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Dillinger just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you all know that he's doing great and working hard at getting his old hair shed out.  😉  Oh boy, is he coming in shiny!!

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Donna R
 Dillinger is a really sweet guy.  Can't wait to see him totally shed out.  He's looking great!
Jenni O.
He doesn't look like the same horse that first came in to MHWF. He looks great!
He has come so far.  He is going to be even more beautiful when he sheds out!
Kate G
Love the ears. So glad he is safe and sound. 
Time for a Dillinger update!  Dillinger is doing fantastic!  Healthy, sound and just an absolute joy to have around.  He is such a personable guy and adores attention from people.  

Alisa and Karen H-R came out Wednesday evening for some grooming time, and Dillinger enjoyed it fully!  Thank you both!  (Karen H-R was in the barn but she will be in an upcoming pic).  

Here are some new pics of the big lovable boy.  He still has a little bit of hair to shed out, but he's almost there now!  

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Holy crap.  Just gorgeous. 
Dillinger is looking mighty fine!
Barb S
Karen you’re killing me😵I’m SO in love with him💕 If someone doesn’t adopt him soon I’m going to have to break the news to Dave that 7 is a nice uneven number. Oh and you both were right he is fricken gorgeous after shedding out!!! 😍
Barb, maybe fate is playing in a role in your Lucky 7.  It seems that we've had a few people saying they were extremely interested in Dillinger, but just not hearing back from them to make the final step to come and meet him.  [wink]  😉  
OMG Barb, do it!!  He is incredible! Just look at him...GORGEOUS and sweet!!!  Tell Dave that we went with an uneven number too and it is wonderful...no regrets!!
Barb S
Lol you guys might get some butt chewing at the next Packer game🤣😂 I am so smitten with him💕 Oh and Dave too😂
That is totally fine, I can handle the scolding!!  It'll be well worth it!!  Okay, now I am waiting for the adoption picture [love]
Barb S
Everyday I check Dillengers post. Everyday I try to think how I can fit him into my full barn. Everyday I wonder how Dave is going to take the news. Oh man💕
A short video clip of Dillinger and Cheyenne, 6/5/2018.  


Leslie V
Both lovely videos - that last one, tissue alert!!
Sue J
Totally agree on the tissue alert. I was watching it on my lunch break at work and had to explain why I was crying...
Dillinger is looking fantastic!
Barb S.
Your killing me Karen.  I guess it’s time to break the news to Dave😉
Great videos.
What a beautiful and touching video.  God bless you for what you do for these forgotten horses to feel love again.  We are hoping to move to WI in the very near future and would love to adopt some horses from you.  Thank you for your kindness, love and devotion.
Is Dillinger still available for adoption? I've been looking for a sweet horse to just do some trail riding with. I'm an intermediate rider but would love a bit of a calmer horse and was wondering if you thought Dillinger would be a good fit?
Hi Ali, and thank you so much for your inquiry on Dillinger.  He is such an awesome horse in every respect!  As of right now, we do have a pending adoption on Dillinger and will be sharing more about that very soon.  I am sure we can find the right fit for you eventually though, and we are so happy that you are considering adoption!  
Great news about Dillinger!
Barb S
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