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That's awesome Chloe, and I bet you did fantastic too! 


Yes I am doing good as well. Lots of fun :) Cant wait to possibly do some local shows next year. :)

Hey Chloe I was just wondering if you heard of the Alaskan Trail Ride? It is 6 hours long and it is really fun And it is on the 25 and its in Algoma

No I havent heard of it. Are you going? sounds like a ton of fun! If you could give some more info that would be great :)

Yes I am going :D It is a 6 hoour long trail ride it is called Alaskan trail ride and it is in alaska wi. And Idk what time it starts but i can find it out you can go either saturday or sunday
Hey Jordan. I really just need to know the dates of the ride. I am pretty busy on the weekends so I would have to see. But I would love to go. hopefully it will work out. If i cant go I hope you have a good time!

I just wanted to say that Blu and I are doing very well between lessons and just riding. I have joined 4-H and Blu and I are going to fair next summer. It has been a lot of fun having him :)

That's awesome Chloe, Bailey and I are joining 4H too (:
Hi Chloe! 

I'm happy to hear that you and Blu have had a lot of fun together.  I bet 4H will be a lot of fun too!  Thank you for stopping by! 

Very cool Jordan. what group did you join in. And maybe i will see you at fair next year? I will definitely know who you are because there arnt many Thoroughbreds at fair. :) Good to hear from you guys.

Hey Chloe I am joining Meadow Moo-vers? Idk if you heard of it and haha He might be and what fair are you showing in?
Hey Jordan,
I'm in NOTA and I'm gonna be showing at the Winnebago County Fair.
O cool(: Well Hope you to have a blast at Fair what are you gonna be showing in?

Well im not quite sure because we dont get to pick until it gets closer to the actueal fair. But when i find out i will deffenitly tell you :)

Ok that sounds great (:

Hey everyone! I noticed we havent updated in a while so I figured I would come on and let everyone know how we are doing. Blu is doing great and we glad with the fact that winter is almost gone. Acept the fact that he now feels the need that after every time I get him all cleaned, brushed, and ridden, he thinks it would be nice to roll around in all the muck. Our first show is on May 1st and I hope we do well!!


Awesome Chloe, hope you have a blast at the show! 


Good luck, Chloe!  I bet you and Blu will do great!

Karen H

Just saw Blue and Chloe at the 4-H horse show.  They were looking good!


How cool that you saw Blu and Chloe and Mim and Katie at a show!  I hope Chloe and Susan share some pics with us of Blu's show, I look forward to seeing them!  :) 


Yes we have been showing now :) We are having lots of fun!! I would have posted something earlier but we have been soo busy!
 Blu and I are now taking lessons weekly and he is doing so well! On the 5th was one year since we adopted him as well! I can tell showing is what he loves doing! He was an angel the whole time, didnt act up or do something once the whole day. I am so proud of him!  I will be adding some pictures as well!!! We are both looking forward to summer :)

~Chloe and Blu

 Blu Resting his head on me while his mane was being braided

 Blu and our model of a Farrier :)

 Blu and I and our other Thoroughbred friend :)

Well I hope the pictures worked!

Scott: MHWF

I think your photos were probably too large and did not show up. If you want to email them to me I will be happy to post them for you.

Thank you for the update!
Alright will do :)
Okay, better late than never!!!   Will post more pics, soon I hope, of shows, fair, etc.    We LOVE this boy, I just have to say that :-)   He has taught Chloe so much we couldn't have asked for a better match!

P.S.  I am still trying to get this photo resize thing figured out, so these might be really tiny.........I'll keep working on it!!!

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Jane Liess

What a handsome boy!  (Both of them).  Blu looks great!  Love those TBs.

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