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Okay, better late than never!!!   Will post more pics, soon I hope, of shows, fair, etc.    We LOVE this boy, I just have to say that :-)   He has taught Chloe so much we couldn't have asked for a better match!

P.S.  I am still trying to get this photo resize thing figured out, so these might be really tiny.........I'll keep working on it!!!

Funny Farrier story:   Even if Chloe rides him and/or we walk him around forever before the farrier (Nate) gets there, and even if he works on front feet first, the second he starts to work on Blu's back feet, Blu poops on him.  Nate has gotten smart now, but the first couple times, he caught it right on his back.   We tease him all the time that Blu is just keeping him humble - BLU could care less that Nate is a model - LOL!
That is too funny. Poor nate lol. Sounds like you guys are having a blast.
I got a photo from Chloe and Blu!  Here is a recent photo and note from Chloe, thank you Chloe!  You two look awesome together! 

From Chloe:

This is Blu and I competing for our school equestrian team this past weekend. We made it in top 5 out of 15 highschool girls :)


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mel d

Totally awesome!


Wow! Look at that. Very nice photo.. Good Luck


What a great accomplishment!  congratulations!


Yeah he did great :) He took them easily and Im so proud of him! Im so happy to have him :)

Chloe R
Wow, what a throwback. For whatever reason tonight I felt the need to come and reread this forum about my sweet Blu. He was the absolute dream and goal to me, and I owe him so much for guiding me to be the horsewoman that I am today. 10 years ago (when I was 12) is when my adventure into the horse world truly began. He taught me patience and definitely persistence and I am thankful that my first “pony” was by no means push button. The time that I had with him made me who I am today, and he was the true definition of a heart horse. I am so glad to be a small part of MHWF through the horses I have found through them! I can’t help but shed some tears looking back on how elated I was when we first got Blu, and now being able to use some of the things that I learned from him on my two current horses that I have since adopted (Ronan, formally known as Classy and Thor)

Thank you Karen and Scott, for all you do not only for all of these horses, but for the adopters/volunteers etc lives that you have touched ❤️
You have no idea how rewarding it is for us to watch so many "grow up" after having met them through MHWF, to see so many with their first horse when they adopt, to see so many who finally decided to go the route of adoption in their life and add an adoption horse to their herd, and just to see people support horse adoption.  I don't think people realize that the adopters are one of the most important parts of MHWF.  Without adopters, no more horses could be helped.  

I'm so thankful for this forum for a lot of reasons, but it is so wonderful to be able to take trips down memory lane like this.  

Thanks for everything, Chloe!  

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