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Annabelle and Jack - 11yrs and 15 yrs.

Must be adopted together!

$400 for the pair - Annabelle and Jack are two donkeys and must stay together. They are very close and have been together for many years. Annabelle is an 11 year old standard donkey Jenny. Jack, despite his name, is 15 years old and is actually a John (gelded). These two were picked up by MHWFand were super shy and had to be run into the trailer using gates. By the next night, they were already starting to warm up to us and Jack loves attention, although still being a little shy. Annabelle is still not sure what to make of us or this new place, but will take a treat now once in a while. Neither has had their shots, Coggins, de-wormers or trims in a while (do not think that Annabelle had ever been trimmed before coming here). As you can clearly see by the photos, their feet are as bad as any we have seen, maybe the worst we have ever seen. With all that, we can start to look for their new home, but they will not leave until they are fully vaccinated, Coggins tests are done, they are de-wormed and those feet are fixed, plus they need to settle in so we can find out what they know and what kind of personalities they have. Neither has a mean bone in their body and we are told that Jack adored the grandkids climbing all over him. We will show them with the stipulation that they stay here a few more weeks until they are 100% ready to go to their new homes.  

In the meantime, as you can see, these two will need shots, wormers, Coggins, probably dental work and certainly farrier work, which all costs money. If you would like to make a small donation toward their care and rehab, we gladly welcome the help.  

*please continue to scroll read below for updates that have been posted on these two

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Jenni O.
They are so cute!!! Those feet, though. ๐Ÿ˜ข
They are positively adorable. So glad they are now safe.
Annabelle still hasn't made a peep since arrival, but Jack has now called out to us a couple of times when he sees us.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  I have twice gotten Annabelle to take a treat from me.  
Jan N
They are so darn cute!
They are the cutest things ... I got to scratch little jacks nose lol pretty sweet
Sandy K
It sounds like they are starting to warm up to you a bit. What a cute pair !
Jan N
Bump. Too cute to be on page 2. Plus, they will have somewhat different-looking feet after tomorrow (Fall Vet Day) I imagine. Good luck tomorrow to both Annabelle and Jack!
Tonya S.
How are Annabelle and Jack doing?  Why is Jack so much shorter than Anabelle?
Jack and Annabelle are doing pretty well!  They are getting used to their new feet (they've been trimmed a couple of times now), and they are getting more and more comfortable and friendly with us.  Funny enough, I just snapped a couple of pictures of them yesterday when I was out playing with them.  
Tonya, Jack is that much shorter than Annabelle because he is a mini donkey and Annabelle is a standard size donkey.  Donkey's also come in mammoth size which is quite a bit bigger than Annabelle.  

Anyone who has met the donks in person will appreciate how Annabelle comes up now and allows touch.  Jack is doing great in the handling department, better every day.  

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Scott: MHWF
And someone needs to adopt these two cuties!
Donna R
I missed your last update on Annabelle and Jack.  I have been wondering how they are doing and especially how Annabelle's feet are coming along.  So glad to hear she has been warming up to you.  Such a cute pair!
I missed the update too!  So glad to hear the donks are progressing in so many areas.
UPDATE: 4-30-2019

Jack and Annabelle got all their shots and were de-wormed on our spring Vet Day. They also both got their feet trimmed for the 3rd time since coming to MHWF and we are very pleased with how well their feet have turned out. Annabelle is never going to be a hunter/jumper (that is a joke) because of the years of neglect with her feet, but she is pretty sound and moved very nicely. Jack's feet are now normal and have no lasting issues at all. They are both getting tamer and tamer every day and are fun to have around, very vocal and funny.
Such cute donks ๐Ÿฅฐ
Hi Karen,

Are these 2 ok with electrified tape fence?  Are they about the go on pasture?  


Hi Tonya, 

Jack and Annabelle have graduated to living in the paddock area of the barn that has access to behind the barn, all the way behind the arena and to a small pasture.  Up front, it is wood fencing, along the sides on the way out is panel fencing and then the pasture area is 3 strand electric wire with capped T-posts.  The pasture is about an acre or so, nothing rich, but they enjoy going out there.  They respect the electric fence just great and have no desire to leave their pasture.  I'm sure they'd do just fine with electric tape as well.  

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While we had an appointment to show a horse the other day, we had Jack donk out with us hanging out and getting some treats.  Here is a funny video clip of of Jack not wanting to take a bite of an apple from a perceived "stranger"...and then we did a little social experiment....  Here's the video:  

or click here

Jack would like to serenade you...sing a little song of his people for you.... 

(click to play video)

or click here

Jack the Donk is back at it....  

or click here

We are very happy to say that jack and Annabelle are coming along pretty well. Jack is still hard to catch, but once caught, loves attention and stands like a pro for the farrier. Annabelle is now taking treats from your hands pretty well and is letting us catch her once in a while. Last week her feet were trimmed for the first time without the use of drugs or contraptions and she did pretty well. Once she figured that all we wanted was to trim her feet again, she relaxed and let us trim her. That is major progress for Annabelle who had never been touched when she arrived at MHWF.
Faye - WI
What beautiful souls these two are. You can't help but smile when around a donkey.


No, it's not about the COVID-19 virus...... 


These two beauties came in way back in September of 2018, and what a journey it has been.  Every minute of it worth it, so very worth it.  Annabelle was never handled and never trimmed.  Jack quite a lot easier and had been trimmed at some point in his life.  Annabelle's feet will never be normal, the lack of care causing some deformity, but she is comfortable and looking good.  Annabelle is still very wary of people, but she will warm up and we know she is going to warm up even more being in her new home getting loads of one-on-one attention.  Jack is a little sweetie who loves to sing to you every morning (and other times).  Annabelle may take a while to vocalize in her new home, but she has a very sweet song too.  

Joan and her husband came along and welcomed these two into their hearts and family.  They have a horse who lost her pasture buddy a while back and was very lonely.  Joan has been watching the donkeys for the last year, and it just seemed like the perfect scenario... buddies for her horse, yet she can take her horse out to ride and the donks will be perfectly content with each other.  Perfect!  Jack and Annabelle are already settling in well and their new horse friend seems to like them already and Joan reported that her horse has calmed down considerably having these two little buddies.  What a perfect situation for everyone!  

Thank you SO much Joan for thinking of adoption and for taking these two special creatures into your life.  And thank you to everyone who supports MHWF in any way to make these things possible for equines like Jack and Annabelle who got tossed aside before they found their way to MHWF.  And a huge congratulations to Joan and her husband as well as Jack and Annabelle!!!  

Here are some pictures from adoption day today, while we all practiced social distancing and being very careful due to the COVID-19 virus.  

The last picture is of Jack and Annabelle in their new home.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  

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Such good news!  The two having to be adopted together made it hard to find a them a home.  So glad this great home opened up.
Barn S
Huge Congratulations to Jack and Annabelle!!! A home of their own thatโ€™s wonderful news in any times but especially now. Thank You Joan and Joanโ€™s husband for excepting these two well deserving Donkeys into your home and hearts ๐Ÿ’•
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