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Ellie - 10 yrs.

$600 - Ellie is a 10 year old QH mare. She is sound, healthy, super easy going and broke to ride. Ellie is a true rescue and was rescued from a kill pen a few years back. She is fully rehabbed and a super sweet, very healthy mare. Ellie stands at about 15 hands tall.  We believe that she originally came from somewhere out west, she has two brands, but no info on those brands has been able to be found as of yet. Ellie has a brand new Coggins and we will get her up to date on her trims, de-wormers and vaccinations before she leaves for her new home. We have not yet ridden Ellie, but have seen a lot of photos and videos of her out on the trails, at clinics, obstacle courses etc. Once we do get someone up on her, we will share that information and photos as well. As far as we know, she has always been ridden western. As easy going and mellow as she is, we do not yet know her well enough to call her a beginners horse, so she is probably not the right horse for a truly green rider. She prefers to stay at a slow walk, so she is also not a good candidate for someone who is looking for a more spirited gaming horse or for jumping, barrels, etc. She is best suited to be a slow moving trail horse. Super sweet eyes, personality to match, and looks to top it all off. Ellie has thrown a few small bucks while being ridden, so her adopter should be someone willing and able to to work through that.


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WOW!! She's beautiful and sounds like a great trail partner โค๏ธ
Barb S
She has soulful eyes. Beautiful mare!
Kara B.
Such a pretty girl. Reminds me a lot of someone else I knew ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
Wow! She is beautiful! I have no doubt she will go to a loving home very soon!
Sue B.
Sheโ€™s beautiful!!! Ok I have to add palomino to my adoption paperwork โค๏ธ
Kara, I thought of you as soon as I saw her on here.
Kara B.
I wish I could... I'm just not in a spot right now where getting 2nd again is possible. 
But she is beautiful and will find another amazing home. 
But Kara.. You could have an Elli and an Eli!
Kara B.
Jurita... you are killing me! 
Donna M
I thought of Kara right away too. If itโ€™s meant to be it will happen. Iโ€™m sure wherever Ellie ends up she will be a pampered princess.
Amanda M
She is stunning! ๐Ÿ’œ
Very nice mare!

Ellie also has some very exciting news to share with everyone today - she got adopted!  Christine and her husband Ed from BREATHE (Baraboo River Equine-Assisted Therapies) have been looking to adopt a horse for quite some time from MHWF, and when Ellie came along she sounded like just what they were looking for.  They came and met Ellie and worked with her and did think that she will fit in.  They provide equine-assisted activities and therapies to children and adults with special needs.  Ellie is a very sweet and laid-back mare, and they will also likely trail ride her as well.  We are thrilled for this opportunity for Ellie!  

Thank you so much, Christine and Ed, for choosing adoption, and congratulations!  We look forward to hearing of Ellie's adventures with BREATHE.  

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Excellent news! Congratulations, and I hope Ellie will be a perfect fit in her new home.
Kristin S.
Congrats Eliie and Co. <3 Enjoy your new adventures. I'm sure you will make the kids (and adults) VERY happy ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
Ellie in her new home - Ellie and Cammie were instant buds!  

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Donna R
Congratulations Ellie and her new adopters!  Looks like a wonderful match!
Jan N
Omigosh can't expect an initial response any better than what that image shows!! Congratulations all around!
Jenni O.
Wendy W - WI
I love the picture of Ellie and Cammie!!  Adorable!  Congrats to all involved!
Somehow I missed this update and it is awesome.  Congrats to all.
MHWF, Inc.

Update: 6-7-2020

Ellie was test ridden and adopted a few weeks back. She was to be used as a therapeutic riding horse, but needs more training and was not going to work out for that purpose, so she is now back at MHWF. Ellie is still a sweet easy-going mare, but does need more training. She is beautiful and sound and has some training, but anyone considering her should be someone experienced enough to take her the rest of the way in her training.

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