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Dusty - 21 yrs.

$400 - Dusty is a 21 year old AQHA registered gelding. He stands at 15.1 hands tall and is current on his trims, de-worming and vaccinations. Dusty is ultra easy going and a veteran train horse. This guy came into MHWF on Sunday morning (8-25) and someone who came to look at a different horse, fell in love with him and he was adopted later that same afternoon.

We are thrilled that Paula and her husband Dan came along with their children, Aubrie and Blake, and after all these years of following our website have finally made the jump to adoption!  Dusty is a guy who came from a friend of ours who needed to place Dusty, and Dusty needed a home where he would be maintained with a bit of arthritis that he has and Paula and Dan came along looking for a horse just like Dusty!  Paula has loads of experience with older horses and is no stranger to joint supplements and such, and we couldn't have picked a better match!  Even though they came to look at different horses, Dusty was their guy.  Dusty will be perfect for those rides around their farm and being that calm, cool horse for them.  Aubrie is quite an accomplished rider already, actually showing Morgan horses!  

Dusty is still here with us at MHWF, but he will be leaving soon as soon as transportation is arranged.  

Thank you so much to Paula, Dan, Aubrie and Blake for choosing adoption, and a big congratulations to you!  

Thank you to Chloe (who just adopted Thor) for riding Dusty when he first came in yesterday too!  

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Donna M
When things fall into place that quickly, it is just meant to be. Congratulations to all! That is one happy little girl and a super lucky horse.
So happy to see these pics!! Dusty is such a great guy, I hope Aubrie loves him and has a lot of fun with him! Hope to see updates.
We love him so much already! His joint supplement and new padded sea teal breakaway halter and lead are on the way!!!! Aubrie can not stop talking about him. I knew he was ours the minute I saw his soft eye expression and Aubrie leading him from the paddock.
He will be insanely spoiled and well taken care of here. Thank you guys so much for the opportunity to adopt him ❤️ The kids had so much fun! While I patiently wait for my next horse and work more on strengthening my back after the car accident and getting back into shape Aubrie will have to share with me 🤗
Barb S
Few things make me happier than a smiling young girl with a horse. Brings back so many memories. Congratulations to all! Really looking forward to seeing your adventures with this handsome guy.
Wendy W - WI
The two pictures of just Aubrie and Dusty are absolutely precious!  Congratulations!
Chloe R
Congrats! He sounds perfect for you guys and was a complete gentleman to ride :)
We made it home!!! He’s such a good boy! He’s currently in our round pen in the pasture meeting the two girls. No squeals at all!!! 🤗

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This guy is such an amazing gem 🥰
PSA—- yes my children usually always wear helmets :)

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I'll probably say this after every update you post, but my heart is just about bursting!! I'm So, so happy to see my boy in a good home...he is a gem, without a doubt.♡♡♡ Thank you SO much!!!
Laura!!! We love him so much already! He will be very spoiled and loved for the rest of his life! We couldn’t have asked to bring home a better boy! We feel honored to get to call him ours❤️ He’s getting loved on every day and gets a couple handfuls of senior feed to eat his joint supplement. He just settled right in. Lol I will probably post “too often” 🤣
What a wonderful heartwarming adoption story!!  Love love love it!!
He’s such a good boy!!!! I was unable to be at my farrier appointment today til the very end. Of course Dusty being new I was like “ I hope he stands” now he’s been an amazing boy all around so I wasn’t too worried. He’s some pics when I pulled in and hopped out :) 🤗

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Scott and Karen: MHWF
Glad you like him and he is working out so well....thank you for the pics and updates too! We really appreciate that.
I was purposely trying to NOT check Dustys thread each day! I made it this long...lol. I miss my boy but am so happy you love him, too♡♡♡ I think you'll find out that there's not much Dusty can't do. IF he wants to do it...lol.
Is Dusty still doing good? Have you ridden him much? Just been thinking if him lately ♡
Dusty is doing great! Just had his feet done again today. He’s a total ham. Any time the barn door is cracked open you can count on seeing Dustys sweet face popping in for a bite of hay!!! Unfortunately between our crazy schedules and the rain/snow we haven’t been able to ride here at all [frown] so he’s just hanging out being cute 🥰
Donna R
I love seeing when adopters give updates for donors!  Thank you Paula for giving Laura peace of mind about her special boy.  Thank you for giving Dusty a great home. 

Unforeseen situations can make anyone a donor at some point.  It would drive me crazy as a donor not to know how things are going in the new home.  I wish more adopters would understand this and share to give comfort to the donor.
Jenni O.
This is so cool! I love it when things fall into place like this and it's such an obvious perfect match right from the start. The kids look really happy to have a new addition. Congratulations!
Totally agree with Donna R. There is a very joyful and peaceful feeling knowing your horse is in good hands and a home that is a good match!!
All pics are of Dusty today... I just couldn’t get a pic of the 4th cuz I was stopping the freight train on the ground 🤣🤣🤣poor Aubs sat 3-5 huge explosions bareback then jumped off!
Let’s just say someone definitely is feeling better on joint supplements and is lazy fat and feeling like a sasshole!!!!
So this was her first “fall” she actually leaped off. She cried and was scared but I switched him to a halter and lunged him first and boy was this old man feeling good! Bucks rears cantering snorting away! It was 54 here today :)
We don’t really have a great set up beside the round pen and that depends so much on weather. So I will basically restart him this spring with ground work and so on! I couldn’t believe the power the old man threw out today!!!
Then he put his nose on her like Sorry Aubrie! I made her get back on with daddy at her side and me leading her.
Here’s also a pic from this weeks lesson.

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Sassy boy! But nice that he's feeling good. Still scary for your daughter. With my own horses I have noticed if I give them certain feeds, it can cause them to feel more hyped up and sassy. I've learned to pay attention and not give them those kinds. Most only get hay or grass anyway but there are a couple that need a little extra to keep the weight in winter. Hope the next ride Dusty behaves
Oh NO! DUSTY!!! No way to act!! What in the world!? I'm so glad Aubrey didnt hurt!! I'm sorry he misbehaved and don't know what to say. What a way to repay you for getting him feeling better. [frown]
So glad Aubrey is ok and hope that is able to regain her trust and confidence in Dusty.   this crazy back and forth weather definitely has been bringing out the worst in mine.

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