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I discovered that Blu is VERY fast... I rode him with a saddle yesterday... and wasnt expecting exactueally how fast he would be at a canter... Which i probably should have since he is a Thoroughbred. But I like fast, so its all good :)

Denise From MN
It's funny to hear you say that about your TB.  I was riding Sydney (my 15 yr old TB who is as laid back as they come) in the outdoor arena last week and I was feeling pretty confident with my balance and seat, etc. after taking several lessons,  so I just gave him a little squeeze to pick it up a notch, and Wow!  He kind of looked back at me as if saying, "Are you sure you want me to do that?" and off we went!  It was exhilarating and at the same time a good reminder of how much he takes care of me!  He knew I wasn't ready for his 'REAL GO' and we stepped right back into our exercise routine.  

 I believe TBs really do have a Heart of Gold!  

TB's really do have a Heart Of Gold.. They really want to do what ever they can for you and they do it the best they possibly can :) I think I am going to be hooked on this breed.. I have a feeling this will Not be my first and only TB. :)

O that I think is only 40 min from were I live!!
I love hearing how well things are going so far Chloe!

I will second the fact that TBs have a heart of gold :) I always swore I wouldn't buy one, only a warmblood because TBs were too hot and too skinny (I rode with a trainer who breed Belgian Warmbloods). Then I went to buy my "dream horse" who could take me farther than what I had been riding in combined training. If you don't have $10,000 to spend, a TB is your only serious choice. I ended up with the most amazing horse ever that I would give my eye-teeth to have him back and he was a TB straight off the track. I love, love, love, TBs now :)  They have a  versatility that warmbloods really don't, and they have "heat" that warmbloods also lack. Plus, I've never met a TB that didn't have a personality that set it apart from any other horse.

Sounds like we should have a TB in the Fox Valley area :) We live south of there, but considering we fall into about 5 different "areas" we're close to you down here in New Holstein!

Love hearing the updates and how quickly you are bonding with your handsome boy!  I have to jump on the TB bandwagon too!  There is just something special about them - heart of gold and that "look of eagles".

I do have to say that I would not trade my BOP WB for anything.  He is a big teddy bear and quite a character.  He gives a great balance to my pasture!

Looking forward to many more updates Chloe!

Jan N
Chloe, I was one of the people who congratulated you at the farm on Sunday when you and your parents came to pick up Blu. My history with horses started when I could hardly write but could draw, and all I drew was horses. Never quite forgave my parents for not being farmers....or at least they could have lived in the country to accomodate my horse-sickness, for gosh sakes!! I was in middle school (we called it "junior high" then, lol)  when I got my first horse, a 1/2 TB 1/2 Morgan mare, and that is now about 45 years ago. My dad patiently drove me to the stable every weekend for a couple years until I got my driver's license. I never, ever remember him carping at me about "how long do we have to stay here today?" and I keep that in a special place in my heart still to this day. He knew what my horse-connection meant to me and respected it as much as anyone could.

My wish for you is that you live a life shared with horses, informed by horses, in love with the glorious potential of horses and that you can keep them always in your heart even if you find that there are time spans in your (future) life when you aren't able to own or keep one. I spent about 9 years without horses in my daily life starting in the mid-90's and am thankful beyond words to a dear friend for ending that period by trusting me to care for her horse, and now also to MHWF for allowing me to adopt Star last fall and Constanz on Sunday. Know that I send you all my best, Chloe, it seems you and Blu were destined for one another!


I am having a very good time with my TB!.. I would like to have a career working with horses... That is my dream job and probably always will be! I hope to keep horses in my life for as long as possible. I have been around horses all my life and started riding a Saddlebred gelding for as long as I can remember.. I am so happy that i can offically call a horse my own! I am looking forward to events at the MHWF farm were I can meet all of you "horse people"! Hoping to make some good friends :) Blu went out with a herd of geldings today and I am looking forward to seeing how he does with them :) Thank you everybody for following how Blu and I are doing! Will give more updates and pics as the weeks go on :) 


And Jan, good luck with Constanz! It was nice talking to you at the farm! :)

Susan R
First, a short explanation - we adopted Blu, and my best friend Holly, who started my daughter on (TALL) horses 10 years ago, wanted to be there to see her get her first horse, so she traveled 3 1/2 hours from Illinois last Sunday.......and fell in love with Sundance while she was there!   So, they travelled back yesterday to pick him up for their son, who is also my godson.

Next weekend we will be bringing Blu and Chloe down to visit Sundance and Chloe's "aunt" for a week, so Sundance and Blu will be hanging out together again.  And Blu gets to go shopping at Libertyville Tack :-)

Oh, and Jan, I have to tell you that it brought tears to my eyes to read your post to my daughter.   Thank you so much for your well wishes for her future.
Denise S - WW
This thread & the joy I read in it is making my heart explode with happiness! I love this forum!!

