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Jan N
What Christine said.
It's time for the reveal, official adoption day finally arrived today for Dillinger!  The lucky winner is... Dillinger of course, but also his new partner, Barb!  Barb finally caved and Dave didn't say no.  (funniest line ever, from Barb: "first Dave said no. I told him it was too late and he didn’t say anything, that means ok.")  

We are so happy, excited and thrilled for both Dillinger and Barb!  Thank you so much for choosing this wonderful dude, and he really hit the jackpot with his forever home.  (and Barb, thank you for the Kringle, wow, it is fantastic!)  

Here are a couple of cute adoption day pictures from today, 6/17/2018, of Dillinger, Barb and Barb's mom.  

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 Wonderful news!  Water dropping on a stone. . . .[wink]  Congratulations Dillinger, Barb, and Dave.
Donna R
Congratulations Barb and Dillinger, and Dave too!  I'm so happy you are the lucky adopters of this wonderful horse!!!  Great news!  I must confess if I could take in any more horses, Babs and Dillinger would have been the ones for me.  I'm so glad they both got such wonderful homes!
Barb S.
Laney and the crew came up to say a brief “Hey” when Dillinger got off the trailer. Then they decided their fresh bale of hay was more interesting. So Dillinger got a short tour, early supper with Boone (separate stalls of course),and gets to spend the night in the barn. I left his stall door open so he can walk around. Oh... the weather is miserable here too, but the barn is cooler.

Dillinger trailered like a Champ!

Plus he was a gentleman when I feed his grain(at least tonight).

Oh and I’m grounded from getting anymore horses. It was hard not to laugh at Dave when he was telling me that. Poor guy😂

Thanks again! I’m a very Happy Girl😊💕

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Oh this is a good one! Big congratulations to Dillinger, Barb, and big hugs for Dave!!! It'll all be fine Dave and you can scold me during the Packer games for encouraging Barb 😍 Enjoy this sweet hunk of a horse!
Donna M
It looks like Dillinger knows the "man rule" or at least the one used in my house. He is telling Barb he is going home with her and it's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. But seriously, how can Dave not love that face? 
Barb S
Lol you're funny Donna M. I feel so blessed to have Dillinger with us. He's been a perfect gentleman! Man how lucky am I☺️😍 Please people don't be afraid to adopt these older horses after all your younger horses will be there someday too.
I agree completely Barb! Ty was my latest addition and he's 21! That's actually one of the reasons why I adopted him ❤️❤️❤️
Amanda M.
Congratulations! Dillinger seems like such a sweet guy. :)
Wendy W - WI
So jealous and happy at the same time!  He is stunning, absolutely stunning.  He reminds me much of my horse's sire.  Congratulations!!  He is a lucky boy!!

Kate G
Congrats fellow "senior" adopter! Dillinger is so sweet. 
Barb S
Dillinger is doing wonderfully. He has taken his place in the herd, and then of course 3 our of 4 mares came into heat. 😂 Dillinger tried to be a little pushy at feeding time but a short 15 minute training session pretty much took care of it. There has been some reminders but those are getting less too. I also found a saddle that fits him perfectly. Christine A. you’re absolutely right, 7 is AWESOME! I’m SO BLESSED to have him and wish I would have done it sooner! Oh... Dave is doing good also😉😂

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Scott: MHWF
Dave? Whatever 😉 Tell him if he comes to the raffle party this weekend I will buy him a beer.
Donna R
This is a heartwarming update.  Glad you are ALL doing so well together[biggrin][thumb]
This is a great update Barb! Nick, Dave, all the guy's usually get over it 😉

Hopefully we'll see you at the raffle party instead of waiting till fall for a Packer game!
Dillinger looks great under saddle--well built guy!
Barb S
This morning Dillinger and I went for our first ride around the farm. What a gem he is! Thanks S & K for saving this amazing boy💕

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Jenni O.
Love love love this update!
Wow...how did I miss this?? big congrats to Dillinger and Barb!  Looks like you are having fun already!
Barb S
This is Dillinger’s new morning routine. He eats his morning grain and takes a nap. Sometimes I can hear him snore. His new nickname is Grandpa😊

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That made me laugh out loud and warmed my heart at the same time.  
LOL...one contented Grandpa snoozing away...
Barb S
Today I got to spend a decent amount of time with the kids. First time dealing with all 7 by myself since my right knee replacement a month ago. They all were on their best behavior. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle again. Narrowed it down to Dillinger or Laney for my first ride. Leaning towards Papa Pony (Dillinger)

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