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This will be Dixie's thread where we will be keeping all future updates.  

Dixie, formerly known as F24, is a now yearling filly who came to MHWF through a humane case from November 2018.  Dixie is a purebred Arabian.  Dixie was about 8 months old on arrival, and she came to MHWF along with another filly named Khandi.  Upon arrival Dixie was a body score of 1, was very weak and wobbly, was covered in rain rot, lice, mites and ringworm.  For the first few weeks, we had to help Dixie up many times after she would lay down because she was so weak she had trouble getting up on her own.  It took many months to get her healthy, and now she is thriving and turning out to be gorgeous to boot.  She is ready for a home to call her own!   

Here is a link to the original thread from when Dixie and Khandi arrived to MHWF to read more: 



We will be keeping updates on the girls on their own separate threads from now on. 

Here are a few past photos as well as a few more current photos of Dixie.  

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Name: dixie1-april7-IMG_9953-copy.jpg, Views: 1032, Size: 236.99 KB

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Lisa B.
She is a pretty little thing!!

Dixie has the most soulful eyes...such a pretty girl.

Wow, Dixie needs new photos up ASAP!  Holy cats, she is drop dead gorgeous now and ready to look for her new home too!  I'll be working on that and back with a few new photos soon.  😉  

A few quick pics of the Dixie chick hot off the press.  Look at how our baby has grown and blossomed!  

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Name: DIXIE-JULY31-IMG_1668-copy.jpg, Views: 910, Size: 379.69 KB

Name: DIXIE-JULY31-IMG_1676-copy.jpg, Views: 911, Size: 232.09 KB

Name: DIXIE-JULY31-PROFILE-IMG_1664-copy.jpg, Views: 894, Size: 181.13 KB

Name: DIXIE-PICCOLO-JULY31-IMG_1654-copy.jpg, Views: 896, Size: 353.75 KB

What a nice jibbah she has--distinct but not exaggerated.
Beautiful! She reminds me of Sully 😍
Jenni O.
Oh, she looks so good! What a cutie.

I'll be back in a bit with some update and more pics of the Dixie chick...  

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Name: piccolo-groom-dixie-piccolo-aug11-IMGL6618-copy.jpg, Views: 818, Size: 336.57 KB

Still working on getting the videos uploaded...  

Until then, picture of Dixie from today, 8/14/2019

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Name: dixie-aug14-IMG_1704-copy.jpg, Views: 819, Size: 145.82 KB

oh she is just lovely....
Amber H.
She'd fit in so well here 🤩 I should've put her in the trailer with Belle!
Dixie is so sweet, funny, loving, extremely intelligent and incredibly gorgeous to boot.  
Amber, you can make another trip over.  😉  😉  

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Name: dixie-aug11-IMGL6637-copy3.jpg, Views: 596, Size: 37.29 KB

Lovely photos!  Is there a way to estimate how tall she may get?  In other words, will she be normal size or did her early days stunt her at all like Babycakes?
Dixie really is lovely, in every respect.  

I'd love to be able to estimate how tall she is going to be, but I just don't know.  I can say probably very "average" height.  LOL  Also, I can say is that I do not believe she is going to be stunted in growth.  She grew about 3-1/2 inches in height in a few month period and continues to grow and a very normal pace.  She is probably already a little taller than BabyCakes at this point, but she is only a year and a half old so still looks like a baby.  Unfortunately, her mother was dead when we first met Dixie, so I couldn't really tell by looking at her laying on the ground how tall she was.  I'm uncertain of her sire, and the woman who owned the sire just recently passed away.  Such a life...  

The really pretty picture that I just posted above with the black background was taken back in August of 2019, and she has grown and filled out considerably since then.  


I forgot to share one of our "MHWF Minute" videos that Dixie appears in, soaking up some attention.  

Then I also have been shown some pictures of Dixie's sire and dam.  
Her sire's name was Jamil's Silhouette and her dam's name was Psymadre Song (Silhouette and Song).  

Dixie's mom is pictured first below, from a few year's back when she had a different foal.  The bottom pictures are Dixie's dad - he was shown and the one picture was at liberty at the Midwest Horse Fair.  It's funny, I remember this horse and I actually have pictures of him that I took myself at the horse fair.  

Here are the pics and video.  

Click on to see video

or click here for video

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Name: dixie-mom-song-maybe-2016.jpg, Views: 492, Size: 99.20 KB

Name: dixie-sire5-silhouette.jpg, Views: 487, Size: 94.30 KB

Name: dixie-sire-dressage.jpg, Views: 491, Size: 57.75 KB

Name: dixie sire silhouette western.jpg, Views: 505, Size: 28.60 KB

Name: dixie-sire-silhouette-western-head.jpg, Views: 501, Size: 66.77 KB

Gorgeous horses...no wonder Dixie is so beautiful.
Hope. T
The dad looks life a Half Arab, or is that just a Sabino gene?
She looks just like my bay filly Sis! They could practically be sisters!
I'm excited for the news for Dixie too!
Yay for Dixie! I was hoping it was her :)
Jan N
This is great news!
I'm behind everyone, but still just so happy for Dixie and her adopter, Katie.  Katie fell in love with Dixie, and it's a really great match for these two.  Who knows what will be in Dixie's future, but we know these two are going to be great together.  

Here is a super pretty adoption day picture of Dixie and Katie, and I threw together a little video compilation of a glimpse into Dixie's journey with us..... 

Thank you and congratulations to Katie and Dixie!  

Click on Video to play

or click here

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Kristin S.
YAY Dixie! Congrats to you and Katie! Have a wonderful life together <3
Amanda M
Congratulations to Katie and Dixie! 💜
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