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Love that trusting spirit Elsie is showing.  Good job Alyssa!

Jenni O.
I want this horse.  I can't have her, but I want her.  Alyssa, you have made great progress with her.  She seems like a horse that is willing to try anything, just needs someone with a little confidence.  I love that she doesn't trot to catch up.  It's my pet peeve too, maybe because mine has a tendency to do that.  I am jealous of the person that gets to adopt this girl.  (And I'm not typically a big QH fan, but a nice horse is a nice horse.  I don't care what breed or color it is.)
I totally agree with Jenni. If you have a nice horse, you have a nice horse; it doesn't matter what breed or gender or color it is because you love it anyway.
Today was Elsie's first real time out alone on the trails. She's not too fond of walking through puddles. Lol. She did go over the scary echoing bridges again, but this time storm wasn't there to go first. She walked over with no hesitation and kept plodding along. She whinnied a couple times, but never tried taking off or do anything dangerous... In fact, she was on a loose rein the vast majority of the time. Only time I had to use rein was when she tried to turn around for home a couple times. She trotted real nice and slow on a loose rein and went down to a walk with my body and voice cues only. She really is more on the slow side out on the trails. She likes to plod along and look around at the new surroundings.
You have puddles?!  Ooh, I'm jealous.

You are doing a great job with her.  Great to hear the updates!
Well currently yes. Lol. There was a fire hydrant that broke down the road and was leaking for awhile so the ditch has puddles in it next to it. I wish I could say its from rain!
Wow, that's better than 90% of the horses out there who don't do well riding out alone!  Alyssa, you are really bringing out the very best in Elsie and this is just so wonderful to hear! 
Today Elsie and I went on a little over an hr trail ride all by herself again. She whinnied a couple times again, but quit when I said no firmly. She was a little unsure about being on the road at first and would tense up when cars went by, but at the end she really couldn't care less. We even had a bit dump truck go rudely by and it didn't bother her. We saw a deer and she didn't spook when it took off. She showed interest in it, but not fear. She was also a little nervous being in the woods at first since the beginning of the trail isnt that wide, but she kept on going through and settled in. She will walk over fallen trees no problem and didn't rush going down hills. She was on a loose rein the whole time and just followed along the trail. We did a little bit of slow trotting, but mainly walked. I don't want to push it with how well she's doing.
mel d
Wow, I love reading your updates with Elsie. You are bringing out the amazing horse she is! Thank you!
My friend Molly is riding storm and I'm on Elsie and we have been out on the trails since 1145. Yes, I am riding Elsie as I'm typing this. Lol. Elsie is being soooooo good! We even went in the river! I will post pics soon. She really is a phenomenal trail horse.
Oh my goodness... I would LOOOVVVEEEE to adopt this girl... *sigh* If only we had the means to do so... :P Darn.
Last night my friend who hasn't ridden horses in over 10 years, her 3 yr old daughter, and her friend who has never ridden a horse before rode Elsie last night and she was wonderful. Never once did she try to take advantage of them. The only thing she would do was occasionally stop when they weren't paying attention or would start losing their balance. She stood still for them to mount and waited patiently until asked to walk. Also, I did not get on and work her first. In fact, I didn't even get on her last night because she was doing so well with them. After we were finished the 3 yr old was giving Elsie treats and she was very careful when she would take carrots from her tiny little hands.

Her ground manners have gotten a lot better. She will stop when I stop, back up with me when I back up, yield her hindquarters, yield her front end, etc. She's a lot more relaxed and thinks through things now instead of overreacting and pulling to get away. She chooses to stay by now. She definitely did take a little bit to settle in and realize that it really is okay to trust humans, so whomever adopts her will need to give her a little more time than average for her to settle in.

She still needs more work on her canter and being more supple and responsive to the bit. When she first came she would try to rush and pull against the bit, so she has come a long way with that. When being ridden 99.9% of the time she's now level headed and relaxed and does not rush. She gives a lot better to a bit, but isn't quite as soft as I like my horses to be.
Too bad there isn't a video of her being ridden at this point in time; I am really looking forward to her finishing her training. She seems to be doing really good and she seems to be getting a lot better every time. Keep going you guys!!!
Lindsey N
SOO happy to hear about her updates.  I try steering people I know in her direction, it sounds like she is going to be a great partner!!
I agree with everyone, she sounds like she's coming along great!! :) She's going to make a wonderful partner for some lucky person!
Elsie is coming back on the 23rd, so we will be sure to shoot some video when she gets back.  Now she will be the pick of the horses here when she gets back.  She had training on her already previously, she has now been more fine tuned and learned all about GOOD ground manners and getting out on the trails!!  Elsie is one of those rare horses who will go out on the trail alone, Alyssa has taken her out alone and she has done fine.  In a group of horses she will ride in front, in the middle or in the back of the pack. 
Get your dialing fingers ready (although that doesn't apply in this day and age, does it? LOL)  Seriously though, people please go ahead and call now with your interest in Elsie if you'd like to think about setting up an appointment to meet her.  I think now that she has had all of this extra time and work put into her and she is so very talented at trail riding and even doing so well with inexperienced riders, she is THE horse to be calling about!  I wish with all of the appointments we have set up this weekend that she was here because I am about 98% sure she would have found a home this weekend, so don't miss out, someone is going to be very lucky! 
just a quick correction... she will be returning this thurs the 23.
For some reason the 27th sounded like a Thursday to me.  :)  I will fix that and it has been duly noted. 
Very nice job with Elsie, Alyssa!  I saw your message on Josey's thread, but figured I would reply here!  It was something when the light bulb went off in my head and I realized the connection with your Dad, and he confirmed it.  He always talks so highly about you!  It certainly sparked even more conversation when horses would come into it.  Small world indeed....
Today is the day that Elsie comes home!  I'm very excited and will be sure to shoot some video  and share that as soon as we can! 

Update: 8/23/2012

 We sent Elsie out for a few months of refresher training. Thank you to Alyssa for donating her time and abilities to help us out with that! We wanted Elsie's training to be geared towards trail riding and that is exactly what she got. With the refresher work she got over the summer, Elsie is now a very reliable and capable trail horse. He ground manners are where they should be and she is a wonderful trail horse. She was even ridden by green riders and kids out on the trails. She is now ready for her new home and will make someone a wonderful partner. 

Karen in here:  I just rode Elsie myself as well and wow, I am just so happy and impressed with Alyssa's work!  She did such a great job and Elsie is a dream to ride!  Thank you so much Alyssa! 

We took video today as well and we will post that as soon as we get it rendered and uploaded. 

What an amazing thing you have done Alyssa!  I can't wait to see Elsie's future, now that you have given her your time and talents.
I took a bunch of video clips, so Scott is going to put them all together for one longer video. Hopefully that gets done tomorrow and uploaded at some point for sharing.  :) 
So excited for Elsie!  We just can't thank Alyssa enough! 
Looking forward to seeing the video Karen!
mel d
Me too...waiting patiently... :)
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