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I have liked Elsie too and there is something very interesting about her when you look at her pictures.  Some solid ground work for her is key.  I wish you the best of luck Alyssa and I cant wait to read about your progress.

Today was the day, Elsie left with Alyssa for her training!  We are so excited!  Alyssa came and picked up Elsie and worked with her for a while too.  Alyssa was kind enough to help us out around here too for a while (more about that tomorrow).  Alyssa did just great with Elsie while she was here and I know she is going to do just fantastic with her!  This is exactly what Elsie needed and we are so happy!  Oh, and Elsie loaded onto the trailer like a pro too. 
Thank you Alyssa! 

Here are a few cute pics from today, 6/15/2012. 

First, Elsie and Alyssa (don't they look great together?!)
Second, just a pretty shot of Elsie. 
Third, Elsie showing me her new leggings! 
Fourth, Elsie just standing pretty with her new leggings on (she was good for getting the shipping boots on too). 

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*Elsie* is sure a real beautiful horse. I am anxious to see alot of updates and photos of Alyssa training her. *Elsie* looks like she KNOWS how great she looks with her new leggings.


After I got elsie unloaded yesterday she went in the small paddock with Whisper who made it well known from the get go that she's boss. Elsie didn't seem to care and went right to eating and was as calm as could be. She didn't even whinny back or make any fuss when the boys were calling to her when she first got there. This morning she was really calm at feeding time and will be going out on pasture with the boys later this afternoon when I can be around the whole time to supervise just to be on the safe side. I'm sure it'll go smooth considering she's been with Storm before and the pony is really easy going.


 Did you cue her show off her leg like that or did she do it on her own? This is going to be a nice horse.

Lol no. I don't think she's had shipping boots on before and she was lifting each leg really high after I would put the boot on. scott was laughing when I walked her to the trailer because she was still lifting each leg higher than usual. She didn't do that when I got her off the trailer since she was so used to them by that time.
I worked with elsie today for about half hr total and she did very well. She's starting to pay closer attention to where I am on the ground and is stopping when I stop and backing with me without me having to get after her much at all. she was very good for saddling and I did a little more ground work before mounting. I brought her over to the mounting block and she stood like a statue until I was all situated and asked her to walk. The boys were right on the other side of the fence whinnying and being obnoxious, but she didn't whinny back. All she did was kept looking at them and diverting her attention away, so that was definitely a good distraction and by the end she was paying attention solely to me. This was a huge step for the first day and I'm really looking forward to more sessions. She really is such a smart girl and someone is going to end up with a fantastic horse.
Ger R
Beautiful pictures of Elsie I am happy that she's getting some work done! I am rooting for ya Elsie! 

Big smiles here.  I knew you were going to do great with her Alyssa!  This is such a great thing you are doing for Elsie. 

A wonderful update with some pictures from Alyssa, thank you Alyssa!!! 

"Elsie is so smart! Already she's picking up on subtle movements I make with my body when asking to stop and I didn't even have to say whoa the last couple times I asked her to stop because she listened solely to what my body was asking of her. She took a couple steps back today everytime I asked her to also which I was really happy about too. The pony has really taken a liking to her so he's her shadow now."

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Today was SUPER windy out when I rode elsie and she really couldn't have cared any less. She wasn't spooky and was very level headed the entire time. She also got ridden for the first time bareback and she didn't really do much at all. First couple steps were hesitant, but after that she was walking along at her normal pace and we did a little trotting too.
I was out of town this weekend so Elsie had 3 days off and she was fantastic today. I worked on ground work and jumped on bareback with just the rope halter. She was a little apprehensive at first with just having the halter on, but she figured it out fast and we had a wonderful ride. Also, she's in full blown heat right now and her attitude isn't any different which is awesome. If anything, she's more willing when she's in heat.
An update on both Elsie and Dakota to start my morning, it just doesn't get any better than this! :) That is great information to know about her work ethic while she is in heat. I am so happy with how well you are doing with Elsie, thank you so much Alyssa! You are making her a very adoptable horse and really helping ensure a good future for Elsie girl.
Wow, you could JUMP her? That's amazing! You go, girls!!! :)

Sylvie - I don't think she jumped her.  She jumped on her bareback which means she rode her bareback.