Blu is doing SO well at the place we are keeping him at! I have a friend that has a horse at the same place we keep blu so she had offered to show me some of the trails.. Seeing that they have around 250 acers for me to ride on, I needed alittle help as to were I should go.. So we took him out yesterday to see how he would do and he was fantastic! Not once did he freak out or want to go back to the barn :) I have to say that i think he did even better then the horse my friend was riding... (and that horse knew the trails) I am so very happy/lucky I can have such an amazing horse :) Maybe at some point this week I can get my mom or dad to take a few quick photos of us in one of the fields :) Hope everybody has a very good weekend!

I agree Denise!  This thread always makes me smile.  There's just nothing like the love shared between a girl and her horse!

Chloe, your stories and excitement of being with Blu just bring a grin to my face, and some old, old memories of my first horse to heart and mind.  Keep having fun, and keep telling us all about it..LOL..its great!!

Susan R
Ok, so now we know for 100% sure that Blu and Chloe are right for each other (not that we really had any doubt....):

Chloe was riding Blu in the indoor arena yesterday while a trainer was giving a lesson to another lady.  The trainer was talking to me and asked me how long we had Blu.   When I said only a week, she asked me how long Chloe had been riding him before we bought him.  When I told her "once, in a round pen", she couldn't believe it!   She said she had never seen any horse and rider THAT bonded after only a week.  YAY!
mel d

Huge smile here...a girl and her horse! Now that needs to go on the testimonial page :-)


When it's a match, it's a match!! How wonderful for both Blu and Chloe :)


Susan, that is so wonderful that they are doing so great together!  I am still chuckling about the bareback thing.  I remember a look Chloe had on her face when Holly had said something about not riding him bareback, and now I know what that look was...determination.  :) 


Yes.... I do like proving that i CAN do something with a horse when so many people say i cant... He is just prefect for me and i am soooo thankful that I found MHWF and Blu. When we were looking for a horse before we found Blu on MHWF I had almost givin' up hope that I was going to find the "Right" horse. My dad had even gotten a little mad at me because I had said no to a free mare that had NOTHING wrong with her at all.. The owner was just looking for the right home for her. I had said no because i didn't get that....... feeling that she was right for me.. For anybody on here who has found the "right" horse for them... You know exactly what I am talking bout... It is VERY hard to explain this feeling to somebody (dad) who has never felt it before... But when we got the call from MHWF that we were excepted and that we could look at Blu my family and I were as happy as can be... Well we ended up adopting him the same night we looked at that mare. :) He truly is the "Right" horse for me :) Thank you sooooo much Scott and Karen for giving me my dream horse! It means the world to me.

Susan R

Karen, you nailed "that look" right on the head!  Chloe doesn't much like to be told she won't be able to do something, especially when it comes to horses... that will get her far in life and on horses, I hope!!!!! 

I would love to ride Blu but it is sooo hot.....  I guess I will wait till later today when it cools down.. If it ever does.
 Did anybody get hit very bad from that storm that came through last night?

So sticky hot here too.  We had 2 new horses come in tonight and nobody out there even felt like running around much at all.  We got hit with that storm pretty bad and had no telephone or internet for a good share of the day today.  We just had another burst of rain come through about 2 hours ago.  Enough with the rain!  We need some good riding weather. 


I think today we might have some good riding weather. I am excited about going down to my aunts house with Blu on Saterday for a week :) It will be very fun!


I cant say how much I love having Blu... I really do have a good connection with him already. I didn't expect him to get attached to me so quickly. I am at the point were I can call him and he will come to me, even though he is enjoying his gazing time! :) He is settled in so well. The horses at he place we are keeping him at really seem to respect him and they don't push him around at all... Some times he seems to be one of the more dominant geldings in the herd... But I kinda expected that. He does well riding with other horses but I can see the TB in him when we are riding side by side with another horse.. He wont let the other horse get a head for more then a second... I really really do love him and I am SO happy we can be so close in such a short amount of time.. Thank you Scott and Karen for showing my family and I Blu.... Even my dad (the non horse person) says that he is going to miss Blu for the week that Blu and I are going to be gone... Its funny... He says he is gonna miss Blu... But seems to leave me out of that conversation. Oh well... Also, thanks to everybody on the forum who have followed Blu's and my progress. :) I will update how Blu and I do once we come back from our weeks vacation of trail riding! Have a good week every1!


It's so great to hear how well Blu is working out for you. He sounds like a really awesome horse.  Enjoy your week away riding--what a treat!

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