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Jenni O.
Haha, that is funny!  Looks like someone is showing us what they think of the other two buddies.

Elsie - 10 yrs.

$500  - Elsie is back! Elsie is a 10 year old Appendix QH mare, She stands at 15.1 hands tall and is sound, healthy and well broke. She is current on all  of her shots, wormers and trims and is ready to go. Elsie recently came back from 60 days of training, all of it out on the trails....thank you Alyssa! The reason Elsie is back is our mistake. We adopted her out to someone who simply is not yet experienced enough for a horse like Elsie and that falls on us, nobody else, and is certainly not Elsie's fault. She is a wonderful mare for someone with some riding experience. Immediately upon her arrival back at MHWF we saddled her up and took her out for a ride. She was as close to perfect as they get. So, for someone with some time in the saddle looking for a good, reliable trail horse, do not let Elsie's return deter you from taking a look at her. She is a great horse, big, strong with some good training and trail time under her belt.

Nicole and Rachel both rode Elsie on Saturday, 10/27/2012.  She did fantastic with both of them and there are additional pictures below. 

Attached Images
Name: elsie1-oct27.jpg, Views: 1809, Size: 86.21 KB

Name: elsie2-oct27.jpg, Views: 1820, Size: 85.77 KB

Name: ELSIE3-JUNE15.jpg, Views: 1836, Size: 85.48 KB

Name: elsie-trot-oct27.jpg, Views: 1812, Size: 101.06 KB

Name: elsie-ride2-oct27-329-FORUM.jpg, Views: 1829, Size: 147.40 KB

Name: elsie-ride1-oct27-313-FORUM.jpg, Views: 1819, Size: 147.83 KB

Name: ELSIE-RIDE4-OCT27-308-FORUM.jpg, Views: 1834, Size: 137.26 KB

Name: ELSIE-RIDE2-OCT27-320-FORUM.jpg, Views: 1811, Size: 140.02 KB

Elsie looks as lovely as ever!
Jenni O.
Sad to see she's back, but sometimes it happens.  I hope she doesn't sit here as long as she did before.  She's way too nice of a horse to not have someone enjoying her.  And winter would be a good time to let her settle in and get to know her.  Or take some indoor lessons, do some groundwork, or if it's a mild winter (sshhhh, I can hope!), do some riding.  I'm not a big QH person, but there's something about this girl.  She's one of the "if I had the room" horses.

If I had the funds this mare would be right back in my pasture... And not just for more training. I would love to see her as a permanent resident at my house.
Mustang Ride

Hi here at Mustang Ride we are working to help spread the word of horse rescue needs and horses needing new homes. So we add Elsie http://mustangride.com/elsie-horse-rescue-wisconsin-needs-a-new-home/ and Timely Gal http://mustangride.com/timely-gal-horse-rescue-wisconsin-needs-a-new-home/ to spread the word for you and help them find a great home.  We have also added you to our list of horse rescue groups in Wisconsin.


Hello MHWF, 
I feel the need to put a plug in for Elsie in her thread.  I had the great pleasure of being the home Elsie landed at back in September.  She was to be the companion for my mare Lady after I lost my previous boarder back in July.  You can see Lady a few replies back, as she is showing her backside (the grey mare).  Heartbreakingly, miLady died on Septmeber 17th after 4 excruciating days of what I thought was colic, and turned out to be a herniated diaphragm and tears in her stomach.  Having lost two horses so close to each other, I found that I didn't have the heart to continue caring for a horse that wasn't my own as I was continuously nervous something else was going to happen.  Elsie is back at MHWF in large part due to these circumstances.  

As Elsie's primary caregiver for those short 6 weeks, I found her to be very easy to be around, respectful of my space and gentle.  She also has quite the personality and is very curious and inquisitive!  I feel certain that someone's world will be rocked by this beautiful mare.  Please don't let her quick turn around deter you from the possibility of an awesome horse!  

