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Diamont Brut (Blu) - 18 yrs.

$400 - Diamont Brut or Blu as he is known as is an 18 year old Canadian TB gelding. He is sound, healthy and about as well broke and experienced as they get. Blue has spent the past 6 years showing and eventing, along with lots oftrail riding. He is current on his shots, wormings and trimmings and has a fresh set of shoes on his front feet, which he will need as he can be a bit tender footed like TBs often can be. Blu has near perfect ground manners and is pretty easy keeper. He is young at heart, so don't let his age fool you. He has all the talent and ability that he had 10 years ago. He is an accomplished jumper, has done some dressage, 1st level and some 2nd level, he has been trail ridden a lot and has had a lot of proper formal training, so yes, side passing, flying lead changes...Blu knows all of that and knows it well. He will need a rider who rides with quiet feet and hands, someone relaxed. The more relaxed his rider, the more relaxed Blu is. This is going to be the ideal horse for someone who wants a very well rounded horse, one that is experienced on the trails, yet a horse that can excel in the small local shows. 

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Wow, another amazing TB!! Someone is going to be very lucky with this guy.

Oh my he is lovely!  Someone one is going to be very lucky with this fellow as he sounds like an all around fun guy and what a teacher he will be!!

Once again that longing sigh...... 
Jane Liess

Just WOW.

Wow he is pretty!!! :D You have been getting alot of thoroughbreds in.
Denise S - WW
He is just gorgeous!!!
Kelly S

Yes, WOW.  GREAT head shot, Karen, gorgeous!

Vic Z

Blu is a fabulous horse with a huge heart.  I had the opportunity to board him until he left here.  We miss him.  His sense of humor and steadfast love will always be with us.  He truly is a great horse.

Vic! I am a person that likes humor in an animal. How or what did *Blu* do that you will miss, and some of his antics! This should bring a smile to anyone that enjoys a good laugh...and I am very sure that between Karen & Scott, *Blu* will find a great family/home/pasture...that he will thoroughly enjoy!!

Thank you for posting Vic.  Blu is such a wonderful horse, and he has settled a lot faster than expected.  He had buddied up to Big Shot immediately, but then Big Shot left.  Our horse Volare took Blu in under his wing and you see those two together constantly now, grooming each other and hanging out.  Blu's donor said that he may lose some weight right off with the process of settling in, but he has settled wonderfully and we are not seeing that at all.  He is very comfortable here, comes up to greet when we enter the pasture and seems to feel right at home.  We will start riding him now that he has settled so well. 

Jane Liess

Congratulations to Blu's adopter(s)!  He is such a beautiful hunk of a horse.  I didn't think he'd take long to find an adoptive home.  Good luck!

The Roddy Family
My family and I had the opportunity to meet this horse! He is just beautiful! My daughter has fallen in love with him, so we decided to go ahead and adopt! I cant wait to see her ride and really connect with Blu! He will be a great new addition to our family! We will post pictures and updates as often as possible!
The Roddy Family
mel d

Congratulations! Will be looking forward to seeing all your future updates. Your daughter is such a lucky girl!

Jenni O.


Denise S - WW
So happy Blu has found a home! BIG congrats to Blu & his new Roddy family!!! I'll be looking forward to updates also!!!!
Karen H

Congrats Susan.  I saw your post on facebook thru Paula that you need someone to haul Brut.  Call Paula and get my number I love to go and visit Scott and Karen.  I work at Great Lakes, I think you know who I am.

The world keeps getting smaller and smaller.  I hope we do get to see you Karen! 

Big congratulations and thank you to the Roddy family!!  I am really looking forward to getting a few pics of Chloe and Blu together too! 
The Roddy Family
It sure is a very small world!   Or, just everyone knows Karen & Scott........ .

Chloe feel asleep with a smile on her face, and woke up that way too, can't WAIT to bring that boy home........

Oh Congratulations to Blu and the Roddy family!!  Cant beat a happy child...smile...

Congrats on your new addition!  He looks like a lovely guy and I'm sure your daughter is going to have so much fun with him.  Can't go wrong with a TB!  Looking forward to updates and pictures!

Congrats!! I just love hearing another young girl got a beautiful "pony" to love. He sounds like he'll be a fantastic teacher and friend. And I definitely second that you can't go wrong with a TB, especially those who've been there, done that.  They have so much personality.

The Roddy Family

We have trailering all set up for Sunday..............but I don't think Chloe can wait.   If she could find a ride over there, she WOULD saddle him up and ride him home!   This week coming up may very well be the longest 6 days of that girl's life :-)     She still can't stop smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Roddy Family

I have to add on to what Vic had said... I did see that sense of humor in Blu. While I was holding onto his lead rope he had grabbed onto it with his mouth and was throwing it around trying to play.... I was all ready in Love with him... But that had definitely told me that he was the right horse!! (plus he didn't freak out with the rain and the chickens making a HUGE distraction... but that's a different story)  cant wait to get the big fella home!

Blu really is quite the character!  I have been telling my sister how much he reminds me of our Buddy the STB, who we recently lost.  They have so many of the same characteristics, and some odd ones at that.  I've never met a horse who reminded me of Buddy before. 
Those darn chickens!  They did startle us people, but Blu wasn't phased.  :) 
Chloe -The Roddy Family

I think Blu was saying in his head, when all of us humans got scared from the chickens, "its ok! its just a bird, he wont hurt you :)" lol maybe he is going to have to deal with "spooky" people! I believe we have 4 days or so until we pick this big boy up.. and it just might kill me! so excited to bring him home! but who wouldnt be?

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