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Kara B.
Gosh she is beautiful [love]
oh boy Kara.... she sure looks like your kind of mare.  😉 

We are so happy to announce that both Ellie and Miss Kitty
are now in training with Emily at Equine Endeavors Training! Ellie needing some sorting out and looking to patch up some holes in her training, and Miss Kitty is getting a whole new start. Emily reports the girls have settled in just great and they don't seem to care a bit that they are somewhere new. Emily says that Ellie was following her around so she decided to sit on her and she was so good. These girls will both be ready for adoption at the end of the training sessions, so please do follow along. A couple of pictures that Emily shared of their first day.  

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Lucky, lucky ladies being able to train with Emily!
Miss Kitty and Ellie are both doing great and making progress with Emily.  
Here are some of Emily's words as well as some video clips:  

July 4, 2020:  

A great first official evening working with these girls. I see so much potential in both of them.

Both spent some time on the patience pole and had baths to cool off. I’m not thrilled with my neighbors shooting off fireworks right next to us but luckily these two didn’t bat an eye.

It’s obvious Miss Kitty doesn’t respect or trust me. We spent a great deal of time working on join up but the reward was great. Though she didn’t fully turn into me, she did stop, lick n chew, and then followed me when I “picked her up”. We worked on some moving her hindquarters and shoulder with the flag then called it quits on a good note.

Ellie I’ll probably hop on tomorrow - spent just a little time moving her on the lungeline and admiring her forward trot. She walked over the bridge and cavaletti and checked out the calves.

Happy 4th!!!

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July 5, 2020:  

Ellie was really wonderful for my evaluation ride on her. Started off with clipping her bridle path - she was worried about the clippers but trusted that I wasnt going to hurt her.

We spent some time in and out of the roundpen, riding in just a halter. She’s here to learn that her idea of quitting time isn’t always her rider’s. A few minor tests but overall we worked through things well.

Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc. probably shouldn’t send me such nice horses because I won’t want them to leave 😜😉

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July 8, 2020

What a warm evening it was! Between Ellie and Miss Kitty we got quite a bit done, building on the things we’ve been working on the last few days.

Both mares are so different but so incredibly smart - the great part is seeing something “click”. 

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Amanda W.
I’ve been following along with Ellie and am very interested in adopting her. How long is her training?
Hello Amanda, we aren't sure yet exactly how long Ellie will be in training, but we will definitely keep everyone updated right here on her thread.  
Kara B.
I don't need another horse... I don't need another horse... I don't need another horse... 

Barn S
Yes you do Kara! Maybe we’ll have to have Christine A persuade you. She great at it!

Update on Ellie, 7/11/2020:  

From Emily:  
"Ellie and I went on an adventure today and it was fantastic. Got in some trotting and cantering and tackled some big hills 💪

She not only followed, but did a fair amount of leading and she went over four bridges. The two bucks, four does, and a fawn were nothing to bat an eye at! Road riding, electrical boxes, and random dogs weren’t scary at all for this golden girl."  

For video:  click here

Update on Ellie, 7/23/2020:  
Ellie “working some cows”, neck reining/moving off leg, and opening/closing a gate with rider! This mare is seriously the biggest sweetheart ever.  

For video:  click here



From Emily:  

A friend helping a friend...

Super proud of Ellie for ponying Miss Kitty like a champ and happy with Miss Kitty for following along 😊

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Heike B.
I love seeing the progress on these two!
Lynn D.
I am still interested in Ellie. Just wondering if she can be measured for an exact height. There was a little discrepancy in her height when we were on the phone. Id truly appreciate it. Thanks!
We can get Ellie measured for exact height and will post that.  She will be coming back to MHWF soon to move on to the adoption portion of her journey.  
Nanc K.
So in love with this mare! She would be great addition to my Breezy. Hoping to fine a solid mount for my daughters and grandkids!*
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