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Oh a trade. I hope it works out. She has such an interesting pattern on her!
Scott: MHWF
Technically not a trade since we handle returns and adoptions very separately, but yes, in a sense, a trade. Sorry to be such a stickler for grammar, but didn't want people to think we are ok with trade ins.
Scott, I know you and Karen put in a lot of time, effort, and care when it comes to the adoptions. I know you take this very seriously. I know you carefully try to match a horse with an adopter. I know you want the potential adopter to spend some time getting to know the horse and test ride, not just adopt on a whim because someone thinks the horse is pretty. I know your goal is to find permanent loving homes that are safe and secure for the horse.

No, horses are not like cars. We don't just trade them in when a new shiny model comes out with all it's bells , whistles and chrome.

I apologize if I misspoke or offended you in any way.
Scott: MHWF
Jurita, you know better than that, not offended at all [smile]
Scott: MHWF
Hot off the press....a photo of Dee Dee in her new home.....

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Dee Dee and the kids this past warm weekend!

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Mike with Kristin and Dee Dee

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Jenni O.
Lol! DeeDee had to photobomb. She's been a busy mare.
Mike G.
Merry Christmas,,my big girl. Hope you're healthy and happy in your new home. I miss you. Mike
Dee Dee

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Dee Dee had her first massage Saturday and loved it! Here's some pictures from the fog this morning. Dee Dee & Oliver, her best buddy. She is his shadow.

- Mike and Kristen

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Jenni O.
Cool photos. She looks right at home.
A couple of recent pretty pictures of the pretty miss DeeDee (and her sister Coconut).  

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Sue J
Wow that is some amazing color in your pasture. Thanks for the great picture.
Jenni O.
Beautiful! They are both very photogenic.
DeeDee and Mike

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Fender's Gold Bars (Dee Dee)

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