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Denise S - WW
Oh Chloe, makin' me smile once again!! If you were here I'd give you a BIG HUG!!!!
Jenni O.

Have fun!  Take pictures!


Chloe, sounds like you are having a great time with Blue, he certainly sounds like he likes you.  When he was boarded here he always was the first at the gate to meet you there.  He loves being brushed and he loves to take his halter in his mouth, he also likes the Jolly ball when standing there.  My husband would play with the jolly ball with him and he would swing it up and down and back and forth.  He loves to play tug with the Jolly ball.  He is such a sweet guy.  We had wished he did not have to leave but that was not our choice.  He will be your bestfriend.  Give him a carrot from his old caretaker aunt vic:)  Enjoy him, we sure did.  p.s. Yes he is fast, he canters sideways and can cover a field in no time at all:)

Susan R
Chloe and Blu got some serious riding time in this last week, and had a really good time hanging out all week (Blu wasn't impressed with the whole 'living in the field, no stall at night' thing again, he thought he was done with that)

Blu trailered like a champ, of course, and made great friends with his riding buddy, Lucky, and was VERY unhappy to have to leave him.

I will attached photos of the trip as soon as I figure out how to make them small enough (will also post some on Sundance's thread, since there are some of him in there too) ..... I am sure Chloe knows how :-)

Chloe's Aunt, who hosted the horsey vacation week, agreed that Chloe and Blu are a fantastic match.

Wow... I really think it has been along time since we have been on the first page :0... Blu...Really is my dream horse :).. I couldnt be any happier! He does great on the trails (although he doesnt like water or mud too much- I have a prissy horse!) But that is his ONLY flaw i can find so far :) He also does well in the indoor arena. He is not thick skined at all so i have to spray him alot so those flys dont bother him! Does anybody recomend a brand of fly spray that works really well for a more sensitive horse when it comes to being bit?... :) That would be great thanks :)

Hi Chloe, I'm glad you had a good time on your trip!  I'm so happy to hear that you and Blu are doing so well. 

A lot of Thoroughbreds are pretty thin skinned and the bugs can really bother them.  I would recommend an oil based fly spray as they seem to last longer.  A fly sheet can be a good thing too.  If the bugs get really bad and they really bother him a lot, you can change his turnout time to at night and have him in during the day in a stall with a fan when the bugs are bad.  Just an idea that some people use when they have horses who are very sensitive to bugs, and the bugs aren't out at night. 

I'm so happy to hear how well Blu is working for you guys Chloe :) I just ordered Shadow a fly sheet today because he has to be in the arena during the day so he handles the bugs (it's nice because our barn has screens on all th windows so there are hardly any inside). TB sure are high maintenance at times!

Susan R.
Finally got around to resizing the photos.  The few fun things I noticed are that Blu always lets Sundance win (and Blu's new friend Lucky does the same thing), and when someone said "smile for the camera", Chloe didn't smile, but Blu did!

(Susan, a couple of the photos were resized to a good size, but 2 of them were huge and won't work here.  Please try again, thank you!)
Thanks so much for the update Susan!  I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.  :) 

Susan R

Well, let's see if this time I am a little more successful at uploading the pictures :-)

Attached Images
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Name: Blu_Sun_Luck_resize.jpg, Views: 960, Size: 76.30 KB

Name: Blu_smile_resize.jpg, Views: 961, Size: 72.73 KB

Name: Blu_loser_resize.jpg, Views: 964, Size: 90.03 KB

Name: Blu_Kola_resize.jpg, Views: 971, Size: 49.84 KB


Thanks Susan, the pictures are great!!!  Look at that cute little Sundance go with the big guys!  I love Blu's smile there too.  :)  It sounds like you guys had a great time together. 


Awesome pictures!


I cant say how much I love Blu.....  I dont know what I would do without him now! (i look bad in the one were Blu is smiling... At least one of us is smiling!) I am sooooo happy with him! We are perfect for eachother.

Hi Chloe,

I'm Blu's old owner (who donated him to MHWF) and I just want you to know that it makes me SO happy that you are having fun with him, and that he is so obviously well loved.  He is such a special horse, and I miss him, but I am so happy you two are having fun together!!  You are exactly what I wanted for him when I donated him - thank you for loving him as much as you do!  I laughed at your post about him being prissy - he will actually go into puddles if you make him, but you're right, he'd rather keep his toes clean.  I'm going to try and upload a picture of him from his competition days when he was much younger and doing a lot of jumping... hopefully I can make it work!  Thought you might enjoy seeing what he used to do.  Please give him a hug from me. 

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Name: JB_snapfish_download.jpg, Views: 807, Size: 165.37 KB


What a beautiful shot!!  Excellent!!


Awesome photo! Blu is such a beautiful boy :)

Susan R
Clare, thank SO much for your post/picture.  Cool to see Blu's old "job" :-).   And yes, we are all VERY much in love with Blu, even my formerly non-horse person husband; we rarely miss our daily visit to the barn.  We have discovered that Blu thinks it is pretty fun to canter with a person running beside him, so I have been getting some serious exercise....but he always lets me win, LOL!

They are gradually pressure washing the barn, so the aisle has puddles in it.....it is pretty comical watching Blu try to negotiate it when they let the horses in, while his next door "neigh-bor" is contemplating ROLLING it them, he loves water so much!

We will be sure to give him some extra lovin' and a hug from you when we go out there tonight!
I cant imagine how hard it must have been to give up such a fantastic horse! But, I am truly thankful that you did. I do think he likes the relaxed life that i can give him, but he still has the job of being that horse that every little girl dreams of having. He is doing a great job of fulfilling that job if you ask me. He is perfect for me... Not the kind of horse were you can get up on him with the reins low, but has just the right amount of challenge that I need. I really do love him with all my heart and I will never forget that, because he is that  one special horse... my first horse. Thank you so much for donating him, as I can not see my life without him. That picture of him is amazing and it is very interesting to see what he was doing in the past years of his life. Thank you..

Wow! Stunning picture! Chloe, you have yourself one handsome, athletic horse! But I guess you already knew that.


Hi everyone. I just wanted to say that Blu is doing great :) He is even getting a new fansy saddle for high withered horses so it should fit him pretty well! Man has it been hot here latley. It reached 100 degrees here yesterday and none of the horses at our barn liked that and a couple horses got over heated. So we spent the day calling other owners and hosing off horses that needed it. Of course we did that after we took care of My baby boy Blu! But hes loving the relaxed life. and i will get some pictures up if i remember to take my camara out tonight :) (PS all the horses in our barn are fine!) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Hey Chloe, glad to hear Blu and you are doing good and everyone at the barn survived the heat.  I know the horses were standing around sweating here yesterday too.  You have a great weekend!  :) 


Hi everyone. Just wanted to say that Blu is still doing very very well and i am happy to have him! Hope everyone enjoys the last couple weeks of summer that we have.


Hi Chloe, I'm glad things are going good and I hope you enjoy your last weeks off.  I imagine school is starting pretty soon.  Uh oh, there I went and said that darn "S-word".  :)  Fall is a great time for riding, hope you get some nice rides in. 


Yeah school is close. But I am gonna try to get out to see Blu as much as possible. It is beautiful here in the fall with all the wooded trails i can go on! We will enjoy many rides together this year. We are even getting a new saddle :) it should be nice! And its good to hear back from you Karen!


Blu and I had our first lesson together yesterday and he did fantastic :) what a good boy he is!

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