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Fenders Gold Bars (Dee Dee) - 17 yrs.


Dee Dee arrived to MHWF on 1/17/2015, updates and photos will be shared here.  

$450 - Fenders Gold Bars, or Dee Dee, is a double registered, 17 year old Paint mare. She is registered with the APHA as well as the Pinto Horse Assoc of America. She stands at 14.3 hands tall. She is sound healthy, has no health problems and has been in the same home for most of her life. She is well broke, although it has been a few years since she has been ridden. When she was ridden regularly, she was a very safe ride, kids and adults, in the arena and out on the trails. DeeDee is very sweet and is a very nice looking horse. She leads, loads, ties and is good for the vet and farrier. We will test ride her as soon as time and weather allow, but are sure she will make someone a very reliable and safe horse. She will most likely need a handful of refresher rides, but she has always been a safe solid horse. She has had great care her entire life and is a very nice mare.

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Beautiful mare!!
Lord, she is one gorgeous girl.... those eyes, whew!![smile]
Karla Joy
What a lovely, lovely girl! I am such a sucker for a bald-faced horse. [love] Someone is going to get a wonderful horse! Good luck pretty girl.
What a nice girl!  Love her markings and such a solid body!
How in the world did Dee Dee get all the way to the bottom of page one already? Had to bring her back up...too nice of a horse to get bumped to page 2.
This mare has my heart.  Hopefully my application will be in the mail tomorrow!
Another bump....she is striking really.  just striking.  Very nicely marked.  Beautiful, healthy and qualified.  Someone is going to get very lucky.
My application should arrive today!  Wait for me pretty girl![smile]
Good luck, joAnn!
I am approved!!

(I am so jealous!) 
Hey, JoAnn your *Valentine* will be WAITING to meet you... GOOD LUCK.
Fenders Gold Bars (Dee Dee)

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Very neat to see Dee Dee's papers!  Love the name The Masked Rider...
She is stunning!
Really appreciate you taking time to insert horse's papers.  Love the pedigree info.
Would I be correct in assuming that this mare is no longer available? I have a friend that is very interested if that would change. I believe she submitted an application.... Her name is Carla... Thanks, Kim
Scott: MHWF
Not sure why you would think that Dee Dee is no longer available...she is listed for adoption on the "Adoption Horses" page, which is always current.
There is a post above from JoAnn - it sounded like she adopted her. Did you get an application from a Carla P.? Thanks Scott!
We keep the adoption horses page current at all times, so when a horse gets adopted they will get marked as adopted.  We always post here on their thread here on the discussion forum as well when they get adopted, along with an adoption day photo.  A lot of times people will post on horse's threads that they are interested, or even that they got their application in and got approved to adopt.  Once someone is approved, they are approved to adopt any of the horses (generally) available, whichever horse they are the best match with.  The application process is not designed to be for just one particular horse.  Approved applicants have to get here and meet the horse and go through the rest of the adoption process before they can adopt a horse though.  [smile]  
Scott gets in touch with everyone once their application has been processed.  I just checked the database for you Kim, and there has been no one with the name of Carla who has recently sent in an application.  
This is such a beautiful mare, and I was wondering if you could post some more pictures of her please it would be great thank you. [smile]
Kara B.
I see someone has been adopted this weekend [smile] woohoo!
DeeDee did get adopted!  She left for her new home yesterday (Saturday, 2/28).  Mike and Kristen adopted DeeDee and we hope that she is everything they are looking for in a trail horse and companion.  Mike and Kristen have Joy (Joy Luck Club) and they had adopted Robin as well, but Robin was so laid back and "pokey" that she just couldn't keep up with Joy when they would go out riding. (anyone looking for that laid back horse that isn't so fast, go check out Robin's thread http://mhwf.websitetoolbox.com/post/robins-ole-princes-apha-mare-6987248?trail=50).    Since they plan on doing a lot of trail riding coming up, they really wanted to have two horses to ride together than would be a good match.  

Here is a picture from official adoption day of DeeDee with Mike and Kristen.  
We hope to hear some fun updates!  

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