No I have not jumped Elsie. She is nowhere near ready for that and I'm taking things at her pace. I don't want to push her too fast too soon.

On a side note, she got a bath last night and did great. She moved around a little bit, but never pulled back or did anything bad. Lately I have been ground driving her to get her to listen to the bit better and not fight against pressure. She's doing a lot better than when she first came, but at times she still tries pulling away if she doesn't want to go the direction I want.
Oh, so sorry, I misunderstood that one. I get it. Like you hopped up ONTO her back and RODE her bareback. Okay, sorry about that! I was in a hurry and wasn't pay too much attention to it. (I think eventually she will make a good jumper horse though, don'y you think?) Sorry! :)
Elsie is on "vacation" this week with me at my parents house. Within an hour of her being here i saddled her up and we went on my neighbors trails through the woods with my dog. First off, before I forget to say this again, shes great with dogs. My dog kota accidentally ran into her back legs a couple times and she just looked at him and kept on walking. Didn't spook or anything. Before we got to the woods we had to pass a bunch of tarps, pile of wood, and a windmill and she looked at it a little funny but kept going when asked. We even saw a deer and she looked at it, but never slowed or sped up. Just kept her pace and kept walking like the deer wasn't even there. This was the first time I rode her outside on an enclosed area also. I am so proud of her :)

As far as Elsie being a jumper... I really don't see that happening. She is built a little down hill which is a major disadvantage when it comes to jumping and she doesn't have the get up and go a jumper needs. She's more on the lazy side when it comes to work.
Thank you Alyssa!! 
Alyssa has done such a great job with Elsie!  Elsie has come such a long way and it was the best thing for Elsie and Dakota to be able to get out and about in the world away from each other. 

Can we be expecting our phone to start ringing for people interested in Elsie now?  She is one heck of a horse. 

Here are a few pics from Alyssa with an update. 

"Elsie did great tonight! My 10 yr old neighbor girl...rode elsie around the yard after getting her feet trimmed and she was perfect. She's really starting to give to the bit and listen to what the rider is asking. She's really turning into a great horse." 

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Jenni O.
I would think the phone would start ringing, if it hasn't already.  She sounds like the perfect horse to hit the trails with, or fine tune for shows, etc.  The pictures are worth a thousand words.  Seems like one very laid back mare.

Great job with Elsie.  I love the pink tack!

Cute tack!! :)
I know I haven't updated in a little bit, but there really isn't anything new. It's been so hot outside as I'm sure you all know, so I haven't been able to do a whole lot with Elsie. She's now great with a hose though! Lol. She's been getting hosed and squeegeed (sp?) everyday now at pm feed. The rest of this week is supposed to be in the 80s, so I'm hoping to be able to do more work with her during the break from the excessive heat.
Really great update to share!  I just cannot express how happy we are with the work and progress that Alyssa has made with Elsie!  She has made Elsie a very adoptable horse and we just cannot thank her enough!!!! 

Here is a recent update with a couple of pics from a trail ride: 
"Well yesterday's temp dropped quite a bit before the storm so I asked my friend Molly to come over and go out on the trails for a bit with me. She rode storm bareback and I hopped on Elsie bareback. We just walked the entire time, but were out about an hr. Elsie crossed 2 bridges twice, so went over 4 times total and did great! She was unsure at first and was a little hesitant, but when storm walked by her and walked on it with no qualms she decided they weren't so bad and walked right over with no issues. I had her on a very loose rein the whole time and she was wonderful. Didn't spook at anything; including the train, construction workers, and construction equipment. She was a little unsure of herself but trusted me when I asked her to continue and she did with no fuss. She also doesn't mind if she's in front or behind of the other horse she's riding with and if she gets farther behind. she never tried to trot to catch up which is one of my personal pet peeves, so I'm very happy she doesn't."

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Scott: MHWF
Good work!
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