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You will love these two.  They will make you laugh everyday!! Love my two Billy and Fuzzy Top!

So excited to see this.  They have been waiting for the right love to come and this makes me so happy. 

Thank you so much for giving them a loving home.
Wendy W - WI
What lucky lucky donkey's.  Congratulations to all!  
Joan F.
Jack and Annabelle are settling in nicely. They both walked right up to me the last two feedings, I was so excited.

They both sniffed and ate out of my hand.

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Heike B
They look very content!
Donna R
Great adoption to a perfect home!  Annabelle and Jack have come so far and are very deserving of a happy ever after.  I will miss seeing them. 

Did anyone else notice the adorable photo of Annabelle on the March 2020 MHWF calendar?  It made me smile every time I looked at it.  Well done as always, Karen!
Wendy W - WI

What a great update and they all look happy.  Your horse is so pretty too.  

I have to share this story about Jack.  I was up visiting Karen awhile back and we were out with all of the critters of course.  As we were standing next to the area the mini's and donkey's were, Jack rolled.  I look and say.........Karen, look at Jack!  He has boobies!  I think Jack is a Jackie!  She didn't see him roll and now you have two women crawling on the ground trying to see if he is a she.  Karen then grabs her camera and starts taking pictures.  There was a lot of laughing..........and a WHOLE LOT of OH MY GODS.  After I head for home she talks to her vet friend and another friend.  We find out that boy donkey's have "boobies".  Huh, I never knew that.  

Funniest thing ever with the Jackie donk!  Since I have 1000 pictures, I will share one so everyone can visualize what we were looking at.... apparently the "horns" on the sheath.  You would not believe the gazillion things going through my mind that day!  How could we have... um... what?!  LOL  

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Jack and Annabelle in their new home with their new buddies 😉

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Jan N
That 2nd image says Volumes. Tons. about contentment. So sweet!
They look all settled in
Donna R
I agree with Dr. Jan about that second photo.  They look really comfortable with their new surroundings. Wonderful to see that!
That's so sweet ❤️
Joan F.
Hi just a quick update on Jack and Annabelle.

They are doing great. Jack now comes up to me in the barn for petting and love. Tonight he graduated and I took his halter off.

Annabelle is trusting me more and more. She actually let me touch her face for a second yesterday! She now trusts me enough to let me walk in and out of the stall area while they are eating without panicking. She will take grain out of my hand.

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