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Dancastle Dark Chocolate (Abby) - 8 yrs.

$600 - Dancastle Dark Chocolate is a registered 8 year old jet black Morgan mare. She stands at 14.1 hands tall, sound, healthy and broke to ride English/Dressage. Abby has a brand new Coggins, and has all her 2017 vaccinations. She has had a very pampered life and is smart with a lot of personality. Abby has done some showing and was being ridden twice per week by her trainer until coming to MHWF. This is a stunning mare in every way, but she is a little fireball and not a horse for young or green riders. We are looking for an experienced, confident English rider for Abby. We have a lot more info on Abby and will share that info with qualified potential adopters.

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OMG--how could anyone bear to part with this beauty?
Leslie V
Oh WOW!  What a lovely horse!!
OMG...you're killing me over here! Gorgeous, little black horse AND she is named after my favorite food I happen to have a horrible addiction to.
YUM...DARK CHOCOLATE[tongue].Someone going to get a great mare[thumb]..Now You Guys Got Two Horses Named Abby[smile]
Sandy K
Wow , she's gorgeous !
Don't take your shoes off honey, you won't be there long [smile]
OHHHH...pretty girl!  And a fireball...LOL...love it!!
As you all may have noticed already, Abby got adopted!!  We are thrilled that Abby found a home so quickly and a home we are already familiar with.  Ann adopted Abby, and Ann owns the facility where another adoption horse named Hollywood Superbabe (Holly) is boarded.  Abby has lived in the same place almost her entire life and has not been exposed to much, but Abby and her buddy Willow really settled in nicely here at MHWF and relaxed tremendously being turned out on 40 acres.  Ann came and met Abby, rode her and loved this beautiful little mare.  We are thinking we will probably see Abby in the show ring in the near future too!  

Thank you, Ann, for choosing adoption, and we look forward to hearing of Abby's adventures!  

Here is an adoption day picture from official adoption day on 5/12/2017 of Abby and Ann.  

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Great to see the adoptions, and good luck to the adopters and adoptees!
Congratulations to Abby and Ann!
Jenni O.
Wonderful!! Congratulations ☺️
Jennifer Q.
Happy Birthday Abby!  
Would love an update on this mare. She really caught my eye when she came to MHWF.
Jeri & Claire
Abby’s adoption was transfered to my daughter and and I shortly after Ann brought her to the barn. We had been looking for a horse for our daughter and when Ann showed us Abby we could not turn her down. We have been training Abby with Ann for over a year now and she has come leaps and bounds. Here are a couple pictures of Claire showing with Abby.

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Jenni O.
What a great looking pair! Abby sure looks great under saddle, and I bet Claire is one happy young lady.
Yes I agree!  Great looking pair!
Barb S
Ahhh... Nothing like a girl and her horse. Great team!
So nice to see pictures of my former baby. Still miss her a lot. She looks well taken care of and seems to have bonded well with Claire.
Donna R
I'm glad you saw this, Katherine.   I know how difficult it was for the two of you to let Abby and Willow go.  I have thought of you often since that day.  How sweet to see that Abby has a wonderful home with a young girl to dote on her.  See how important it is to share updates on your adoption horses[thumb]

I agree.  Abby and Claire look great together!
Kathryn Q.
Any recent updates on Abby? I have not seen anything in over a year. And I just missed it?
As much as we beg and hound adopters to post updates, at least every once in a while, not all do. I will say that I spoke with Annie's adopter a few weeks back and did get her health report and photos in on time, so all is well.
Kathryn Q
You have such a wonderful organization and fulfill such a great need that it is a shame that the adopters do not maintain contact or give updates more regularly. Very disheartening for the former owners.
Scott: MHWF
Some adopters post more than others and we truly wish all our adopters would take the time to post at least once a few times per year. The reason we give donors the adopters contact info and the adopters the donors info is for this exact reason. Feel free to contact Ann by phone. We talk to her on a fairly regular basis and always ask for pics and updates, but some people just do not take a lot of photos or share much on Facebook or this forum....me being one of them. I try, but I rarely have my phone on me and keep really busy most days, much like Ann.
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