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Cute guy!
Jenni O.
Aww, that face! Hope the knee replacement continues to go well...assuming it's been going well.😁
Hope you're healing quickly from your surgery! It looks like Papa Pony is just waiting for you to feel better 😉
Thought I’d send you these pictures of Dillinger’s thyroid tumor. The swelling is WAY down. His energy is way up. Bucking, kicking, and running around like a 3 year old 😊

He’s doing great! Well adjusted into the herd and actually can be quite sassy. Hell at his age and everything he’s been through, if he wants to be a little sassy (as long as it’s not a problem)so be it. He’s VERY LOVED💕


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Jan N
Yippee Skippy! You go for it all, Dillinger!
Jenni O.
Glad he's feeling good for his age, and that the tumor is smaller. He looks so soft and fluffy.
I love to see good news about this great old guy.
Glad to hear his is enjoying himself, and you are enjoying him!!
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