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 She is my new MHWF favorite now that Ace is going to a new home.

Elsie also came out yesterday to be ridden again finally now that spring is here.  Elsie has come a long way since she first arrived!  She still needs work on her ground manners, and we need to send Dakota off for some training and get those two separated.  We are working on setting something up for Dakota soon.  Dakota was never separated or weaned from Elsie, and as you see Dakota is 6 years old.  She will be much easier to work with once this happens.  She did pretty well under saddle!  We know if someone would take her in even before Dakota goes off they would really enjoy working with this mare.  She has loads of potential and has some good basics under her already. 

Here are a couple of pictures of Elsie being ridden yesterday, 3/17/2012: 

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Elsie looks like she is doing well for Karin!  Nice stride on that mare!

mel d
She is such a nice looking girl under saddle :)

Bumping this girl up and sending her some ((((brainwaves))) so her perfect person finds her soon!

I like her looks and the way she uses herself.
She's such a beautiful girl.  I'm hoping to meet her and the others some time soon after all the excitement of the fair is over!

*Elsie* looks like she is a very HAPPY horse, and delighted to be having someone take a cruise with her. Of course, I like all of these horses, from *Travis* to *Danny*. They all seem like that  PERFECT match.

Donna R

Elsie is beautiful and a sweet looking horse.  I agree with you Char.  I love them all!  It is SO worth the effort to put extra work in when the horse needs it.  The bond formed with that horse is incredible! The saying that sticks with me is "It is NEVER the horses fault".

Here is a picture of Elsie in the pasture with her new friend, Debut, from today, 5/11/2012. 

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Kara W.

There really is something about Elsie that catches my eye. I think she remindes me of my first horse Mae. I really hope she finds her forever home soon. She is very pretty.


Now that Dakota got adopted, *bump!*

Angie P Holmen
Ok guys, now that I have Dakota (Deeter) I would really like to see his mama get a home! She is a very pretty little lady! 
Yes, it is Elsie's turn for a new home!  She has been here for almost 8 months now without any serious inquiries on her at all.  Elsie is a really nice horse and someone will be just thrilled to have her.  Please come and check her out! 

Here are a couple of pics of Elsie in the pasture yesterday, 5/31/2012.  What a gorgeous mare she is! 

Baby got back.  :) 

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*Elsie* sure is a gorgeous girl. Sure hope she finds her new family soon.

Tricia - No. WI
Karen, LOL.  Now I keep singing to myself, "I like big butts, and I don't know why."  Dang.
Jenni O.

She's lucky she's a horse and not a human, if you know what I mean!  She is a pretty girl, and too nice of a horse to still be there.  It's June!  She needs to be doing something!


We have some great news for Elsie!  A very sweet, generous, kind and giving person has offered to come and get Elsie, keep her at her place and work with her for a while to help make her more adoptable.  Everyone will remember Alyssa who adopted Stormy (Stormy the Morgan/Paint and you can see Stormy's thread on the forum), and Alyssa has offered to work with Elsie for us at her place.  We are so thrilled and we just can't thank her enough!  Alyssa will be coming this Friday to pick up Elsie and we are so excited!  Elsie needs more work on her ground manners and time under saddle and Alyssa is the perfect person to help out with this.  Thank you so much Alyssa, I can't wait to see you Friday!  :) 

Lindsey N
How amazing for Elsie!!  I didn't realize which Stormy you were talking about at first, but then I saw the post about Alyssa that has a therapy mini who wears Build-a-Bear shoes....then it sunk in lol.  She has quite the nice tooshy, it will be amazing to see how she can put that to use, learn some great skills and find a great home.  It would work without people like Alyssa...THANK YOU! :)
Jenni O.

That's great news!  Thank you, Alyssa! 

Lindsey N
Hold the phone...let's clarify I'm talking about Elsie's tooshy here.  I have no clue nor comment about Alyssa's tooshy lol!
mel d
That is super! Thank you Alyssa for taking this beautiful girl in and furthering her education :) What a wonderful thing to do.
Angie P Holmen
Yay I am so excited to see this :) 
Lindsey, LOL!!  :) 

We are so excited for Elsie and so grateful to Alyssa!  :) 
Lol lindsey... I don't even know what to say to that...

As far as elsie goes, I'm really excited to get her home and start working with her. Trailer is all set to go and truck is filled and ready to hook up... I just have to wait another, oh, 25 hrs to leave...

I will also be giving updates and posting pics so everyone can be a part in this and follow her progress.

What an awesome thing to do Alyssa!  Looking forward to pictures and updates on Elsie's progress.  I've liked her from the get go!!

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