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Ernie - 15 yrs. - 9/16/2019

$400 - Ernie is a 15 year old mule who wandered onto our property on 8-15. At this point, we have trimmed his feet, de-wormed him twice, got him a brand new Coggins and will be vaccinating him today, as well as feeding him hay and grain and caring for him the past 31 days. At this point MHWF is considering him abandoned and we are putting a legal claim on him. We can now offer this super sweet guy up for adoption. Ernie stands at 14 hands tall and is current on everything. He is super sweet and once he gets to know you, he is a very affectionate and friendly guy. We really, really like this guy and whoever adopts him will as well. He is super polite, quiet, mellow, easy going, perfect for the farrier, good for the vet and cute as hell. As far as we can tell, he is not broke to ride or drive, but really do not know anything about his history or training. What we can tell is that at some point in his life, he was loved and well-cared for.  

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WELCOME ERNIE!!  Oh  for a bigger barn.  He is a looker.
What a cutie
Ernie looks more horselike to me than a lot of mules, especially his face. 
Sue J
Hi Ernie! You found a great place to find your new home.
Barb S
He’s a lucky boy and someone is going to be a lucky person.
Donna R
He is adorable!  Is it true that mules start with a whinny that turns into a bray at the end? I would love to hear that! 
Lisa B.
Oh that face!

Donna, the sounds that Ernie makes are just awesome and there are quite a few different ones.  He is a rather quiet soul, but he does what I call a "chugga chugga chugga" when he sees me going to get a treat, that would be equivalent to a horse's nicker, but it sounds different than a nicker and just like chugga chugga chugga.  LOL  He very rarely calls all the way out, but that describes it well...kind of a horse whinny and then a slight quiet bray at the end.  

Not to hijack Ernie's thread here, but one of these days I'm going to get video with my phone of Jack the donk.  He is so talkative and he will now even mimic back sounds to me.  

I love and worked with a mule before, if you need help with training him I would love to come out and work with him!!!
I love him.  He almost looks more like a hinny to me than a mule, but that can be a tricky to figure out.  Ears a tad shorter than a lot of mules, and a thicker tail, more horse-like face.  But again they vary so much it's so hard to tell.
Lisa B.
Are you sure he's a mule and not a hinny?   He looks more horse like than most mules I've seen and he actually has withers.

He certainly is a good looking guy!  It will be interesting to follow his journey.
His face is cute. He needs a mule haircut though :)
Really hard to say on the hinny versus mule.  We were told he was a mule.  Also, when I looked out the window and saw an equine walking out of my barn, my first thought was "what horse do we have that looks like a mule", so this equine went on to be named Ernie and called a mule.  😉  
ok....that is incredibly adorable.  just adorable.
Jane Liess
I guess there is a method to differentiate a mule from a hinnie via mitochondrial DNA testing, but who cares?  Ernie is cute, whatever.
I love his ears, his expression, his "chugga chugga" and his very kind soul.  He was good for his shots and deworming too.  We won't be doing any DNA testing on the boy... mule, hinny, no matter for Ernie.  😉  
Donna R
Chugga chugga😂. Sure would love to hear him! He looks like such a sweet soul, mule, hinny, no matter❤️

Ernie loves to come out of the paddock and stand around with me, eating grass while we watch whoever is working in the round pen.  He sticks his head in the halter for me now, especially when he knows I'm bringing him out to hang in the lawn.  😉  

I'll try to get video clip of his chugga chugga soon.  

He may be the ticket to getting closer to Anabelle and Jack if they are still a bit stand-offish.  My mules and donkeys all hang together and having him, who loves attention in with them, may click something in their brains.  Just a thought, not sure how those two littles were doing.
I have a funny story to tell you about Jack the donk... I'll do that on his thread as soon as I get a few minutes.  

I love when the donks watch others soaking up attention, and they do watch Ernie, a much closer "relative".  😉  They are sharing adjacent areas now... I'll try to get them to watch as much as possible.  [wink]  
Ernie is pretty cute and sounds pretty cool as well!!
This Ernie... he is so sweet and so chill and laid back!  

Just a pic of Ernie enjoying a good roll in the sand (we've had loads of rain around here again/still).  

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Yesterday, Ernie had his second visit with the farrier and trim since he brought himself to live here at MHWF.  As he was with his first trim, he was wonderful again.  Everyone who comes here instantly falls in love with Ernie.  He has this calm demeanor that just instantly draws you to him, and he adores attention.  It sure would be a magnificent chapter to Ernie's story if someone came along who would want to call him part of their family and adopt him!
I feel like I might need some more long ears.  Whoever gets him will just love him so much.39049658_10212235185696518_4930762592000933888_n.jpg 

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