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Don Ferdi (Fritz) - 17 yrs. 4/1/2019

$500 - Don Ferdi is a 17 year old registered Hanoverian gelding, but everyone knows him as Fritz.  Fritz is a big boy and stands at 17.3 hands tall.....because of his size, he has also been known as the dressagasaurus. Fritz was imported from Germany and was purchased by a friend of MHWF for $25,000 in 2006. He was trained and shown in dressage up and into level 3. It was at that point that he suffered a tendon injury and was retired from dressage. He has been taken out and worked/ridden to keep him in shape since then, so he has not just sat around doing nothing. His dressage career is now over, but he will still make someone a stellar pleasure horse, as long as they are experienced and confident enough to handle this giant of a horse. Anyone inquiring about him should have some experience, confidence and should not be a person looking to compete in jumping or dressage. He needs to be a pleasure horse as we do not want to see him aggravate that old tendon injury. Fritz is a giant teddy bear, super sweet, loves people and has those big soft eyes and a very expressive face. Tons of personality in this mountain of a horse. Plus, who would not want a dressagasaurus?

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Scott: MHWF
Big boy!

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Cassandra PS
Holy cats! I was taking him in in that first photo, and it took me a beat to realize Scott was there for scale at the edge. What a skyscraper! An absolutely stunning skyscraper. I'm drooling!
Leslie V
Oh my what a handsome dude. A really big handsome dude! And a BOP to boot! 🥰
Cindy G
I am literally drooling on my keyboard. 
Wowza! Such a BIG and handsome guy!
Oh, Heavens.

...as in, that's where you'd be sitting....

If not for the pictures, I'd suspect an April Fool!
Holy crap.
[love]  be still my beating heart!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh what a HUNK!

I do know another Don - imported Hanovarian, just as tall (I'd bet they're related). He is a big fluffy teddybear and the sweetest under saddle. If this Don is anything like the one I know, he will make anybody a very nice horse.

I was used to little 15 hand morgans, got on this 17.2 dinosaur and I barely noticed, don't let size fool you!
oh my, oh my, oh my!  what a huge sweet one!

Sandy K
He is a beauty! I got the chance to see him in his summer coat, all sleek and shiny and he was quite the sight - stunning! He's going to be the perfect king sized teddy bear for someone.
Wow...he is BIG!!  And Beautiful!
Jenni O.
Does he come with an extra large mounting block?😂
Wow!! He would have been perfect for my 6'3" daughter. But she's now has a 17 hh draft cross. Someone is going to be VERY lucky!
He's so huge, and pretty. I love him, he looks like a gentle giant! [love] 
Jan H.
You don't realize how tall he is until you see Scott in the picture with him.  He makes Scott look really short!!!
Deb N.
I have but one question, does he come with a ladder?????   [smile]
Hi, How long of a trial ride will he be able to do?  I usually ride my 23 year old Clydesdale about 1 1/2 hr to 2 hrs.  I don't go for speed just pleasure with a trot here and there.  I am use to being on a tall horse as mine is 17.2.  I was approved for adoption last year when you had a draft available.  Located in MI.

Thank you, 
Scott: MHWF
Fritz has no physical limitations at all. We listed him for trail riding only because we do not want to risk him being re-injured jumping or competing. 

Fritz is really a cool dude and is doing great.  He has settled in well to the herd and comes when he's called (he comes in the paddock for his daily grain).  He has multiple buddies, including Flashy and Khandi (they look so tiny next to him).  He would make a great horse for someone wanting to do the basics of Dressage (no rigorous work for him), as he knows his stuff very well!  We will mention that he has never gone trail riding, so someone would have to teach him about that if you are wanting to trail ride.  

Fritz came out to be ridden yesterday, and he did fantastic.  Chloe and Deb came for the day and Chloe had an absolute blast riding him (she said if she could have another horse, this would be her guy!).  Thanks so much to both of you for all the help, you are rock stars!  

Here are a few pictures of Chloe riding Fritz yesterday.  

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Wow...he looks fantastic under saddle!  What a nice mover!
Trish K.
He is really come along and looks fantastic!  Working on my documents to come see him in person soon!


Update: 10-20-2019 

Fritz is still here at MHWF because this summer he developed a huge abscess in both his left front and rear hooves. The one in his front left was a pretty severe one that kept coming back. It is now healed and he is back to about 95%, but until he is back to 100% we will not be showing him to potential adopters.

Jenna H.
Hello! Has there been any more improvement on his hooves since October?
Thanks 😉
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