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Chloe! You are one very LUCKY girl/lady... *Blu* is a beautiful horse, & I sure hope that you can keep us updated, with a few pictures..Oh, and his comical antics that he does! That would be the BEST!

I will be on here alot giving updates and posting pictures.. i have nothing better to do seeing that I cant go to the barn to see Blu until my dad gets home and i have nothing else to do durring the day! I will post some pictures when we get him home and settled in. Im sure he will be a fantastic horse! I am hoping i can catch his humor in some pictures

Chloe R

Tomorrow's the big day! Cant wait to see Blu again and FINALLY bring him home!  Very Happy! will post tomarrow and tell how he does :)


Brought Blu home today. He trailered great! And is settling in really well at the stable we are keeping him at! He has already made a friend or two while being there.. An overall great horse and I am SO happy to have him! He definitely wont be one starving for attention! He will get lots of it! I cant wait to see some of the photos Karen had taken of Blu and I!


I'm so happy for you! Be sure to post lots of updates.

Hi Chloe, I'm glad Blu is settling in so nice already! 
I did grab a couple of pictures here for you, hope you enjoy!  You two look great together. 


Dream come true is written all over both of your faces :)

Denise S - WW
I agree Sara! The pictures are beautiful! I'm glad to hear the trip home went well & that he is settling in nicely. I'm smiling from ear to ear & looking forward to more updates Chloe!!
Jenni O.

Love the pics!


Wow Karen! I love that last picture! I look alittle dazed in the middle one... (probably day dreaming about him :) Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful horse :)

mel d

They are all wonderful photos, but that last one is so beautiful, love the smile.

Wendy W - WI

Another awesome adoption and pictures.  Congrats!!!!

Chloe! You look simply in heaven. Finally, you are all settled in and *Blu* and you can spend all of your time together, and have a nice summer..  A PERFECT ending to a dream come true! All three of the pictures are very nice! Good luck, and hope to read all about your experiences and bonding!
Mary H.

Fantastic news!  Congrats!!

Congrats Chloe I hope you have as much fun as I have with Baby Boy Bailey :)

Thank you Jordan and everybody else! Cant wait to go out there today and work with him. I am vey suprised at how well he has settled in already seeing that we only brought him home yesterday. He deffenitly doesnt let the other horses push him around. :) will get some pictures on here in the next week or so!


Those pics are awesome, but that last one is amazing!  Captures so much emotion!  Congrats Chloe, I am glad he is home and all is going well!


I went out and rode Blu bareback a little bit today and he did great! Surprisingly for a thoroughbred... his trot is floaty and i could sit it bareback without a problem! He is doing SO well at the stable we are keeping him at... he is one happy horse, and i am one happy girl!

That is so great you two are getting along with him Hope you have lots of FUN with your new Boy!!!! Like Me and Bailey What part of WI do you live in?
Jordan! Are you the girl that did such a beautiful braid on *Bailey's* tail? I loved it... And I would guess the Valley!
Susan R.

Well, Blu (and our family) have been very welcomed at the barn.   And I think Chloe just wanted to prove everyone wrong that said you couldn't ride him bareback - she trotted bareback yesterday!   We can tell that Blu is very used to having a job to do, as he doesn't much like to stand still, and he is very talkative.   We brought him into the grooming stall last night and he wasn't too sure about it, but once he realized it wasn't a big scary hole/trailer, he was fine in there, and enjoyed seeing all the rest of the horses coming in for the night.    It didn't take him too long to figure out that, while he was getting groomed, everyone else was eating, so we gave him a break and let him eat :-)   Tonight is saddle fitting time, so wish me luck!!! 

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Very cool!  Good luck on the saddle fitting!

Yes Char I am that Girl!! :) And the Valley icic.
*Ralph* Cisco* Yoda* & *Gus*, sounds like great group. I would think that alone will make for allot of verbal talk.. Hope you have more updates, and you look good on *Blu* bareback. He is one gorgeous boy!

Jordan, we live in the Fox Vally area.... Not sure if you know that area at all. Yes the group at our barn is great and very welcoming! I did want to prove that i could ride Blu bareback.. and i did. i feel very small around him.. but he is the perfect fit to me. ( he did great lundging yesteday as well) :) its too bad the weather is bad or i could ride him outside... But i believe he prefers being inside... :)

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