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Oh a trade. I hope it works out. She has such an interesting pattern on her!
Scott: MHWF
Technically not a trade since we handle returns and adoptions very separately, but yes, in a sense, a trade. Sorry to be such a stickler for grammar, but didn't want people to think we are ok with trade ins.
Scott, I know you and Karen put in a lot of time, effort, and care when it comes to the adoptions. I know you take this very seriously. I know you carefully try to match a horse with an adopter. I know you want the potential adopter to spend some time getting to know the horse and test ride, not just adopt on a whim because someone thinks the horse is pretty. I know your goal is to find permanent loving homes that are safe and secure for the horse.

No, horses are not like cars. We don't just trade them in when a new shiny model comes out with all it's bells , whistles and chrome.

I apologize if I misspoke or offended you in any way.
Scott: MHWF
Jurita, you know better than that, not offended at all [smile]
Scott: MHWF
Hot off the press....a photo of Dee Dee in her new home.....

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Dee Dee and the kids this past warm weekend!

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Mike with Kristin and Dee Dee

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Jenni O.
Lol! DeeDee had to photobomb. She's been a busy mare.
Mike G.
Merry Christmas,,my big girl. Hope you're healthy and happy in your new home. I miss you. Mike
Dee Dee

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Dee Dee had her first massage Saturday and loved it! Here's some pictures from the fog this morning. Dee Dee & Oliver, her best buddy. She is his shadow.

- Mike and Kristen

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Jenni O.
Cool photos. She looks right at home.
A couple of recent pretty pictures of the pretty miss DeeDee (and her sister Coconut).  

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Sue J
Wow that is some amazing color in your pasture. Thanks for the great picture.
Jenni O.
Beautiful! They are both very photogenic.
DeeDee and Mike

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Fender's Gold Bars (Dee Dee)

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Fenders Gold Bars (Dee Dee) - 20 yrs.

$500 - Fenders Gold Bars, or Dee Dee as we know her by is a stellar horse in every way. She is a double registered APHA/Pinto mare. She stands at 14.3 hands tall, is sound, healthy, well broke, well-behaved and nice looking as well. Dee Dee is also current on everything she needs, shots, trims, de-wormers, etc. She leads, loads, ties and perfect for the vet and farrier and has been in many clinics, on tons of trail rides, you name it, she has done it. Her adopter was forced to return her while going through a family event and not only loved her, but was clearly heartbroken about giving her up. This is a nice horse in every way.

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Name: deedee-extra-nov10-IMG_8588-copy.jpg, Views: 190, Size: 226.00 KB

Hello beautiful
Waiting to see adoption photos....

We've been a little busier than usual around this joint, but I am happy to present a couple of beautiful official adoption day photos now from yesterday.  😉  

We're thrilled that DeeDee found such a great home with Lindsay.  Lindsay came to meet horses and we all came to the conclusion that DeeDee was a great fit.  Lindsay had two horses and unfortunately recently lost one, so DeeDee is not only going to be a fun horse for Lindsay and her husband to ride, but also a great companion to her other horse.  Lindsay came and picked up DeeDee yesterday, and we are so happy for both of them!!  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Lindsay, and a big congratulations from all of us!!  

I couldn't pick just one photo, so here are two.  😉  

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Name: deedee-lindsey-nov17-IMG_8618-copy.jpg, Views: 102, Size: 246.35 KB

Congrats!!  Many happy years together.  Awesome photos!!
Congratulations Dee Dee and Lindsay!  I see why you couldnt pick just one photo!
Great news!
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