Camping Weekend last year where she ride her on the trails and in the river all weekend. Sadly, Dalila's adopter is going through some tough times and needed to bring Dalila back to MHWF. Dalila has no health problems or special needs and is ready for the trails tomorrow. A safe ride, super easy going, sweet, in great shape and super experienced.


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