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Hey everyone, meet Dylan and please give him a very warm MHWF welcome. Dylan made his way to MHWF on this rainy Saturday, 3/28/2020, in need of a place to go and someone to teach him how to trust and show him that humans are good. Dylan is a gelding pony, approximately 10 years old. We don’t know a whole lot about him yet, other than he had been loose and running wild for about a week, wandering around out in some fields. Some kind people were finally able to get him contained. We are told that when his owner was tracked down, the owner wanted nothing to do with him (and/or wanted him destroyed) - then, a very kind person took this guy in and has had him for a few weeks now, but she cannot keep him and doesn’t have the time to put into him that he needs. She also wanted what she felt was best for him and contacted MHWF for help. We have the perfect spot here for this guy that is just what he needed. We understand that things are tough for everyone everywhere with the COVID-19 situation, and we want you to rest assured that even though we are all going through this together, we are still going above and beyond to make sure the equines here that you love and support do not go without a thing during this period.
If you would like to make a donation towards Dylan’s ongoing care, there are multiple ways you can do that. Every single penny makes a difference in being able to help horses like Dylan, and no donation is ever too small.
You can give in a variety of ways.
You can click on that donate button on this post.
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You can mail a donation:
Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc.
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Or you can come to our website and click on any of the “Donate” buttons: http://www.equineadoption.com

We thank you for your ongoing love and support through these tough times, and always. 
MHWF is a 501c3 nonprofit animal charity

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Grrrrr!  Another "animals are disposable" owner. Donation coming April 1.
What a cute little guy! Hard to believe he was left to fend for himself by previous owners. Thank you for being there for these cases and taking them in and giving them a new chance for a much better life. And thank you to the person who stepped in for him and brought him to you.
Scott: MHWF
I had to work yesterday, so this morning was the first time I got to meet Dylan. It seems to me that he is not mean or wild, just very scared. Either all the chasing around trying to get him caught or his previous owner.....or a combination of both, instilled a lot of fear into him. 

I spent about 30 minutes trying to catch him in his stall this morning, but he wants no part of that....too scared, but curious for sure. I have little doubt that once we catch him, spend a few minutes with him and take him for a couple short walks with some treats involved, his fear will quickly go away and we will find out who the real Dylan is. My guess is that he is probably a real sweetheart and once the fear goes, we will find out that he is well-behaved, nice little dude.
Awe, poor little guy.  So glad you got him!

So... how big is he?  HH?   [idea][idea]
Deb, no way to tell how many hands he is for sure until he's trusting enough to be handled and measured, but he's taller than Comet, Lilly and Puff and smaller than Bambi or Bobby, if that helps.  😉  I wouldn't even venture to guess his height at this point.  
Jan N
Hey if I get home before dark tonight I'll put the measuring stick on Bobby, that way you'll know at least Dylan is shorter than whatever my result is.
Measurement-wise, where does mini stop and pony begin?
Jan N
Bobby is 43".
So glad this little man made it to MHWF. Such a cutie!
Dylan wanted to be featured today and tell you a little about life since he arrived at MHWF about 2 weeks ago. Dylan was running loose for about a week, finally got wrangled and caught and eventually made his way here after spending about 30 days in quarantine. Dylan was so scared that he would kick out if he felt you were getting too close to him. We are taking things very slowly with him and going at his pace and letting him show us exactly where he is at with things. He is now living in with 2 other mini's and 2 goaties at MHWF.
This has all worked very well, because just in 2 weeks' time he now has gone from running and trying to hide when someone comes near, to walking up and checking you out. This is really huge for him and this milestone just happened over the last couple of days. Dylan has a long way to go to learn trust, and while the scars from an ill-fitting halter on his face may never go away, we are helping him heal the emotional and mental issues that he has. You directly have made this possible for Dylan to get a shot at a good life and learn that people are good through your support, whether that is through donations, through sharing our posts or any time you have given. ❤️ Dylan and everyone here thanks you from the bottom of our hearts! ❤️ 

Bonus video footage here.  
 I happened to be looking at one of the security camera's footage this morning and grabbed my cellphone and recorded Dylan and the 2 mini's he lives with now (Lilly and Puff) playing a game of "lets run from paddock to paddock and in and out of the barn"....they were having a blast! Poor quality video because I recorded this from a screen onto my cellphone, but their cuteness shows through. Dylan is so happy.  

or click here

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that was so stinking cute to watch!!
What great news! And so cute.
Super cute and fun!!!
Wendy W - WI
That is super cute and he's having fun with Lilly and Puff. I love the report that he is warming up a bit too.  I know you two will get him trusting people in no time.  Now is he the same coloring as Bill?  That would be a really cute picture with the two of them.  
How great that he has friends and feels safe enough to "kick up his heels".  Be well and welcome little Dylan.
awww...love it when they start feeling safe!

Update: 4-27-2020

This past Saturday Dylan got worked with a bit and evaluated. He got his 2020 vaccinations, de-wormed, his feet trimmed, and is all set to go for 2020. It is very clear that he has been terrorized more than just a little bit. He is terrified of people and we think he will come around pretty quick with some kind and decent handling. Right now he is super hard to catch and kicks out of fear, but he is sound, healthy, and has been letting us feed him treats by hand, so there has been a little progress. He is blind on one eye, but you cannot tell by looking at him and it does not affect him at all. For someone who wants to work with him and show him the right kind of care, here is that little guy who needs someone. If that person does not step up soon, we will continue to work with him and get him where he needs to be.

Poor guy!  I'm glad  you're there for him.  Speaking of being terrorized, I find myself wondering how much cruelty is deliberate versus just being ignorant and stupid.  Years ago I had a neighbor with a young dog that often wouldn't come when called.  Then when it would come to him he'd pound on it. Mindless!
I wish I could work with him, but sadly my fence is not ready for a horse or a pony right now I love working with ones like him that are scared of people. Ugh!!!!

Update: 5-10-2020

Once Dylan is ready to be put up for adoption, there will be no adoption fee thanks to Jessica K., who very generously decided to sponsor his adoption fee. Thank you Jessica!

If circumstances were different I would love to take this guy on and work with him. I do not want to adopt as I am not in the need of a pony but I enjoy doing ground work with horses/ponies that need to have issues dealt with. With everything going on I definitely have plenty of time on my hands to accomplish this right now. I sure hope he finds a dedicated soul that is willing to work with him. He is such a cutie.
Any news on Dylan?

There is not much news to report on Dylan, other than he has settled in well here and is a happy dude.  He has gotten very used to routines and it seems he has learned that no one is out to hurt him or do anything bad.  He will come up and beg for treats, but still very leery.  We have a round pen right next to the paddock area by Dylan's area, and there is some fencing there that we need to tweak to be able to open up so that we can get Dylan in the round pen to work with him and not risk anyone getting kicked.  I think we may have mentioned that if Dylan feels cornered at all, he will kick out...  We've had a lot of different projects going on at once around here, like shelters all getting redone after years and starting to fall apart, and hopefully we'll get to that fencing project very soon.  
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