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Wendy W - WI
What an awesome thing to do Alyssa.  I am sooooo looking forward to the video! 
Just want to point out too that the video was taken right after Elsie was unloaded. The horses were calling out to her and she never once whinnied back. She would look at them, but that's it.
And....I was running round bales of hay back and forth with the noisy, dusty skidsteer not 40 feet away.
Please follow this link to the video of Elsie being groomed, tacked up and ridden. This video was shot in several short clips then spliced together, so you will see it in one longer 11 minute video, which is uploaded to Youtube.

The video was shot within 5 minutes of taking her off the trailer, after a 4 hour trip, with a skidsteer hauling round bales back and forth, making a ton of noise and dust only a few feet away.

Kara W.
Wendy W - WI
Ditto the "WAY COOL"! 

what a handy mare plus shes a cool color and takes everything in stride.

Kara W.
There has to be someone out there looking for a beautiful trail mare. I mean come on look at this girl!
If ever there was a day that I'd like to do an adoption dance and share it with everyone, today is that day.  I am more than excited to announce that Elsie has been adopted today!!  We are just so thrilled with this and it's hard to express into words how much this means to Elsie and to everyone here at MWHF.  Elsie has been with us for a very long time and she is a horse who really needed a lot of work.  We want to thank Alyssa again for all of her finishing work and getting Elsie truly adoption-ready.  I know Alyssa will be just thrilled for Elsie as well. 

Aimee and her husband Mike came and met Elsie last weekend and they did just beautifully together.  Elsie was not the horse that Aimee had made the appointment to come and meet, but we thought it was worth a shot having them meet.  It was well worth that shot and they are really a great match!  Aimee fell in love with Elsie after having met a different horse and thinking the other horse was the one she was going to take home with her.  Good thing we took that shot!  Elsie is one lucky girl and has really had a lot of people pulling for her over this past year. 

Thank you so much to Aimee and Mike for taking Elsie into their hearts and pasture.  We really look forward to hearing updates.  Congratulations on a wonderful horse too! 

Here are a couple of pictures from adoption day today, 9/1/2012 (I couldn't pick just one). 

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Hello MHWF, 

This has brought tears to my eyes, literally. I am Aimee's husband Mike's cousin, and it's to my "backyard" that Elsie is coming to stay.  What lovely photos of the two of them together!  I cannot wait to forward photos of how well the two of them are doing together and the great life Elsie will have with Aimee.  Thanks for all the work you do, and for making certain that horse and human are right for each other.  Kudos! 

Of course I had to read this at work and I just started crying. I'm so happy that Elsie has found her people. She truly is a wonderful horse and I couldn't be happier! I do have to say that Aimee and Elsie make a great match looks wise too! Congrats Aimee and Mike!
Awww... Yay!! Congrats to Elsie and her new family!!
Hello MHWF - Words can't express how happy i am for Elsie that she found her forever home with such an incredible person!  Aimee will be such a great partner for Elsie and vice versa!  I look forward to spending many miles on the trails with them!  Thanks for all the hard work you put into finding the right homes for all your beautiful horses!  
A HUGE congratulations to Elsie and her new family!  How wonderful for all of you!  Many years of joy and happiness together.  And I agree, what a visual match as well!!
Congratulations to Elsie and her new family!
Congratulations on the new adoption!
Jenni O.
Congratulations and happy trails!
Huge Congrats To Elsie and her new family!
Congrats! You have a WONDERFUL horse, and everyone knows it!
Donna R
Congratulations!  You look great together!  What a gem of a horse.
Denise S - WW
Congrats to Elsie & Aimee!! You guys sound like a GREAT match!! I wish you both a lifetime of wonderful memories!! LOVE the pics!!
Barb H
Congrats to Elsie & Aimee. Have a great time together.
Kim M.
Congratulations! Happy Trails!
Aimee T.
Elsie with her new herd mates.

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LOL!!!  Now that is an AWESOME picture!!!! LOL!
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