Thank you for posting Marsha, we truly appreciate you taking the time to come to the forum and do that for Elsie.  We are really sorry for the tragedies you have had to endure and hope that you heal well in time, we surely understand your circumstances. 
Elsie is a really sweet mare and very deserving, we know someone will come along who is going to love and appreciate her as much as we do. 
Jenni O.
Marsha, so sorry for your loss.  Someone is going to love having Elsie in their life.  If I had room there are so many I would love to have.
Lindsey N
BUMP!  Surely Elsie has a Christmas wish, just like the rest of us and would love a family to spend it with!!  I just heard someone say they wished they had a horse like Elsie...her person has to be out there :)
Jenni O.
Sigh.  Someone with a little experience is really missing out I bet.  And she's such a pretty girl too.
mel d
Elsie caught my eye when she first came in. Very nice mare with some good training. If you are looking, the next step is make an appointment :)
Karla Joy
I have such a soft spot for this beautiful girl. It just doesn't seem right that she should have slipped to the 2nd page of the forum. What could be better for someone looking for a nice horse then to adopt her now and spend the winter bonding with her and then heading out on the trails with your new partner in the Spring??
Jenni O.
I know.  I really like her.  And she did so well when she was with Alyssa.
Thanks jenni. I'm surprised she's still here! She is such a great horse! If I had the finances, she never would have left my house after her training.
Elsie was sucking up the attention today!  We had a group of 4H'ers out today and they even took some pictures with Elsie.  :)  She just couldn't get enough attention from everyone.  Maybe we will be able to get a couple of those to post here.  (I'll be sharing a group shot on another thread soon.) 

Elsie is a great horse and Alyssa did such a great job with her!  I'm sure an adopter must be right around the corner for this girl. 
What kind of rider does Elsie require? She has really caught my eye! I am only in the market for a new horse because my beloved mare's arthritis has gotten to the point she should only be lightly ridden by my kids. She's been the greatest horse and the thought of moving on is difficult so I am looking for the right partner!! Elsie sounds like she could be the one!! I have followed her story even before I was looking so does it mean something that she's still there?? :)

Hi Corwin, and welcome to the forum. 

Elsie is not a horse for a complete beginner or someone just starting out with horses, etc.  Elsie is very good and has some great training under her belt, trail rides like a dream, but I would say a more intermediate rider who has some experience would suit her best, just not a beginner.  To best describe I would say that Elsie is very confident and would do best with someone who fits that description as well. 

Angie P (Holmen)
While I dont know Elsie at all, I do have Dakota, her "son". I wanted to put a plug in and say that if she is anything like him at all she must be a dream. We are just starting out with the technical training aspects under saddle with Dakota. I cant ride for the next 9 months ;) so my little sister rides him for me while I do all the ground stuff. He is doing awesome. He has no clue what is going on, but has absolutely no buck, bite, kick, spook, rear, or anything in him. We love him :) I am really hoping to see Elsie go home with someone soon, if I didnt have Dakota I would snatch her up too!  
Elsie had a very dear friend come and visit her yesterday, and I'm positive she was really happy to see Alyssa!  (I know we were too!)  Alyssa and Lindsey came out and spent the day with us, spending time with the horses, riding and grooming.  Thank you so much to both of you! 

Alyssa hopped on Elsie bareback and with just a halter and lead rope and rode her all over the place around here, and of course Elsie did just great.  :) 

Don't pass this girl up, she is really a great horse, willing to please and really ready to go with beauty to boot (and what a bootie too!). 

Here are some pics of Elsie with Alyssa from yesterday, 1/26/2013: 

Attached Images
Name: ELSIE-ALYSSA-JAN26-229-FORUM.jpg, Views: 653, Size: 116.84 KB

Name: ELSIE-ALYSSA-JAN26-221-FORUM.jpg, Views: 644, Size: 116.84 KB

Name: ELSIE-ALYSSA-JAN26-222-FORUM.jpg, Views: 647, Size: 122.15 KB

Name: ELSIE-ALYSSA-JAN26-225-FORUM.jpg, Views: 638, Size: 70.25 KB

Jenni O.
I bet Alyssa is just dying for Elsie to be adopted.  Or maybe not.  ;)  I am a little surprised she is still here, although I think the economy and hay situation are factors, not to mention winter. 

She is a beauty with a bootie, haha.  I didn't think I was a mare person but there are a few that I wouldn't mind, and Elsie is definitely one of them.  Hope she finds her home soon. 

Elsie enjoyed lots of hugs this weekend from Kara!  Here are a couple of cute pics from out in the pasture on Saturday, 2/2/2013. 

Attached Images
Name: ELSIE-MAE-KARA-FEB2-021-FORUM.jpg, Views: 541, Size: 169.79 KB

Name: ELSIE-KARA-FEB2-026-FORUM.jpg, Views: 532, Size: 143.63 KB

Love that face!  She is such a sweet girl, with a great personality.  Someone please take her home!
Karen F
Thought I would post to bump this girl up to the "head of the line." 

She needs to find her forever home.  Hope someone out there will adopt her.  I've watched her thread for quite a while. 

Lets give Elsie a new family!
mel d
I agree, this girl should have a forever home!
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