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Congratulations to Kim on a wonderful mare! Karen is going to give you my email and phone number. feel free to ask me any questions you have about her! :)
Karen-MHWF (CL)
Everyone is so quick here on the forum!  At least quicker than me....but I do have an adoption day picture to share.  Thank you Alyssa, I will be sending Kim your information too.  :) 

Elsie finally found her person!  Kim and Elsie did just great together and we are very happy for both of them. 

Thank you Kim, and congratulations!  We look forward to hearing of your adventures together. 

I want to explain the beautiful pink halter that Elsie is wearing. A wonderful lady named Toni came by the MHWF farm brought 20 halters, 10 pink and 10 blue. The Sandy Hook tragedy hit her really hard and she was thinking about the 20 acts of kindness and she came up with this idea. Each horse that gets adopted now will leave with a beautiful rope halter with attached lead rope, pink for the mares and blue for the geldings. You will notice that there is a little horse figure attached to the halter, and each one of those little wooden horses attached to the halter has the name of a Sandy Hook victim on it.  What a wonderful way to remember them and share their memory!  Here is an adoption day picture of Elsie in the beautiful pink halter in remembrance of EMILIE from the Sandy Hook tragedy. 

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I am so glad that *Elsie* found her new adopter/family.  Wow, MHWF sure had a HOT BUSY weekend.
I am very happy that Elsie found her person!  Congrats to Kim and Elsie!!
Lindsey N
I am beyond happy that Elsie found her person.  From one who has a horse with a strong personality, the bond you make is so worth the work you put in.  And I have seen what a doll Elsie can be <3  Congrats again!!
Kim S.
Elsie and I along with 4 other horses, 1 that is grn broke and one with a new owner went on a 3 hr ride today. She was awesome! I love her and so does everyone that meets her. As Alissa said she does not like puddles! We will have something to wrk on. We walked, trotted, and even cantered a short time. She does get a little slow on the trails at times, (I am used to a speed demon), but otherwise she was perfect. Thanks to everyone for the love, patience and training that you gave Elsie. She is awesome! I have friends now combing your site for horses like her.
Wendy W - WI
I can't tell you how much this makes me smile.  She has always caught my eye and she is such a sweetie and I LOVE her unique color.  Great report!
I was outside and Scott reported immediately when he came out that there was a post here from you Kim, and told me about your ride...I couldn't wait to get in the house and read!  You have no idea how happy this makes us all.  Elsie is such a nice horse and we knew the right person was just around the corner for her.  Elsie, thank you for making us so very proud of you, and Alyssa for all of your help in solidifying Elsie's journey. 

Thank you for making my week Kim! 
Glad to hear you had such a good trail ride! As for the puddles... she doesnt like smaller puddles, but will go in a river or bigger body of water. I used to ride her through a river all the time! :)

happy trails to you and Elsie!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! So glad to see Elsie get a home. She's much too nice to sit in a pasture all summer and fall.
Wonderful report, glad to hear that Elsie and you had such a great ride!
*Elsie* is the perfect MATCH for you.. I sure hope you can send some photos of you and *Elsie* having some good ole fun. HINT HINT
I can't comment on all the adoptions but Karen sure does capture the beauty of horse and adopter.
Great photographer and great subject matter.  

For ALL that have adopted this year and prior keep the updates flowing (I never get tired of reading the updates and I don't think anyone does)  Is it just me (maybe a guy thing) but I enjoy seeing the pastures, fencing, barns, lean-to's, trails, etc. along with the horses.
mel d
Congrats on the great update! Hooray for Elsie and Kim!
Glad to hear you had such a good trail ride! As for the puddles... she doesnt like smaller puddles, but will go in a river or bigger body of water. I used to ride her through a river all the time! :)

happy trails to you and Elsie!
Such a beautiful horse - congratulations to everyone involved in her adoption. 
Kim and Elsie

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Wendy W - WI
Jenni O.
Wow, that's a framer! You're both photogenic, and I love the tack.
Barb S.
Stunning! Agree it's a framer!
She looks great. I also love the tack.
Very nice picture!
Winter ride with my Grandson and his pony. Elsie (Sienna) does very well on the trail.

- Kim S.

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Jenni O.
Cute! And I'm not even cringing at the snow. That's great that you can pony with her.
Elsie (Sienna) says hi!

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