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We actually had a few very nice people who are potential adopters come out to meet horses this past Sunday, and Elsie was such a sweetheart!  She could win over the heart of anyone out there I'm sure. 

Unfortunately, there is still way too much ice to ride, so no adoptions yet, but let's all try to get that temperature climbing so we can have some adoptions!!!  It is so frustrating this winter because there is so much interest in the horses, but the horses sure can't leave until they've been ridden by their potential adopters.  Come on spring!!  or at least warm enough to melt some ice!!!!! 

Lindsey N
Spring is coming....I can just feel it! Positive thoughts going Elsie's way:D
I hope things do clear up a bit...It would be great to see some adoptions take place. 
mel d
This thawing and refreezing! Wish all the snow and ice could just be gone...of course, then we get the mud goddess. Hoping for some good riding in your round pen soon...and Elsie, if I could...I'd like to be #1 on the appointment list for you, but alas :) She does have it all going on!
Jessica S
I really would like to make an apointment to come out and ride elsie! She is absolutly amazing!
Elsie says hey, and she wishes this winter would end so she could do some riding and get adopted! 

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mel d
Ah, there's the pretty girl...peeking out from behind that GOOD lookin' hay :)
Lindsey N

What an adorable face!! That is priceless....cannot wait to see what this girl has in store :)

Karla Joy

Okay people! Spring has Sprung and the snow has melted enough for MHWF to beginning showing adoptable horses again. Fill out your application, get approved to adopt and make an appointment to see if this beautiful girl is the right one for you!! I mean really . . . how could she not be?

mel d
Completely surprised to see this girl without a big Adopted under her name today. I thought for certain she'd be one of the first when the snow melted.
Hopefully the phone starts ringing about Elsie again!  We had a couple of calls about her while we had so much ice on the ground and couldn't do any riding, but our whole driveway and back parking area is clear now so we are ready to go!  The round pen is still covered in snow and ice, but we can certainly ride Elsie outside of the round pen for anyone who wants to come meet her.  She is one not to be overlooked, this girl has a lot to offer and is going to make someone very happy! 
The weekend wouldn't have been complete without taking Elsie out of the pasture for a spin.  :) 
Elsie came out on Sunday and got saddled up and ridden too.  She did very well, like always. 

I didn't take very many pictures because I was doing a couple of things at once, but I did snap a few to share here.  Elsie calm as can be getting saddled up, Elsie being used as a place for Karin to stretch her back out and Elsie going for a spin in the round pen. 

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Elsie looks lovely!
Jenni O.
This girl probably wouldn't be here if I were looking for a horse.  I hope she finds her new home this spring.  It's a waste for her to be sitting in a pasture all summer. 
mel d
She sure would look good on the trail next to Stormy...drool! (Don't tell Ruby I said that)
Kristal K.
I just love the picture of Elsie and Mae together, Who knows stranger things have happened and God willing they will continue. Maybe they are destined to be together forever..........and maybe just maybe it will be at my new home :) Time will tell.....
I literally log in to MHWF everyday, scroll down while thinking "come on, come on, say ADOPTED under Elsie's name!".  

I want to reiterate that I had the pleasure of caring for Elsie for 6 short weeks prior to my horse passing.  She is one fantastic horse and would be a dream come true for someone. She was gentle with children, dogs and cats, and could be caught at any time, was respectful of my space, not to mention she is a lover! 

I hope this is a push for someone out there that has been contemplating making Elsie part of their lives.  She's a dream!

Karen F
We have to keep this mare at the top. Come on somebody, she needs a home. She's a great mare.
Yay!  Per usual I logged in and scrolled down to Elsie hoping to see "Adopted' under her name.  I cannot express my happiness that it has finally happened! Her new family will adore this girl.  Congratulations Elsie!
I see Elsie got adopted. :)
WOO HOO!!  Congratulations to Elsie and her new family!
Lindsey N
SOO exited to see pictures of this wonderful girl and her new family!!! 
Karen F
Whoohoo!!!! Doing the happy dance, doing the happy dance!  Glad to see Elsie got adopted!  I was praying someone would adopt that sweet girl. 
Kim S
The trip home with Elsie went well.  Thanks for everything Scott.  I really like her alot.
mel d
Someone out there just adopted one lovely horse! Congratulations!
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