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Yes, Fritz' hooves are doing great in regards to the abscesses being completely gone - that was a long haul!  He is doing really well and working on putting muscle back on now, just down to building up his top line.  πŸ˜‰
Dusty M.
I am very excited about Fritz.
Two years ago I had to put down my Dutch Warm Blood Amaris. He was a big sweet goofy boy whom I adored. I am just now ready to have another big boy. I ride to exercise both my horse and I. More importantly to spend time with my horse, so no heavy riding. I am devoted to my horse and can assure you that he will have the best care available. I spend time grooming and talking to my horse because it is therapeutic for both of us although I believe I benefit more!
I currently live in Fish Creek Wi and will be moving to Green Bay this spring
April/May. I am currently working on finding suitable boarding facilities near me.
I am hoping you will consider me for adopting him I will wait until he is ready to go and pay for his care until that time. How you describe him I can tell you we are meant for each other.
Please consider me for his forever Mom. Kind Regards Dusty

Fritz is ready to move on to his new home!  He is doing fantastic.  

Dusty, please go ahead and send in your application, we'd love to talk to you about Fritz!  

Here's a direct link:  


Mighty mighty!  

Fritz is doing fantastic and ready to be adopted!  

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Fritz continues to do fantastic.  Those who have inquired on Fritz, please go ahead and shoot us an email and/or get your application in!  

Here's a quick pic I snapped with my phone today of Fritz and Ernie the Super Mule grooming each other.  

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Awww....what a good shot!
Fritz is a wonderful boy. I am so happy to have found him. I have to comment on the facility that Scott and Karen operate. What an amazing facility, the horses are happy, well taken care of and it is so healing for the because of the care and kindness shown to them from Karen and Scott.  They have plenty of room to wander, socialize, and feel safe. Scott and Karen there is a special place in heaven for you both. Kind Regards Dusty

Kalisa N.
ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!! YAY FRITZ!!!!! 

We are thrilled to announce that Fritz got adopted!  All this time.  I'm actually really glad it played out the way it did in taking this long, because I got to know Fritz so well and really form a pretty amazing bond with him that worked out really nice for the both of us.  I am going to miss that big galoot when he leaves here to his new home, but I am even more happy that he's found such a great home!  We do not have a date set up yet for when he is leaving, but I will share a couple of fun pictures from his adoption day yesterday, 3/8/2020, for now anyway.  πŸ˜‰  

Thank you so much to Dusty, CoCo and Quinton for choosing adoption and most of all for choosing to give Fritz such a great home!

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Heike B
Awesome!!  Welcome to the family Dusty πŸ˜‰
Congratulations to Fritz and his new family!!
Great news!  Congratulations all around.
Wendy W - WI
Congratulations!  Holy crap is that a tall horse.  The pictures are cute as can be and it shows a tall horse, but unless you stand next to him......... He is soooo tall!  And sooo handsome.  Congrats again, I'm sure you'll have fun with him.  
Barb S
Congratulations Big GuyπŸŽ‰
I am over the moon!!! Yeah Fritz!!
Congrats Fritz and adopters
Sandy K.
Congratulations to Fritz and his adopters !
Dusty M.
Fritz is settling in well, of course he is apprehensive because of his new home, he was very happy with being at the rescue. I think he misses his buddy the mule! I will keep you updated on this beautiful boy. My goal at this point is to bond and spoil him. My big baby boy🀣Thank you again Scott and Karen for giving this boy a great home where he was loved and cared for whilst waiting for me to find him! Kind Regards everyone Dusty
Julie P
I'm so happy for Fritz and Dusty! I can't wait to read your updates and see some pictures.
Fritz in his new home πŸ˜‰

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Nice profile...so handsome!
Thank you Dusty!

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Heike B
Fritz looks great.  Looks like he's doing some stretching there in the aisle πŸ˜‰
MHWF, Inc.
Fritz and his adopter, Dusty πŸ˜‰

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