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Cute guy!
Jenni O.
Aww, that face! Hope the knee replacement continues to go well...assuming it's been going well.😁
Hope you're healing quickly from your surgery! It looks like Papa Pony is just waiting for you to feel better 😉
Thought I’d send you these pictures of Dillinger’s thyroid tumor. The swelling is WAY down. His energy is way up. Bucking, kicking, and running around like a 3 year old 😊

He’s doing great! Well adjusted into the herd and actually can be quite sassy. Hell at his age and everything he’s been through, if he wants to be a little sassy (as long as it’s not a problem)so be it. He’s VERY LOVED💕


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Jan N
Yippee Skippy! You go for it all, Dillinger!
Jenni O.
Glad he's feeling good for his age, and that the tumor is smaller. He looks so soft and fluffy.
I love to see good news about this great old guy.
Glad to hear his is enjoying himself, and you are enjoying him!!
Barb S
Dillinger got an early Christmas present today. The boys (Dill and Boone) have matching blankets. Papa Pony’s blanket fits him beautifully. Boone is a little shorter in length but it works great for him also.

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Lookin' good!!
Today is Dillinger's 1 year anniversary from the subzero December day we first met. Celebrating that he got so lucky and found such a great home!
Barb S
Well that explains his attitude yesterday. 😄 There was a cold wind coming off the lake, and all the rain, I insisted he wear his waterproof blanket. He was not happy about it. At least he was warm and dry as he ate.
I’m so grateful to you and Scott for all you have done for Dillinger. People who have met him are shocked by his story and age. He is a joy to be with, a dream to ride, and will steal your heart the moment you meet him. Papa Pony has a home for life and we are blessed to be that home.
Here are some pictures from this morning.
Thank You again for Dillinger!

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Heartwarming update!
Barb S
Dillinger was a little grumpy this morning. I had to take care of a sick calf at our beef farm and he got breakfast late. Mind you he has hay 24/7 but his grain was late. Plus I put his blanket back on him yesterday. Poor guy has it rough. Lol Everyone was up at the barn this morning waiting for their grain.

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They are definitely creatures of habit with inner clocks...LOL!  Glad he continues to do well for you.
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